32 thoughts on “Top 10 Strongest Dogs in the World

  1. Haha pressa Canario…… German…. Dude Serbian Šarplaninac but I know that you americans dont like us serbians and so you dont tell anything about our dogs Stupid son of a Kurva

  2. Full list
    2-Mastiff,Caucasian Shepherd,Bully Cutta etc
    3-Cane Corso , Bull mastiff, Tosa inu etc
    4-Illyrian Shepherd,Adronicus mastiff etc
    5-Boerboel,Tibetan Masstiff etc
    for 6 and 7th position i dont now who is the stronger dog Dogo Argentino or Rottweiler.(comment below)
    8-Presa Canario,American Bully,English mastiff etc
    9-Pitbull,Dogue De Bordeaux etc
    10-German Shepherd,Doberman etc
    and more dogs. just my opinion

  3. Check out this list below:
    1 kangal
    2 Caucasian Shepard
    3 Rottweiler
    4 Irish Wolfhound
    5 Boerboel
    6 Great Pyrenees
    7 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
    8 Newfoundland dog
    9 Stafford
    10 PIT BULL

    Tell us what do you think?

  4. Lmao all these pathetic turks in comments claiming the Kangal is their dog, that dog is native to Anatolia and has been there at least 5 times longer than turkmen have. Turks are foreigners native to the Steppe.

  5. I’m owner of Dogo Argentino and Alabai, but the strongest dog in the world is bully kutta for sure

  6. All this dogs listed would be outpowered by a bigger Canadian Inuit dog, a Kugsha, and a Native American Indian dog. Simply put these oversized dogs would not be suited to defend against Grizzly bears, the largest wolves in the world, and Polar bears.

    They would be fit perhaps to defend against smaller Europeam and Asian predators but not in North America.

    These are true power houses as far as endurance, pulling strength, agility, speed, but most importantly their bone breaking bite force of over 1000 Pound Per Square Inch.

    Consider that Canadian Inuit dogs were cross bred with the largest wolves in the world (Yukon wolf) with a bite force of 1500 PSI and with the same stocky build and large wedge shaped head and elongated jaw muscles.

    The creators of the Kugsha dogs who resurrected this ancient Amerindian Malamute have indicated through breeding experience with artic wolves that the Kugsha has 1000 PSI.

    On another aside, the German Shepherd that is a Spitz type canine like the Kugsha, the Canadian Inuit dog, Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, and the resuscitated Native American Indian dog has a bite force of 750 PSI.
    by Wendy Spencer, Animal Care Director

    There is no way these Eurasian Molosser type dogs with herding experience would overpower a sled dog with many thousands of years of hunting experi3nce.

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