Top 10 Petsmart Fish

– Hey guys, Cory from AquariumCoOp.Com. Today I’ve got something a
little bit different for ya. It’s my top 10 fish I would buy if I only had access to a PetSmart. Now, if I had access
to PetSmart and Petco, I would choose PetSmart. They typically have a better selection of fish in my opinion. Now, things that I’m
taking into consideration: How likely are these things to get sick? How likely are they to be, you know, kept correctly at the store? And how likely are you to
be successful with them? And then in general,
overall compatibility. So I’ve got 10, not necessarily, you know, best to worst or anything like
that, but 10 solid choices that I would feel okay
with buying from PetSmart. That being said, quarantine everything. Whether you’re in my store,
or you’re going to PetSmart, whatever, always quarantine first. That’s just safe. But these are, in my
opinion, your best options. All right, the first thing, bettas. Because they’re kept in their
own little containers there, they don’t really see any other fish, they don’t get diseases
really, so they’re pretty safe, and they typically have a wide selection. Now, that being said,
depending on where you go, sometimes they’re not
taken care of that well, so make sure you’re buying
a healthy, active betta. Maybe you buy them a few
days after they come in, something like that. But in general, I can’t down-talk ’em. They got a wide selection
and a lot of ’em, and they typically are priced right, and a lot of people get
great bettas from PetSmart. Next up, I would say a real
winner that seems to survive for everyone would be albino corydoras. They’re pretty much
universally at every pet store. They’re pretty darn hardy. They are a scavenger, but
you wanna dedicated feed ’em, get at least three to six of ’em, six being better than
three, but, you know, it depends on what tank size. I would say, optimally,
20 gallons or more, but you might be able to
shoehorn ’em into a 10 with, you know, three or
four of those little buddies. And they’ll kind of be a
great cleanup crew for ya, and as long as their bellies
aren’t really sunken in, you’re probably okay, you know. Obviously look for ick
or something like that, but if they visually look okay, they don’t have sunken in bellies, you’re probably okay to take
them home and quarantine them. Next up, I got the glowlight tetra. Now, it’s a silver and orange kinda tetra. It’s a silver above the orange, so it mostly looks like
it’s got an orange line. They get about three inches or so, very very very hardy. Now, because they’re so hardy, they can live in, kinda
sub-optimal conditions. They’re a tetra, so you wanna get a school of six or more. They’re gonna school around, I recommend 10 gallons or more. Anywhere from a 7 to an 8.0 pH. They’re real tolerant, real forgiving, and usually, about the only thing you really gotta watch out for is that ick. If they don’t have ick, you’re probably okay to quarantine them, and after a week or two, go ahead and move ’em into your main display tank. Next up, I’ve got the
Australian rainbow fish. Now, that’s a specific rainbow there. They’re called the
Australian rainbow fish, even though, y’know, lots
of rainbows are Australian. But, Australian rainbow fish tends to be about three bucks,
which is a great deal. Gets about six inches, and if you had a big 55 gallon, or 75, and you had y’know, like silver dollars, and that kind of more boisterous fish. These would fit right in. Now, you can also keep boesemani rainbows, turquoise rainbows, all that. You just want to look for ick, take ’em home, quarantine ’em, keep that pH above seven. Keep them in a group of six or more, so yeah, six, at three
bucks. Pretty affordable. Six at 10 bucks, you know, and some of those fancier rainbows,
not as affordable. But hey, if you like the look, go ahead and grab it, but they’re super
easy to keep in my opinion. They can be quick to get to food, so you wouldn’t want to keep them with the bettas, for instance. But, otherwise, with other quick moving fish, they do great. Tetras,
rosboras, all that stuff. Next up, another tetra! And that would be the red eyed tetra, or the monk tetra, as
it’s sometimes called. Silver, black dot, red eye on it. Really really hardy fish, gets about two and half, three inches. Keep them in a group; they’ll tolerate a pH from seven to eight, and as long as they don’t look sick in the store, take them home, quarantine them. You’ll probably be okay. Next up, blood parrots. Now, I know, it’s a hybrid fish, but, when you get them at PetSmart, y’know, it’s one of the
cooler fish they offer. I even have some at home, they get, y’know about this size, full grown, kind of full grown angelfish size. And, being that they’re a
cichlid, they’re pretty hardy. Now, as long as you don’t put them in a way too small aquarium, usually they’re not too aggressive. You can get one out of 10 or so, y’know, that’s Billy beat
him up type of attitude, instead of peaceful. But they’ve got really small mouths, and they can’t really open or close them. So, you can usually keep
them with other fish, and the most they can do is try and aggress and bully them, so they can bully thing like
angelfish and gouramis. But tetras, and that
kinda stuff, not so much. And so, you can keep them in these big planet tanks, y’know, I would say optimal 55 gallon or larger And just a big centerpiece show fish that can do well with a lot of other, y’know, silver dollars,
and even smaller fish. So, a lot of variation in that orange and red color bring something; it’s not quite easy to
get in your aquarium. Next up, I got the algae eaters. So what’s the best algae
eater in my opinion to buy at a PetSmart? A lot of you are thinking the bristlenose. It’s good, it was my second choice. But my favorite pick is
the rubber lip plecostomus. They’re really good at eating algae, they tend to be very very hearty. And it’s way easier in my opinion, to see when they’ve got
ick or something like that. Whereas bristlenose are already spotted, and sometimes they have the ick and you don’t notice
it until you get home, so that’s why I think the rubber lip is a better buy for most people. Cause you can spot that ick early, and go oh, I’m not gonna buy this batch, I’m gonna wait down the road, maybe try again in a month or six weeks. You only need one, pretty much no matter how big your aquarium is. I mean, I guess at about 300 gallons, maybe keep more than one. But, you’d be better off varying the types of algae eaters you keep than getting more than one. They only get about
five inches for the ones you’re normally gonna see at a pet store. There’s some other types
of rubber lips out there that get much larger. That being said, I only see the common smaller
ones actually being sold. Next up, I’ve got Rasbora Hets. So, they’re a fish that
get about three inches, they school around, they’ve
got orange and black on ’em. They look super cool,
they’re super duper hardy. They tolerate a wide range of pH. They got a big enough body not to get eaten by a lot of things. And they tend to be very cheap, so, it’s kinda like, why not get that? It’s got all the things I want: color, it’s cheap, it’s got the size, they’re peaceful, and I don’t have to buy too many, just six. The more the merrier, though. Next up, I’ve got the black neon Tetra. These things are bullet proof. They get about three,
three and a half inches and they get about an inch tall. They get beefy in their older age, but they’re still super
laid back, easy to keep As long as they don’t have ick, again, you’re probably okay. Take ’em in a group of at least six. Add ’em, they look really
good against a green background of plants. And really, I keep them in a lot of aquariums, and I sell them a lot.
And if you’re a newbie, definitely want to get some of those. They’re just super duper cool and hardy. Alright, my last favorite
fish from PetSmart, and I actually found
this fish at PetSmart, and I bought them and
keep them to this day, still, is the marigold variatus. Very very close cousin of the Platy. The colors of these things are amazing, I now keep a high fin form, which PetSmart doesn’t sell, but it’s one of my absolute favorite fish, even if I couldn’t get the high fin, I carried him, or I kept him for a very
long time in my fish room. With just, the PetSmart ones. And they were like, you
can buy them on sale for like a dollar. Now, with these guys, it’s pretty common they have bacterial infections, so you probably want to treat with something like azithromycin. Not as common with the
ick, they can get it, but, really look at the fins and see if they’re all clamped up. That’s usually a sign that they’re gonna have a bacterial infection. And that’s what I would
watch out for in these guys. But, let me know what your
favorite fish are from Petsmart. I don’t shop there much anymore, I do walk in and see what they
got going on, just to see. But let us know down below and, if you want you can hop over
to like the Patron page, and post pictures if you’re unfortunate and you can only shop from a PetSmart. I know a lot of you
guys around the country have that scenario, where you don’t even have a local store, and your local PetSmart
is three hours away. But hey, you drive there,
you go get your fish and you enjoy the hobby all the same. So, thanks for watching,
we’ll see you next video. And, don’t forget to subscribe!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Petsmart Fish

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  2. The fish in the tanks behind Cory look much happier & healthier than those at Pet Smart, which look sad. I wish I lived in Washington State!

  3. My favorite fish is the oticinclus (?). I don’t know much about this fish but they are very entertaining! Would like to see some info on them!

  4. You should not buy from PetSmart and Petco they have animal abuse they have videos on it just look up PetSmart and Petco abuse It will show you all of it

  5. Clown Ghost Knife or the African Clown Ghost Knife a lot of stores only get like 1 or 2 of these fish every 6 months cause they are a little bit of a sensitive fish

  6. I've gotten some lovely gouramis at Petsmart, as well as some really nice Denison barbs (my favorites) that were on sale for under 6 bucks each! Quality varies a lot from store to store, at least in TX.

  7. Pet supermarket is better than both in my opinion. It seems that every individual store has different stockings of fish, one store I found pea puffers!

  8. After 3 1/2 weeks of waiting for a full fishless cycle on my 37 gallon I got 8 red wag platies and 1 gorgeous medium sized koi angelfish. Unfortunately I couldn't see the ich on the angel until I got it home and into my tank which has black background and sand, so it showed up right away. Took it back the next day and got a refund.

    The platies are doing wonderfully, even the little runt with a sunken belly is now plump and as feisty as the rest.

    I won't be getting anymore fish from there, only my local mom n pop store.

  9. The only fish at my local petsmart he mentions where the Blood Parrots, Cory catfish, Betta, and they only sell the common algae eaters. ???the stores in my area don’t sell crap. That’s why I have to order my fish offline

  10. Why worry about ich if your going to quarantine? Should treat for ich, other parasites, and general diseases in quarantine anyway

  11. I always scope out my local big boxes; one out of the six or so petcos within a 40 minute drive of me are decent, three out of the four petsmarts are (for aquatics at least, if we're going for anything else the other stores tend to suit our needs). Of those four big boxes, I know three of their fish shipment schedules and that's always been key in my experience; if I wait until five days after the shipment, the stock is often in worse health or the selection is just bad stock to begin with, by virtue of healthier fish being picked first. I've stocked two corydoras species, betta, goldfish, and mystery snails from petsmart, and betta from petco. In my experience, goldfish are VERY hit and miss with big box stores and at this point I much prefer to shop my local store for those, if only because they're better kept during holding at the store. Betta from either big box or local are equally as likely to have any genetic issues in my experience, and with betta, unless you're buying direct from a breeder, you just need to have an eye for the fish that won't overgrow its tail, scale over the eyes, or have other large impacting health issues in the future. Just lost my first petsmart betta about a month ago- he was a terribly overgrown dumbo whose eyes had scaled over completely, but I've had the same experience from LFS betta as well. I think a lot of betta strains are just so overbred they're not particularly viable or healthy fish anymore, and from what I've seen there's no significant difference between stock at my LFS and stock at big boxes, as far as betta go. Maybe if you have a local betta breeder who sells to your LFS, your experience might be different. Corydoras also seem functionally the same at big box vs LFS healthwise, but I have noticed my LFS seems to stock better quality, if less selection typically. I think they breed most of their cories in store, and what they don't breed they have customers bring them, though, so, that means stabler stock every time in my experience. Mystery snails from petsmart SUCK. Calcium deficient, parasite riddled, awful. Always go to my LFS for those now. Haven't found a petsmart location with decent mystery snails ever.

  12. I live in a small town and we have both petsmart and petco and all of the fish are extremely healthy. The employees often talk parents out of shoving bettas and goldfish into cool whip containers. Honestly it’s perfect

  13. I went to my first PetSmart a week ago.
    I was prepared for the worst. When I arrived I started going through all of the dry goods, ornaments etc. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and the prices.
    So I worked up to the fish, again watching carefully but not finding anything to complain about.
    The fish all looked happy, they were interactive, well fed. Hmmm I thought. A pleasant seaming young lady was working at the fish counter so I introduced myself and asked her why there is so much controversy around the health of the fish.
    She told me she only shops at that particular shop because this store was small. She further explained how no matter the size of the shop, the number of employees remains the same.
    In the larger shop they do not have the staff, which explains so much.
    Now this is up in Canada, I do not know if the policy is the same in America or not. It did bring some sense to the observation iand experience though.

  14. I had the one thats sold as a feeder fish for like 50 cents when I was a kid and I loved it. Then my mom changed the water and killed it. Every fish I owned was killed by a family member changing the water. My cousin dropped a sweater on one of my fish while changing the water.

  15. I too find the fish at Petsmart to be healthier and for the most part they have a better selection. If I need a betta I go to Petco, my local Petsmart has a pretty meager selection. My closest Petco was pretty shady and their fish always looked sick so I was leery of getting anything from them, but they've since closed down (I think the staff there just didn't give a crap anymore.) There's another Petco much further from me that does seem to have healthier fish. I picked up a female koi betta from them last week. 🙂

    Privately owned fish stores near me are pretty sparse. There used to be a really great one with a fantastic selection of fish (the best in the region apparently) but it closed years ago. There's another one a ways away from me that is quite small but can order just about anything and seems to have good quality critters, it's just so far out of my way and is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, or I'd try to spend my money there. Yet another one equally out of my way that I've been to a few times, but again their fish selection is pretty thin and their fish don't always look terribly healthy. They do carry crustaceans like cherry shrimp though, so I've been there to stock up on shrimp. They also have a pretty good selection of driftwood and aquascaping material.

    So in summary, for fish I go to Petsmart, for bettas I go to Petco, for aquascaping or shrimp I go to Centreville Aquarium!

  16. I bought a betta at Petco and it got sick not even 10 minutes after I bought it it couldn’t stay up and it died like 1 day later

  17. I’m definitely a Blood Parrot/Parrot Hybrid aficionado, and I must say Petsmart does have some pretty nice BPs. I prefer getting mine online however, since I do like some of the rarer hybrids such as the “Purple Parrots” as they’re called, King Kong Parrots, etc. When I had my full fledged fish room, My pride and joy was actually my “Kirin Parrot”, which is a Flowerhorn x Blood Parrot hybrid. He was absolutely beautiful. I originally bought him as well as two female Purple Parrots, and attempted to breed them (just to breed the Flowerhorn traits out a bit more). The Kirin was an absolute teddy bear, and almost 8” when I gave him away to a S. American cichlid gallery so he could be on display for all to enjoy. I just love Parrots (not to be confused with TRUE Parrot Cichlids) just because they can be bred and hybridized (bastardized I’m sure in the eyes of some :P) with SOOO many different SAmerican cichlids. My favorite combo is actually the Golden Red Pearl Parrot, which is a hybrid between a Red Texas x Golden/Fader Flowerhorn and a Blood Parrot. They also have Green Texas x Blood Parrot hybrids which are AMAZING as well. BE CAREFUL WITH PETSMART BPs. I have seen quite a few Petsmarts that keep BPs and Convicts in the same display tank. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years of Parrot keeping, is that BPs/Flowerhorns/anything from that family are like Pitbulls. Most of their aggression seems to be LEARNED. If they are kept/raised in a very peaceful tank, they turn out to be teddy bears. If they are raised with baddies such as Convicts, Red Terrors, Etc. they themselves turn into hotheads. My Kirin Parrot in particular (Flowerhorn x BP) was a little spit fire when he was 2”, but was raised in a very peaceful tank, and grew into the most peaceful fish I had ever owned. Another cool little anecdote, is that at my local Petsmart is one of the locations that houses BPs and Convicts together, and I was actually able to snag two baby Convict x Blood Parrot hybrids! It had to have happened at their breeding farm or in transit, because none of the adults in the display tank seemed old enough to breed. YES, like I said Parrots can be bred with SO many SAmericans cichlids (Convicts included) and those little guys turned out BEAUTIFUL. They had the body of a proper BP, but were black and gray striped like a Convict. They were the coolest things ever. So anyways, definitely recommend Blood Parrots, they are the most friendly, interactive, puppy dogs you could EVER have (besides puffers ;P) and if you’re like me and are into the whole “Frankenfish” idea, there’s INFINITE breeding projects that can be done with them 😉

  18. My lfs is about 2 hour from me by bus and I usually go their at least once or twice a month, not that I'm buying fish every time but I like to go see.

    The petsmart near me has like ten tanks and its the normal stuff like goldfish mollies and guppies, not alot of selection.

  19. The PetSmart near me, the staff has changed in the fish department not for the better. They seem to rush around and not take time to help me.

  20. On a dare, I bought a little turquoise rainbow fish at PetSmart. I've had for 4 years and has grown to be one of the largest fish in my 29 gallon "small to medium sized fish" fishtank. grew from one inch to 4.5 inches.

  21. In my area of Long Island, it varies from store to store. Some Petcos have a better selection than Petsmart and vice versa.. I picked up a real nice Platinum Dragon Betta in a Petco that I couldn’t find in anywhere.

  22. My top 10 favorite fish to buy at petsmart
    10. Neon tetra
    9. Fancy guppy
    8. Black molly
    7. Ghost shrimp
    6.Dwarf gourami
    5. Mickey Mouse platy
    4. Pecostomus
    3. Bala shark
    2. Rosy barb
    1. Koi

  23. I recently got a albino Cory Dora, he’s about 6 cm in length and looks healthy as can be….but I just noticed he only has one eye…his left eye is no where to be’s just not there….he seems to feed ok…but I think he might be totally blind as he swims around all the tank then just stops and rest ..and off he goes again….do u think he will be fine….as I want to keep him..or should I get him a couple more albino Cory’s to keep him company…thanks for any help..cheers from australia

  24. I was shopping for my bird at Petsmart and I can't believe what I saw… So there was fish being sold but they were kept in such small containers, similar to the ones you keep condiments, like ketchup in it. There was barely any space to move, I feel so bad for those poor fish.

  25. I got a rubber lip from pet smart had 3 of them in a 55 g tank and one of them ended up being 13 inches long

  26. I have to admit, Petsmart’s pre-packaged plants are really great. There’s no snails at all, which is amazing. The gel is a little annoying to get off of the plants roots, but it’s a small price to pay for pretty good quality plants.

  27. The petsmart that’s near me has a pretty damn good fish department, almost all of them breed fish and sell them, also they have neon tetras for $1

  28. Petsmart sucks!!!!!

    You buy the animals at Petco and buy the supplies at Petsmart because Petsmart has no pets…

  29. As a former pet store manager its 100% based on management! We inly had bettas for fish at my store but i was in charge of what we ordered from who and checked they were healthy when they got there. Also made sure my night associates kept their cups clean and in the warmer area of the store even though it was in a back corner so theyre less likely to sell. Also opted for shelter animals in our store only. Talk to management if you can i always loved telling people about our animals available and how they were cared for

  30. Honestly I've had some nice luck at pet smart with prices and selection the sold a tiger oscar for 8$ well now it's at 13$ and stuff like clown pleco and there's even been red devils and loachs like kuhili and clown

  31. Petco in my region always has a better selection. They have saltwater fish and coral and more option on products. Petsmart does not. I Disagree with you. Petco is a better option.

  32. I absolutely love my Cory cats.. some of the most active and attractive fish I have.. especially the way they move in groups and follow each other around. I have a pair that's inseparable.

  33. peacock eels are probably the best things ive ever gotten from petsmart tho ive never been able to find more since 😛

  34. True I got a really pretty male betta from petsmart for like $11 well actually I have more than one but one is especially nice

  35. I got all my fish from PetSmart. Dwarf Gouramis are fun. Mine is named Blue, and he is super smart. He sleeps inside the little log I bought for him, but he comes out as soon as he sees me walk by, and he gets super excited when I hold up the food jar, because he knows what it is.

  36. I've got some awesome Petco platys right now. I did quarantine and treat them but they were and are very healthy, it's almost like that depends shipment to shipment with my local Petco….

  37. I tend to go for the sickest looking Betta's because I feel bad for them and I want to nurse them back to health. Plus I know that if I don't get them, nobody else will and they'll just die miserable and alone in one of those stupid little cups.

  38. how do I quarantine fish if I have only 1 tank? Also how can you tell if fish have Ich? I have a tank full of fry Platies & I am a newbie.What to look for to see if they are healthy?

  39. I have a Petco and PetSmart I choose Petco because the one near me has more than petsmart and the Petco near me is really good and dedicated to animals

  40. i am just starting this hobby and i am starting with a 30 gallon fresh water tank. is it of to mix at least 3 species. i already have 2 kois. please recommend 3 possible addition and the amount of each

  41. i have a really good special fish store here in the NL they have the fish in qurantine for 2 weeks and treat them so i dont need to qurantine?

  42. Most of my local fish stores are pretty far away from my house, so i go there every once in a while, but i buy supplies and sometimes fish for petsmart or petco

  43. Hey cory, awesome video, i think some other cool petsmart gish that are kept in better conditions are the zebra danio, the opline gourami, the glass catfish. I think you should make a part 2 called the worst fish to by from a petsmart like comet goldfish, common plecos, bala sharks, and the red tail shark (because the employes as dumb sometimes and put like 4 in 1 tank, i think you can think of some more, you are awesome cory!

  44. My mamaw had to put her dog to sleep (he had to be put to sleep due to his aggressive behavior). To make her happy, I'm letting her help me pick out fish for my 55 gallon (little does she know I'm setting up a betta tank for her ?). We will be going to petsmart.

  45. I feel so lucky to have an amazing local fish store, but my local PetSmart and Petco always are clean with a nice selection. There is also a different Petco in my area that has horribly kept tanks (and I thought I was sloppy). I do get most of my plants from the local Petco because they have a snail free guarantee, and I always get them from my LFS.

  46. I had better luck at petsmart at my local petsmart every single pet the was HAPPY but at my local petco every single cage for a hamster or a bird stank.And there fish looked sad but at my petco they have saltwater and have more fish.

    Let me know if you had good luck at petsmart or petco

  47. Bought a Daino from Walmart a few years ago, and gave it to my kid. Had to separate it, as it was attacking other fish. Probably got lucky.
    Didn't know this at the time but, all the tanks at Walmart flow into one central filter. I personally would stay away from systems like this, because diseases can easily spread.

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