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You’re watching FreeSchool! This is a countdown of the ten heaviest birds
in the world. When it comes to weight, these fat fowl tip the scales father than any other
birds on the planet! Number 10: the King Penguin. The second-largest penguin in the world, the
king penguin can be found on islands north of Antarctica. They grow to just under three
feet or a meter in height, and the heaviest king penguin ever recorded weighed 44 lb or
20 kg. Number 9: the great bustard. The only bird on this countdown capable of
flight, the great bustard is the heaviest flying bird, and,in fact, the heaviest animal
capable of flight, in the world. Native to Europe and Asia, the Great Bustard may have
a wingspan of nearly nine feet or 2.7 meters, and the largest recorded specimen weighed
46 lbs or 21 kg. Number 8: the lesser rhea. Also known as ‘Darwin’s rhea,’ the lesser
rhea is native to the southern parts of South America. Incapable of flight, it relies on
its strong legs to escape predators, running at speeds of up to 37 mph or 60 kpm. The lesser
rhea can reach heights of approximately 3 feet or 1 meter, and weighs up to 63 lb or
28 kg. Number 7: the dwarf cassowary. The smallest of the three species of cassowary,
the dwarf cassowary lives in New Guinea, a large island north of Australia. Though not
as large as its cousins, the dwarf cassowary is a big bird, reaching lengths of up to 5
feet or 1.5 meters, with the largest ever seen weighing 75 lbs or 34 kg. Number 6: the greater rhea Also called the common rhea, the greater rhea
outmatches its smaller cousins from the south. Native to the eastern parts of South America,
the greater rhea is the largest bird on that continent. Large males may stand six feet
tall and weigh 88 lbs or 40 kg, although they rarely reach such recordbreaking size. Number 5: the emperor penguin. The largest penguin on earth, the Emperor
penguin may grow to be an impressive 51 inches tall – taller than an average 8-year-old child.
They are native to Antarctica, and are the only species that breeds there during the
harsh Antarctic winter. Emperor penguins may weigh a hefty 100 lb, or 46 kg. Number 4: the emu. Native to Australia, emus are the largest
bird on that continent and the second-tallest bird in the world, reaching over 6 feet in
height. They also have some of the strongest legs in the world, using their large, clawed
feet to defend themselves. Emus can achieve weights of up to 150 lb or 70 kg. Number 3: the northern cassowary The northern cassowary is a stocky, flightless
bird that lives in the swamps and rainforests of northern New Guinea. These solitary birds
eat fruits and small animals, and can tip the scales at up to 170 lb or 75 kg. Number 2: the southern cassowary As its name implies, the southern cassowary
has a range farther south than its cousin, in Indonesia, New Guinea, and Northern Australia.
At their maximum size, they may exceed 6 feet in height and 190 lb or 85 kg in weight. Number 1: The Ostrich. The tallest, heaviest, and fastest running
bird in the world, the ostrich also lays the largest eggs of any living bird. Males may
reach an impressive height of 9ft, 2in (2.8m), and a weight of 346 lb or 156 kg, almost doubling
the weight of the next heaviest bird. I hope you enjoyed learning about the ten
heaviest birds on Earth today, and stay tuned, for more creature countdowns from FreeSchool.

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