47 thoughts on “TOP 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FERRETS!! 2018 [Not Clickbait]

  1. Please read before you comment.
    – I've had ferrets for over a decade, none of them have ever broken a tooth on a water bottle.
    – Chocolate is not toxic to ferrets in the same way as it is dogs. He would have to eat well over an ounce to get sick.
    – I don't just hand him chocolate and let him have at it, at best he gets a few licks.

    This was an April Fool's parody of over-the-top vloggers, this is not my usual style. If you enjoyed it, check out my other content before you decide to subscribe, because this is not the norm.

  2. Omg the wellness core causes bladder stone's and the wysong should be the one you have but the digestive support. I have 41 ferrets . Just a little heads up for ya also your baby would be so happy with a cage mate.

  3. Ferrets are so much damn work omlllll, I’ve had so many and damn do I need a break sometimes- but I adore them. I work in a small pet shop aswell and I always tell people consider getting a ferret more than you would a puppy. They are basically rowdy puppies that never grow up and will steal everything ;))

  4. Does he have a buddy?? Ferrets are super easy to introduce to one another and in my experience thrive off the socialization and often times will play at first meet. Go get him a buddy :)) all pet shop ferrets are already spayed and neutered but if you’re against all that like I am check out local pet shops. If you don’t have any- Craigslist, people often rehome single or pairs of ferrets because they run out of time for them ( irresponsible of them but this method is way better than pet shop. )

  5. Put fleece on your shelves ?? pretty much every ferret owner I know has a double ferret nation- it’s no mansion, if anything just meets standards. Everyone uses fleece though. No matter how potty trained a ferret is you don’t want to be cleaning that tray. Even with my rats and critter nation I use fleece. You simply shake it off into the trash and dust it off then throw it into the wash with scent free detergent- easy peasy.

  6. Great cage, but you need a water bowl, not water bottle. Teeth…

    Zupreme is not good. Wysong DS is good. Marshalls products are not healthy.

    Baths should be oatmeal baths, not bubble or shampoo. And don't bathe him too often.

  7. Everyone should know that ferrets should only be bathed VERY OCCASSIONALLY as it can disturb the oil balance in their skin

  8. Fresh Pet. No preservatives and its moist which is closer to the natural fresh prey model. Safer and healthier than dry kibble and your ferret will live longer. And not end up with cancer, renal failure or other issues. It's found in the refrigerator area of the pet food section at Safeway, Hagaan's etc.

    Great video, I enjoyed this a lot.

  9. I hate to say it but ferrets stink no matter what. I have a descended and neutered ferret but it still has a musky odor. It fills my room but their smell really sticks since I have carpet so it’s kinda tough to get rid of it.

  10. I have a ferret as well he is 6 months old I can’t get him to stop biting my feet and attacking them when I walk it’s funny but hurts! And should I be feeding him meat

  11. What the hell did I just watch ?? props man..this was the funniest ferret video I’ve watched on YouTube

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