30 thoughts on “Top 10 Calmest Dog Breeds – Gentle and Easy Going Dogs

  1. Hi to everyone, i have to apologize for including chow chows in this list. It's my fault included them here. I put them because are really calm and lazy inside departments, they rarely damage things etc, but i totally agree with you that are not so friendly with other animals or even owners. Really sorry for misunderstanding.

  2. I grew up with a Penkingese. I always had to make sure the door was closed before I let her see or hear her leash. She'd run me to death for 4 or 5 blocks, but then she'd lay down and I'd have to carry her back home. As near as I can figure she could never remember that the neighbor with the hotdogs was as far away as he was.

  3. I think Bassett Hounds could have also gone on the list. They are very calm and are great with children and other animals.

  4. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is ornery!? My Tricolored used to get my Blenheim all riled up, he was my chill guy. Lost him at age 7 to liver disease. Both were/are snugglers & my tricolor doesn't like every one & let's them know!?He's 8, they're the best dogs!!!??❤

  5. Um, where's the Basset hound? They're happy with a soft bed, plentiful food, and ample time to SLEEP. They can give a teenager a run for their money when it comes to the need to sleep.

  6. I agree with the shi tzu I ahve and yeah sometimes she’s stubborn and won’t respond to her name out of the house she is very sweet loves to be petted extremely peaceful with other animals and she barely barks unless there is a stranger in the street or she needs to go outside eat or needs water

  7. Shih tzus are little assholes. Our Male was chill around my mom and sisters but would freak out on any men near then

  8. I have owned 3 Shi tzus. They were wonderful little dogs, not hyper at all. I also had 2 toy poodles, very laid back gentle dogs

  9. My doberman is extremely calm. She amazes me. Out of all the dog breeds I've had, she's the calmest and protective and always follows me everywhere, and watches me while I mop the floor lol. Recently took her to a large park in my area and parents asked if they could pet her. Kids pet her a lot that day and she didn't bite back. Very calm. I was hoping to see her breed on here. ❤

  10. who comes up this. obviously you didn't talk to any dog trainers. for a bull dog to even be on this list is amazing let alone for any dog to beat out a cavalier. Bull dogs are stubborn and can be territorial and will challenge you as well as the chow chow. most of the breeds on this list are strong willed and stubborn and not at all easy to train. for instance the shihtzu not smart and not really laid back as puppies can be incredibly hard to train if you're not a patient person. on average it will take a shihtzu over 30 times to learn a command versus say a cavalier. and forget about potty training unless you are on top of them 24/7 and crating. you might want to rethink this list you are sending out an unfair, miss representation of these breeds. People do your homework on a breed and make an educated decision on the breed you want don't fall in love with a look you will be disappointed. I see so many people getting puppies because they are cute without understanding the training difficulties. of course there are always the exception but rare. oh by the way dog trainer here of almost 20yrs

  11. While generally true. ALL DOG breeds are only as calm as they've been brought up to be. Most of us know most dogs are a mirror image of the owner (s).

  12. Shih Tzu are NOT calm! My sister has one and he is constantly wanting attention and freaks out if she leaves the house without him.

  13. Lol it’s kinda funny cause I have a shih tzu puppy right next to me and he’s just jumping and running all over the place

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