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these are things you need to know today we are going to talk about the 11 cutest celebrity pets let's get right to it number one we have the Obama dogs their names are Bo and sunny and they are both Portuguese water dogs so people actually worried about Bo and sunny because they grew up in the white house and people didn't know how they were gonna react when Obama needed to move out I think they're doing just fine number two we have Gigi Hadid cat Cleo she actually took Cleo out on a date with Joe Jonas when they used to date back in the day number three we have one of many ariana grande dogs and his name is Sirius Black do you get the Harry Potter analogy she got Sirius Black as a puppy and she it did an Instagram post saying the puppy breath was out of this world which is more than I can say for my own breath especially my morning breath I know that the editors are definitely gonna keep this in because they hate me but it's fine number four we have Miley Cyrus's pig named Bubba Sue she says that Liam often gets jealous of her and Bubba shoes pigments pigments romance pigments did you know that she also takes Bubba sue to the spa and she gets Bubba sOooo coconut oil mask because it is good to hydrate a pig skin number five we have X Sharon's cats called Graham he actually saved Graham's life when he was a month old because he was gonna get put down and then ed sheeran created him a Twitter account so you know what that's very la of him number six we have Kate Nash who has an adorable bunny named fluffy she said in a couple of interviews that her rabbit really helped her deal with mental health issues which I can completely relate to because my dog really helps me with my crazy psycho tendencies number 7 we have Sierra's adorable dogs named Tyson and Texas these two are the most adorable frizz balls I have ever laid my eyes on number eight we have Channing Tatum's horse named cajun the horse was actually offered to him on his 36th birthday by his now ex-wife Jenna Dewan at least he has something great to remember her by number nine we have katy perry's poodle named nugget nugget was even starring in a commercial with katy perry for a city's double cash card which actually makes a lot of sense because i spent so much money on my pet that we'll probably need a cash card number 10 we have dylan sprouse his dog named magnus dylan sprouse created an instagram account called magnus the dwarf for his bulldog i embraced these la vibes of really treating your pets like royalty so me and dylan sprouse could be really good friends at this point anyway number eleven I couldn't do this whole video without mentioning the kardashian Pomeranians that's sushi and honey they are so cute they literally look like two little pom poms and I have a real weakness when it comes to Pomeranian because I was gonna say number twelve on the list is my own Pomeranian Luna because you know what my efforts to get Luna famous a hashtag desperate at this point but you know what let's get Luna famous hashtag let's get Luna famous to be honest if I was on a red carpet I'd probably interview the pet before the celebrity and these are things you need to know

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