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he brought dubstep and electronic dance music to the mainstream welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 skrillex songs for this list we've chosen our entries based on a combination of the artists fan favorites and their most commercially successful songs number ten rock-and-roll will take you to the mountain the first track off Skrillex is scary monsters and nice sprites EP rock and roll will take you to the mountain was released in 2011 as the album's second single definitely a more chaotic track in comparison to other songs on the EP rock'n'roll quickly became a fan favorite that packed the dancefloor this track along with kill everybody is an example of the crude style that transitioned with Skrillex from his days with his post hardcore band from first to last number nine breaking a sweat The Doors meets electronic music this heavily influenced dubstep and progressive house track was a collaboration between Skrillex and American rock band The Doors relaxed and the remaining doors members chant along to the song while Jim Morrison is included via audio samples from an interview during the 1960's the new generations musical Bo people have a synthesis of those two elements and some third thing well not necessarily commercially successful the song was acknowledged with critical acclaim and noted as the standout track from Skrillex's bangarang EP just another unexpected collaboration on his resume number eight make it bunda the beer sundial out on how we oven is the fire naked on them dubstep needs a reggae you betcha iMovie just like a thunder originally known as Rudeboy bass an instrumental that was only played during live sets then as a remix of Damian Marley's welcome to Jamrock publican gondolas are legitimate public cemeteries track eventually became make it bun dem after Damian decided to record original vocals for the track I knew when you're just like us Tony that muscle the pitch are know W Sunday after premiering at surrender nightclub in Las Vegas the song was eventually used in the Far Cry 3 video game garnering attention from a whole new audience number seven levels Skrillex remix originally a progressive health song from Swedish producer Avicii levels was a worldwide EDM hit before Skrillex even got his hands on it while the original has more of a dancefloor feel this remix features more of the dubstep style we've come to know from Skrillex and little did the DJ know his remix of levels would be almost as popular as the original itself his reworking of the song is actually one of the most popular remixes of levels but it probably helped to have Skrillex's name attached number six cinema Skrillex remix how do you do when you want to be the best remix alleged Skrillex is most popular remixes cinema was originally a house track by legendary house producer Benny Benassi and some consider it to be one of the most successful dance tracks Skrillex's remix became a commercial smash staying in the iTunes top 10 dance charts for upwards of six months a major contributor to Skrillex's success the track even won him a Grammy for Best non classical remixed recording and the Grammy goes to sunny more for cinema Skrillex remix number 5 summit I would say that you have to experiment to make good music Skrillex took this to heart the final track off his bangarang EP the song is an extreme deviation from Skrillex's normal style Oh Namit contains many elements from the dubstep sub-genre chillstep as well as chopped-up auto-tuned vocals from Sonny Moore himself and clean vocals from then-girlfriend ellie goulding Elly's vocals almost sounds spiritual and ghost-like giving an entirely darker tone to the track if you can why don't you number four kill everybody we all need a little bit of insanity first released on scary monsters and nice sprites kill everybody can be found right in the middle of the album and believe us it is in no hurry to slow down many critics praise kill everybody's placement on the EP as it's a superb example of Skrillex's developing style in his early years the major dubstep influence and distorted vocals who would not have the urge to kill everybody number three first of the year equinox the most popular track off Skrillex is second EP more monsters and sprites first of the year equinox quickly became a fan favorite as it snuck its way into almost every live set while the song itself earned moderate commercial success it's more well known for its music video video tracks a suspicious man who follows a young girl only for her to strike back with telekinetic powers the video was nominated for a Grammy and won an MTV Video Music Award in 2012 for best visual effects number two bangerang time to get wild and cause some mayhem bangarang the most popular single off the similarly titled EP quickly became a fan favorite after its release is not a surprise however as it deviates from Skrillex's normal dubstep style and includes more characteristics from drum and bass as well as electro rock a little bit of rap from collaborators Saira doesn't hurt either it's only got one more moles but I got these beats hanging out the back I'm a toy car becoming a chart success in many different countries it was named as one of the best songs of 2012 before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions just don't beat up number one scary monsters and nice sprites perhaps relaxes most well-known song and many fans first introduction to the artist scary monsters and nice sprites is the lead single from his second EP the song consists of primarily dubstep elements cementing Skrillex is notable style early on in his career while still leaving him open for experimentation the track is by far one of his most commercially and critically successful tracks as it debuted high on the Billboard charts and won Skrillex his first Grammy in 2012 for Best Dance Recording you agree with our list what's your favorite Skrillex track more electronic top 10s published every 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