Compiled by HelloImAPizza [Text] This countdown contains sensitive material
some viewers may find distressing or upsetting.
Viewer discretion is advised. You have been warned.
Also contains flashing images which could trigger photosensitive epilepsy. [Text] Top 10:
Animal Cruelty
Commercials #10 “Swim”
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
1995, United Kingdom [Voice] “Come on.” We’re going swimming, my brother and I. We’re going swimming with our best friend! We’re going to swim in the canal, even though it’s very cold and dirty. My brother and I ran down the towpath! We’re happy to be running because we
don’t get taken out as often as we used to…
[Voice] “Come on!” Best friend seems to have less time these days. [Voice] “Come here!” Never been down this way before…
[Voice] “Come here!” usually we go where there’s more people. [Voice] “Good boy, good boy.” Now we’re stopping… suddenly my brother and I don’t feel like swimming anymore, it’s very cold, very cold. So cold, our best friend puts us in a
sack to keep us warm! [Text] If you witness cruelty or think
you can prevent it please call
01345 888 999. I hope he doesn’t slip, because it would be very difficult to
swim in this small sack. #9 “How Much Is That Doggie?”
1987, United Kingdom Please give us a pound… (£1) or we’ll have to pull the trigger. #8 “Yard”
1995, United Kingdom I’m very bad… is the only explanation. I must have done something
very bad to deserve this… I’ve been locked in, without food or water, by my best friend! Let me go… please! I won’t do it again… whatever it was that I did. I’m so thirsty. I don’t want to be let go now, just a drink will do. But have I been so bad
that I can’t have a drink? Tired now… don’t need anything anymore… only sleep. I’d just like to see my friend once more, to say sorry for the terrible thing that I did. Wonder… what it was? [Text] If you witness cruelty or think
you can prevent it please call
01345 888 999. #7 “The Battery”
Compassion In World Farming (CIWF)
1988, United Kingdom [Text] Public Announcement.
Issued by Compassion in World Farming Will everyone please take their seats? Very shortly, your row will be
divided into units of three. Do not obstruct the gangways
whilst the cages are installed. There is no cause for alarm, these cages are for your protection. Please cooperate with the surgeons: they will remove your teeth and nails, this greatly reduces the
incidence of cannibalism, it is in your interest to comply. Eating, sleeping and defecating
may cause some discomfort, but your space allowance complies exactly
with government regulations, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that
you are part one of the world’s most
cost-effective production systems, you have nothing to worry about. This system has been tested on 45 million specimens, with I might add, your approval… welcome to the battery. [Text] Buy free range eggs.
They don’t cost this much. #6 “Smile”
British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV)
1989, United Kingdom ♫ Smile though your heart is aching, ♫ ♫ Smile even though it’s breaking. ♫ ♫ When there are clouds in the sky, ♫ ♫ you’ll get by, if you ♫ ♫ smile through your fear and sorrow, ♫ ♫ smile, and maybe tomorrow, ♫ ♫ you’ll see the sun come shining through ♫ ♫ for you. ♫ ♫ Light up your face with gladness, ♫ ♫ hide every trace of sadness, although… ♫ [Voice] Every year, thousands of other animals suffer this ugly pain in the name of beauty. Please don’t use cosmetics tested in this way. [Text] British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. #5 “Boiled Bear”
Tusk Force
1996, United Kingdom [Text] Recipe Boiled Bear
Serves 12 Ingredients: 1 Live Bear.
100 gallons of boiling water.
Salt and Pepper to taste. Method: First, beat the bear vigorously using sticks,
clubs or metal rods. Continue beating to ensure
good flow of ‘Fear Juices’. Continue beating to ensure
good flow of ‘Fear Juices’.
(This is what gives the dish its distinctive flavour.) Place bear in net and hoist it above
large cauldron of boiling water. Place bear in net and hoist it above
large cauldron of boiling water.
(Extra beating at this stage is recommended.) Lower slowly and boil bear alive. [Voice] Bears are considered a gourmet food in
the Far East, despite the fact they are dangerously close
[Text] Continue cooking till tender. [Voice] …to extinction. There is a charity dedicated to conserving all the world’s endangered species through
[Text] Variation: For roasted bear simply place bear
in metal cage and lower onto hot coals. [Voice] action and education. Tusk Force. To make a donation call this number,
before it’s too late. #4 “Dumb Animals”
Respect for Animals
1985, United Kingdom [Text] It takes up to 40 dumb animals
to make a fur coat. [Text] It takes up to 40 dumb animals
to make a fur coat.
But only one to wear it. Respect for animals.
Fighting the international fur trade. #3 “Faroe Islands”
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
1989, United Kingdom Somewhere in this vast place, there’s a small group of islands
known as the Faroe Islands. No one knows why, but once a year, large groups of
pilot whales return here. The islanders look forward to their visit each year, and prepare a special homecoming for them. First of all, they heard the whales into the harbour, then they harpoon them. And then cut them up with hunting knives
while they’re still alive. The noise you can hear is the whale screaming, as it experiences this horrific death. The more the whales scream,
the more the crowd seem to enjoy it. The meat is then distributed to the crowd, and once their freezers are crammed full,
the rest is left on the beach… to rot. [Text] Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society #2 “Game”
League Against Cruel Sports
1988, United Kingdom ♫ A hunting we will go,
A hunting we will go ♫ ♫ Tan-ti-pee, tan-ti-pee, tan-ti-pee ♫ ♫ A hunting we will go! ♫ [Text] Hunting does
little to control the
fox population. Some hunts
encourage foxes to
breed specifically
to be hunted. Fox hounds are
bred to run slower
and longer to
prolong the hunt. A fox is chased, until completely
exhausted, then ripped to
pieces by thirty dogs. How do you get your kicks? League Against Cruel Sports. #1 “The Chase”
International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
1997, United Kingdom [Text] For pity’s sake,
ban fox hunting now.
Your MP has the power.
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  1. How to be the best person on the planet according to poachers and idiots.
    Beat the living shit out of animals for the following reasons
    1. To eat (make sure the animal you're eating is a part of a nearly extinct species)
    2. To be cool (people LOVE assholes apparently)
    3. Because you feel like it.
    4. Because you feel like it!

    I wish the world wasn't like that….

  2. Ok but will we ever have a PSA about people killing “normal” ball pythons because they don’t have special designs? That stuff actually happens, yeah.

  3. Number 5 was so hard to listen too. Like seriously I almost started to break down crying. Absolutely disgusting and horrific.

  4. 5:40 was the most heartbreaking, hearing how it would cry out in pain on the very end when it was boiling.. it scares me….

  5. Troll posted a dog crush video on discord today, girl standing on its eye with high heels it was wriggling and crying for help. Honestly people who do this are human trash and deserve death

  6. Sometimes I hate people. Humans treat Animals like they're objects, THEY'RE NOT! Sadly cows get eaten, in some asian countries dogs and cats are treated as food. Slaughterhouses often draw psychopaths. Why can't people leave innocent things alone. Animals breathe the same air to. They drink water too. They have feelings too.

  7. Humans can be so awful. I am embarrassed of our kind. Instead of making the planet better and save the creatures that lives in it we are destroying everything.

  8. Humanity…..Hehe….I will make it all end…Abuser….hippity hoppity I'll kill you on my property.

  9. Rip Murphy my sweet baby puppy angel and my old dog 🙁 he ran away and never came back
    At least I have a new Weiner dog named mocha


  11. The first one killed me. He thought they were going for a swim. I wanted to take that dog and call him mine.

  12. the yard and the bear one are the scariest. the bear one, with no visuals except a black screen and only sounds makes the psa far scarier

  13. I think I saw #9 as a kid in the US. Really should have had a warning. Then I remembered vegans consider children they traumatize awoken or some nonsense that justifies making kids cry.

  14. Christ that first one was awful – and brilliant.

    And I don't think I should have watched "Yard" at all.

  15. The free range egg one was good effort but even free range chickens have their male chicks ground up alive or gassed to death. It's best to not eat eggs at all or but eggs from people who are selling their pet chicken's eggs.

  16. And this is why I'm vegan. This is why I will always be vegan. We can't treat animals like this. They're sentient, feeling beings.


  18. so people who decided to become vegan .. what will you eat ??? grass ??? well dont they have life ??? so you will drink water ??? the house of millions of organisms … you are as guilty as you were before becoming vegan !!! nothing changed

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