what's up with your dog he's just having one of his dog dreams if you think that's weird you should see my dad yep that's weirder welcome to dig top ten my name is Jake and today we are counting down the top 10 funniest Doritos dogs commercials ever made enjoy what's wrong do you want a treat Oh yeah boy can I get some help I don't know can you yes you don't want dureena do not play fetch thanks crow why don't you fetch me some to vito's fetch me a bag full of Doritos fetch me Mom give you a whole bag of Doritos just because her fish died hey boy you really are you sharing those Doritos like I asked you to good turn around catch you do that again cool Doritos they probably just want some Doritos dorita's the dog Satyam what's wrong you know man I just want one of your chips what are you doing dude what you can't give a dog two burritos well develop a taste for bold bold [Applause] but don't sound anything like that hey Don Vince hi Bart color you want a Dorito you gotta speak speak have a good day sir yes [Applause] was that all you got not even close hey can I have one Oh check this out dude the Dorito hello more Doritos in here you guys in your sports why don't you boys go outside and chase a cat nacho cheese coming at you and dude that's my mom error she's hot I don't think this is going to work oh it's gonna work alright you want arena down come on roll over come on you got it roll over attack she took your champ [Applause] mr. problem big small white black we're gonna find your dog for you okay this year we noticed a whole lot of dads and puppies in commercials but what about dads love puppies you know puppy dads Doritos set out to fill that gap by reuniting a puppy with his dad and pull your heartstrings in the process meet Doritos we brought him here by saying he had some paperwork to finish he doesn't know it yet but right now in the other room is his puppy meet nacho he doesn't know it but soon he'll be reunited with his puppy dad well so we were kind of hoping more stuff would be happening here but hey still cute I hope you brought the dog treats I've got Doritos you want to treat do your trick and I'll give you one of these Doritos I hope you guys enjoy to this countdown of the funniest Doritos dogs Super Bowl commercials if you did enjoy leave a big thumbs up subscribe for more hilarious top ten videos click another video on the screen right now and leave a comment actually you don't do any of that crap just enjoy it does do what you want and I'll see you next video


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