Top 10 Most Difficult Dog Breeds to Train (Unknown Facts) ???

hello guys welcome back in this video I am gonna show you 10 most difficult dogs to raise Rottweiler dogs were originally known as what we are butcher's dogs after the area in Germany Rottweilers can grow up to 27 inches in height and weight up to 130 pounds when full size the main thing that makes Rottweilers difficult to Reyes's not only their size and strength but their need for a clear and powerful leader Rottweilers want to know exactly who is in charge and if you are not fulfilling the position adequately they will be more than happy to take over west highland white Terriers or Westies as they're commonly known are every grandma's favorite breed the main issue that can make these adorable little dogs difficult to Reyes's the challenge they pose when house training Westies attempt to grow about 11 inches in height and just 20 pounds in weight Westies love to chase things and are generally good with children but don't tolerate rough handling and have been known to snap when hurt during World War one the United States Army used the lovable pit bull breed as a mascot due to the belief that the breed represented American spirit and bravery the real difficulty in raising an American pit bull is overcoming the stigma that surrounds the breed however with in-depth and carefully executed training an American pit bull can become a fully socialized and family-friendly pet beautiful to look at Siberian Huskies are known to be incredibly affectionate and good tempered dogs who are always happy to be given attention the difficulty in raising a husky comes from the dogs history of being bred as a working dog if you neglect to give your husky an outlet it may resort to tearing up your furniture poorly trained Huskies have been creating a serious problem for any smaller animals you may keep in the house German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent which is great but can make raising them as domestic pets a challenge German Shepherds are working dogs that were quickly promoted to roles in search and rescue guiding for the blind and police and military assistance German Shepherds can grow up to about 28 inches in height and at least 88 pounds in weight German Shepherds require serious training and exercise every single day Bulldogs are adorable which is the main reason they are one of the most popular breeds of dog in the US and UK Bulldogs are those silent great family pets many owners note that Bulldogs are incredibly patient particularly with children preferring to stay indoors and take long naps on people's laps unfortunately with layers of wrinkled skin around their faces heavy jowls and a flat face Bulldogs are more sensitive to heat exercise and stress Saint Bernards are classified as giant dogs and have been known to reach over 300 pounds in weight Saint Bernards were once known as Swiss Mountain Dogs because of its enormous size raising a st. Bernard can be a lot of hard work the Saint Bernards heavy low-hanging tail and tendency to drool almost constantly makes them completely unsuitable for small homes with a lot of soft furnishings a Kurtis are stunning dogs that originates in the mountainous regions of northern Japan Akitas have large bear like heads with triangular ears and their tails curl over their backs in a gentle curl Akitas have retained a startling prey drive and are generally quite difficult for inexperienced owners to train powerful and independence dogs a Kurtis constantly try to assert their independence and generally don't like to be walked on a leash chouchou dogs may look like adorable glass-eyed teddy bears but they are not the Placid fluff balls they first appear to be Chow Chows are frequently said to form a strong attachment to one of two members of the family even becoming overprotective of them while displaying aggressive behavior to the others it is possible to train a church out to be more friendly and sociable but it takes a great deal of dedication Weimaraners are known as the great ghosts Weimaraners have a distinctive short gray coat and are known for sticking close to their masters the Weimaraners as incredible physical endurance and stamina making him a real challenge to train Weimaraner dogs do not like to be left alone and poorly raised are notoriously difficult to house train and can be a minister of the small animals in the vicinity thank you for watching if you like this video please like and share if you want to get updates from my channel please subscribe

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