Top 10 Best Guard Dogs Breeds for Livestock and Poultry Protection

29 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Guard Dogs Breeds for Livestock and Poultry Protection

  1. "Sarplaninac" the real name and origin is from Iliria and dog name is ILLYRIA SHEPHERD. This dog isn't from fuckin serbia.????????????????

  2. I had a sarplaninac and he weighed 195 pounds by the age of 4 and standing up he was 6 foot 3 in.. I believe he could have taken on a wolf or coyote but no bear

  3. A lady had a Komondor up for adoption, free or will be put to sleep. Says that it's becoming too aggressive and snapped at her granddaughter. I called and said that I'm interested explains that it would be used as a guardian for sheep. She says "oh no! This is a house dog, it's not breed for that". I explained to her that's what they are breed to do. Couldn't convince her.

  4. good video but you have mistaken about kangals. all those dogs you put on your video as kangals are aksaray malakli dogs. they are totaly different breed and i can say these are the most dangeres breed in dog's world. people are mixing them up with kangals but they are bigger and stronger. they dond't get a long with other dogs. very protective guards thoue

  5. Hungarian dog breeds should be much more famous. They are very reliable and healthy, and also very unique.

  6. From this video, I'm guessing the smaller breeds like the English Shepherd and the border collie, Australian shepherd, and the like don't quite fit the bill? Please let me know what you think of these breeds? Thank you.

  7. These dogs can destroy pitbulls, but they actually serve a usefull purpose. They're not truly happy unless they're working

  8. Our malamute/Samoyed mix was actually a very good gaurd dog. Kept everything off the property (coyotes, raccoons,etc.), would bark when someone pulled into the yard, and would chase coyote off when they got too close to the property. She patrolled the edge of the pasture, though she did like to roam a bit. We had cows, pigs, horses, rabbits chickens, and cats; she did great with all of them and was protective of them.

  9. Not sure what is meant by 'overprotective' regarding the Komondor. We have known a number of these dogs that did a fine job protecting livestock, and also discouraging unwanted 'visitors', but that were completely relaxed around anyone the owners welcomed to their farms.

  10. The Karakachan dog is literally born to be a LGD. Thousands and thousands of years of generation after generation guarding the protecting the livestock from predators and theft did wonders for the results that breed produces.

  11. I wish I could remember where but I read somewhere that in North America the Great Pyrenees tends to be most popular because they will protect without being quite as aggressive as some other breeds. (Less Reactive) I guess if you are worried about people you want a dog that will give plenty of warning so they can leave before attacking. Now I did see a video about a Rancher up in Canada that had a pack of LGD's on his large Ranch. He said different breeds tended to guard differently so using multiple breeds together worked out well for him.

  12. Weak video. Best dogs for real protecting live stocks are: 1. Caucasian sheperd – very agressive and large dog. 2. Kangal 3. SAO / Alabai

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