Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing

today's video is sponsored by odor cleanse thank you to our patrons on patreon for funding these videos see how you can help keep them coming in the description there's a few problems that almost everyone has when they get a new puppy so let's talk about those today hey click thumbs up for juice the chocolate labs up you can't just bite me subscribe to my channel and pick up a copy of my book – dog training revolution if you've got a new puppy you're definitely going to need it trust me puppies can really try your patience sometimes and even if you watch all of my videos and you feel like you know exactly what to do the amount of time that it takes to resolve some of these issues can really catch many of you off-guard let's start with potty training for example of course a puppy should never be left unsupervised or in an uncontrolled environment for the first many months of training nonetheless potty accidents can and will occur your goal is to minimize those accidents see preventing accidents from occurring should always be plan a it's ideal to give your dog the opportunity to relieve themselves outside every hour so when you're awake so what do you do when your dog actually does have an accident in the house well if you don't catch them in the act then nothing just do a better job of supervising them ok so if you do catch them in the act do your best to interrupt them the ideal time to interrupt your dog is right when they squat before anything comes out and get them outside I know what you're going to say they do it so fast you don't even see it coming now look my top recommendation for anyone with a puppy is to have them attached to you with a leash and honestly not enough people take my advice on this but it's really critical during the first many months of training with a puppy like this you haven't had time to really build that mutual communication with each other yet so in lieu of that you have to be in total control of where they can and can't go if you have your dog attached to with the leash you'll get to know their subtle cues and their body language and that will make it a lot easier to be able to tell when they're about to go he's peein oh that's so great did number one and number two that's incredible since dogs are attracted to previous spots where they've had accidents before it's extremely important to do a thorough job of cleaning up any accidents with a safe but good pet urine cleaner odor cleanse pet your eliminator is really great because it really gets rid of the smell so if you've got a new puppy you're definitely going to want this oder cleanse is great about breaking the odors down acid source rather than just cluttering it up okay or diluting it like many other cleaners do out there most importantly though it's safe to use around your pets and your family when your pet has an accident you just blot the accident dilute it with warm water then pour on the odor cleanser work it in then add a little bit more water to saturate it blot up the excess soap let it sit for around 15 minutes or so once it's dry just vacuum it up and you're done you can even use it on hard surfaces or even in the washing machine for your pets bedding for example get all those smells out you can get your owner cleanse pet you're an Eliminator I'll have a link in the description and when you enter code Zak xx you'll get 20% off puppy biting can be really overwhelming to deal with especially if you're not expecting it I mean really that's that was right on cue buddy here's the thing about puppy biting it is not typically resolved in just a few days it often takes several weeks of really being consistent puppies bite because this is how they engage the world I mean they don't have hands right and because they're teasing puppies understandable you like to chew and bite when they're teething so let's sum up what to do about puppy biting now number one since puppy biting is one of the most predictable behaviors out there when you engage your dog get in the habit of having them sit or lie down for a treat virtually every single time you interact with them before the fighting occurs this will show them how you expect them to behave when you interact with them he's in that bitey mood right there I've got a treat and watch how quickly this will calm him down and get him to bathe since your dog is likely to bite and you know they are especially if they're vigorous puppy biter like deuces be one step ahead of them have them sit I'm going to have them hold that sit for a second now I'm going to give them the treat and you'll also notice too that treats tend to really quell a dog's biting in other words dogs use their mouths for two reasons to grab things and to eat but when they're in eating mode they don't tend to grab things as hard or vigorously and see what we've done there is we've taken his mind off of the biting behavior and more on hey pay attention to me right here so that I can show you something you know roll over secondly show them the biting on a toy is acceptable so that they have some type of outlet for their biting desires why you can have all the tub toys and chew toys in the world but for some reason puppies always prefer to release these are the real questions that we don't have answers to yet so here's the thing now when you first go to do this feelings biting on me right now I mean he's really on me it can be difficult to get their attention on a toy when they're so fixated on you your shirt or whatever it is that they're biting so you have to be extra persistent here I'm trying to get his attention on this and look he's not into it I think I've forgotten how to train dog I just want to bodyslam them out of love just stay the course here because if you just really take your time understand that dogs are very curious and very interested in interacting with you it's not immediately obvious that we want them to go and pay attention to the toy but we want to make this toy really enticing really exciting hey what's that number motion is a great way to do that there it is right there and that was the spark so we're not going to let that go we're going to keep it going and it's normal to get a few sparks before you get a buyer making it wiggle I should patent that move right there there's a lot of wiggle see that really there you go and those are the sparks we're trying to get right there just because they show a little interest and get bored doesn't mean that they're not interested in the toy you have to stay with them this happens over a course of weeks with dogs so this is all part of the process but getting your dog hooked on a tongue toy equals lots of great options later on when it comes to training here dog that's a good tug for a three-month-old good job a lot of times people make the assumption that it's about getting them into the toy it's about getting them into you the toy is just a way for you to interact with your dog in a way that's fun for them and if your dog is having fun they're likely to pay attention for a lot longer period of time too okay so right there's golf the toy he's like I want to bite you and that's most likely because I was getting boring with the toy and so that was more exciting too especially if you're new to working with a really amped up hyper puppy like this it doesn't mean your training isn't working if several days go by and you're still not seeing dramatic improvement I have to emphasize that it's totally normal even expected with a high-energy puppy like this the next major issue that many puppy parents will deal with is destructive chewing now unwanted chewing is most often due to the fact that with a young puppy especially but they're just teased they need to be able to chew on things if you have an older dog or if your puppy is past the chewing phase this most likely means they're bored and don't have an appropriate outlet for all that energy if your dog is chewing up your belongings you are not controlling their environment sufficiently you must cut off all access to things you don't want to tup particularly while your dog is teasing make sure your dog has access to lots of to toys of varying textures that's really important if your dog is chewing out of boredom this most likely means that they're not getting enough exercise so you'll need to get in the habit of exercising them often particularly early in the day and just before leaving them for long periods of time I'm going to have to have you stop that I'm sorry but you can't chew on this I mean how is your dog supposed to differentiate between this and a proper chew toy we have to show them so ideally in this case we would substitute my shoe with something more acceptable to bite on yeah and this is having no effect right now so using a treat to get their attention off of the thing will help I'm going to redirect him with the treat over here I'm going to get his attention off of it I'm going to ask him to sit look at that you can't just do this one you'll have to do this hundreds of times over the course of your puppy's puppy don't forget to pick up your odor cleanse if you've got a new dog check the description for a special link and enter code that 20 when you check out thank you so much to our patrons on patreon for supporting these videos too and remember no matter what problem you're dealing with with your puppy I've probably made a video about it see my playlists on how to teach your puppy everything in order as well as more detailed lessons of what we cover today thank all of you for subscribing to my channel to juice you did a great job today see you guys next time

39 thoughts on “Top 3 Puppy Problems SOLVED! Biting, House Training & Chewing

  1. Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you are potty training a dog be sure to pick up OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator here:

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  8. It's not always puppies. I adopted my dog from a shelter and they told me he was at least 3 years old. He still pees in the house and bites my fingers to play. I've been training him for almost 6 months now and sometimes I wanna cry.

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  17. I have a dog that was very difficult to house train. At some point, I got the idea to tether him to me as Zak suggested. Seven years later, that dog is my best beloved, and I live with and adore 3 dogs. When I have a new dog, I mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water in a Dawn dishwashing soap bottle and squirt accident areas. No stains, no smells, no repeats in the same place and really cheap.

  18. I do not collect my dog for several weeks when he will be 10 weeks old the videos are great preparation but most of it is common sense at my senior status.


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