– [Narrator] The holiday season is here, the days are merry and bright, and it’s a perfect time to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate and spend quality time
with friends and family. And what better way to celebrate than with films that teach compassion toward all living beings? From old classics to new favorites, here are our top picks
for heartwarming movies that the whole family can enjoy. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
turn on notifications, and please be sure to
like and comment below. Number one, “Annabelle’s Wish.” “Annabelle’s Wish” is
the 1997 animated film that tells the story of a
friendship between Billy, a boy who lost the ability to
talk after losing his parents, and Annabelle, a calf
born on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, Santa visits the farm and grants the animals
the ability to talk, and Annabelle becomes fascinated
with Santa’s reindeer. Before Santa leaves, he tells her that the ability
to talk must be kept secret, but Annabelle breaks the
promise when she tells Billy, “Bless you,” after he sneezes. It’s then that she learns
that Billy can’t talk, but the two form a friendship
that lasts a lifetime. Billy is willing to sacrifice
his own beloved possessions to save his cow from being taken away, and in turn, Annabelle
selflessly wishes for Santa to give her friend his voice back, giving up her own voice in order to do so. The two live together until
Annabelle is an old cow, teaching a valuable
lesson about friendship and empathy toward animals. Number two, “Bambi.” Disney’s 1942 classic “Bambi,” based on the 1923 Austrian book, is about a young deer
growing up in the forest. Bambi loses his mother to
a hunter at a young age, revealing the bleak reality
of hunting animals for sport. Later in the film, a wildfire starts as the result of an unattended
fire at a hunters’ camp, forcing the animals to flee their homes. At the time of its release,
Bambi faced harsh criticism for straying from the fantasy world that Disney was known for. The 1942 edition of the
magazine “Outdoor Life” called the movie, “the worst insult ever offered in any form “to American sportsmen.” However, today, “Bambi” is
considered a timeless classic whose lesson reaches people of all ages. Number three, “Happy Feet.” “Happy Feet” is a 2006 CGI film that takes place in Antarctica, where emperor penguins sing
to attract their mates. But, the main character, a
young penguin named Mumble, played by Elijah Wood, can’t sing. He can only dance. The story is mainly about Mumble finding his place in the world, but it’s also filled with examples of how humanity impacts wildlife. Lovelace, a rockhopper penguin, has a plastic six-pack
ring stuck around his neck. (Lovelace whimpering) – You were swimming and it just
got caught around your neck. – [Narrator] Mumble’s
journey also leads him to being captured by humans
and sent to a marine park, where he falls into a depression, echoing the reality for
animals in captivity. He is eventually returned to his family, and researchers learn that overfishing is making it hard for animals to survive, leading to a ban on all
fishing in Antarctica. Number four, “101 Dalmatians.” Disney’s 1961 animated
feature “101 Dalmatians” tells the story of a litter of puppies stolen by Cruella De Vil,
a fur fashion aficionado who wants to make a
coat out of the puppies. At a time when fur fashion was very in, “101 Dalmatians” empathizes with animals killed for their fur. ♪ Cruella, Cruella De Vil ♪ – She’s gonna make coats out of us. – I worship furs! – [Narrator] Cruella’s considered one of the most iconic Disney villains. She was portrayed by Glenn Close in the 1996 live action film, and in an upcoming live
action origin story, she’ll be played by Emma Stone. Number five, “Ferdinand.” This 2017 animated film stars
a gentle bull named Ferdinand, who loses his father to a
bullfight at a young age. Despite his big size, Ferdinand doesn’t wanna fight for glory like the other bulls. – I am not a fighting bull. Can you guys help me out? – [Narrator] And even though
the tone of the film is light, it reveals the cruel
reality of bullfighting. One of Ferdinand’s friends risks being sent to the slaughterhouse, or being killed by a
matador in a bullfight. Even when he ends up in a bullfight, Ferdinand sticks to his peaceful ways, and convinces humans in the
crowd to stick up for him. Number six, “Chicken Run.” “Chicken Run” is a 2000
stop motion animated film about egg-laying hens whose
caretaker decides to begin slaughtering chickens for profit in order to make more money. After meeting a rooster named Rocky, the chickens devise a
plan to escape their fate. Number seven, “Babe.” “Babe” is a 1995 drama
about an orphan piglet who’s taken in by a farmer. Babe grows up with a border
collie and her puppies. The film is packed with lessons about how humans treat animals. Babe comforts the mother dog when her puppies are sold for profit. He meets a duck who crows like a rooster, in hopes of making himself useful, and he becomes distressed when
he learns from the farm cat that humans kill pigs for food. – The fact is that pigs
don’t have a purpose, just like ducks don’t have a purpose. – Uh, I, I don’t– – Oh, all right, for your
own sake, I’ll be blunt. Why do the bosses keep ducks? To eat them. – [Narrator] The film had such an impact on star James Cromwell,
who played the farmer, that he went vegan and is
now an outspoken advocate for animal rights. Number eight, “FernGully:
The Last Rainforest.” “FernGully” is a 1992 animated musical about a fairy named Crysta and
a human lumberjack named Zak, who through a mishap shrinks him down to the size of a fairy. The movie takes a strong stance for the environment and animals. Crysta teaches Zak about how harmful cutting down the rainforest is. They meet a bat named Batty,
played by Robin Williams, who is experimented on by humans. The main villain, Hexxus,
played by Tim Curry, is an anthropomorphized cloud of pollution who gains strength from
fossil fuel emissions. Number nine, “The Fox and the Hound.” Disney’s 1981 animated classic
“The Fox and the Hound” tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a young orphan fox
named Tod, raised by a human, and a puppy named Copper. Wild animals warn Tod not
to get too close to Copper, even showing him the pelts of animals that Copper’s master shot. – Copper’s gonna come back
a trained huntin’ dog. A real killer. – Oh, no, not my friend Copper. – [Narrator] As he gets older, Tod’s caretaker releases
him back into the forest, where he adapts to life in the wild. He’s eventually confronted
by an older Copper, who, despite his master’s orders, spares the life of his former friend. Number 10, “Fly Away Home.” “Fly Away Home” is a live
action coming-of-age drama from 1996 about Amy, played
by a young Anna Paquin, who moves in with her estranged father after losing her mother. When construction destroys
a small wildlife habitat, Amy comes across an abandoned
nest with 16 goose eggs. When the eggs hatch, the young goslings see
Amy as their mother, and she takes up the responsibility of teaching them everything
about surviving in the wild, including learning to fly a plane so she can help them learn
their migratory pattern. Number 11, “Spirit:
Stallion of the Cimarron.” “Spirit: Stallion of the
Cimarron” is a 2002 animated film set in the 19th century American west. Spirit is born to a herd of wild horses, but is eventually captured by wranglers. He’s sent to a US cavalry post, where they try to force him
to be obedient to humans. He’s rescued by a Lakota Native
American named Little Creek, and they form a mutual respect for each other’s desire to live free. Number 12, “The Lorax.” Based on the Dr. Seuss book, the 2012 animated film “The Lorax” takes place in a world where
all plants are artificial, and the mayor sells bottles of oxygen marketed as fresh air. The main character, a
boy named Ted Wiggins, has a crush on an environmentalist who wants to see a real
tree more than anything. – What I want more than anything is to see a real, living tree. – [Narrator] This children’s
movie teaches the importance of respecting nature above all. Number 13, “Marmaduke.” Based on the newspaper comic strip, 2010’s “Marmaduke” follows the story of its titular character as he navigates the divide
between pedigree dogs and other neighborhood dogs. The movie teaches the lesson that every dog is an
individual, and worthy of love, no matter what their background. Number 14, “Frozen 2.” A sequel to Disney’s 2013 hit musical, “Frozen 2” sees its stars Elsa and Anna discover that older generations prioritized themselves over nature, ignoring the warnings of the land of Arendelle’s native tribe. The two sisters set to right
the wrongs of the past. The sisters must also
learn to navigate a world in which the people they looked up to were the ones who destroyed an ecosystem in the name of greed, paralleling the current
climate all too well. Number 15, “Charlotte’s Web.” “Charlotte’s Web,” based
on the children’s book by E. B. White, is
about a pig named Wilbur who befriends a clever
spider named Charlotte. When young Wilbur learns that
pigs are killed for food, Charlotte comforts him
and comes up with a plan to save him from slaughter by
spinning webs praising him, which humans see as a miracle. Because of Charlotte’s kind heart, Wilbur is allowed to live
out the rest of his days. Number 16, “Black Beauty.” “Black Beauty” is a 1994
live action adaptation of Anna Sewell’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a
black stallion named Beauty, voiced by vegan actor Alan Cumming, as he grows up and experiences
both kindness and abuse at the hand of humans. The impactful story, which revealed the abuse horses suffered at the hands of carriage drivers, had a significant impact
on animal welfare. Outcries from leaders
led to an outright ban on painful bearing reins
for carriage horses in Victorian England, and it is said to have sparked a call for more anti-animal cruelty legislation. Number 17, “Rio.” This 2011 animated film, starring
a Spix’s macaw named Blu, shows how exotic birds found in pet shops are the result of the
cruel smuggling trade. Blu is kidnapped from
his home at a young age, and finds a home in Minnesota, where his crate falls
off a transport truck. When he’s older, he’s brought
back to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female
Spix’s macaw named Jewel, who longs to return to the wild. During the movie, the birds
sabotage a pet trafficking ring, which results in smugglers
being sent to jail. Blu and Jewel spend
the rest of their lives together in the wild. Number 18, “Brother Bear.” In Disney’s 2003 animated
feature “Brother Bear,” a young Inuit man named Kenai, voiced by vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix, seeks revenge on a bear who he blames for the accidental death of his brother. But, after he tracks
down and kills the bear, the spirits deem the death unnecessary, and change him into a bear as punishment. As a bear, Kenai learns that
he can speak to other animals, and meets a young cub named Koda, whose mother is the bear
that he killed in revenge. Through his journey, Kenai
grows empathetic toward Koda, gaining respect for
animals as individuals. Number 19, “Finding Nemo.” Pixar’s 2003 CGI film “Finding Nemo” tells the story of Marlin,
a single clownfish father whose son Nemo is captured by divers to be held captive in
a small aquarium tank. Marlin is joined by
Dory, a blue regal tang, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, and they go on an epic
journey to bring Nemo home. Along the way, they meet a
vegetarian shark named Bruce, who resists his instincts
because he believes that– – [Sharks] Fish are friends, not food. – [Narrator] Number 20, “Spirited Away.” Legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 feature “Spirited Away” is about a young girl named Chihiro who is trapped in the spirit world after her parents eat
food meant for the gods. Many of Miyazaki’s films have
an environmental message, and “Spirited Away” is no different. While working at a bathhouse for the gods, Chihiro saves a powerful customer who is the spirit of a polluted river. Her friend throughout the film, Haku, is a river spirit who lost his memories when city planners filled the river to make room for new apartment buildings. Number 21, “Dumbo.” The 2019 remake of “Dumbo” is a far cry from the original 1941 film. The movie still follows Dumbo, a young circus elephant who
is separated from his mother when she defends him for being
bullied for his big ears. When the circus learns that Dumbo can fly, he becomes part of an act, but the young elephant only wants to be reunited with his mother. At the end of the film, Dumbo and his mother are
allowed to return home to India, and the circus enforces a
strict no-animal policy, and the amusement park owner Vandevere is arrested for misconduct. That’s it for the list. Which movie is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
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  9. Thanks for sharing your top 21 movies. When young folks watch these movies, and others like them, hopefully they will develop a fondness and respect of and for animals, which will transfer over to what they eat at the table. All of us older folks are too late to make much headway (if we haven't made it ourselves already), but the power to change our social orders and eating paradigms is contained within the minds of the newer generations. Mass transitions require decades, and sometimes centuries, however, it seems apparent that we are definitely in a serious transition phase when it comes to carnivorous and omnivorous eating patterns. I doubt that there will ever be a day when all of humanity is herbivorous, but every journey begins with the first step.

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