Top 10 Animated Dogs in Movies and TV

whoa what oh he belongs to good boy we wish they were real so we could smooch them hug them and Pat their heads speak hi there welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 animated dogs from film and TV they're so darn cute I can hardly stand for this list we've based our entries on those fictional doggy pals that have made a memorable impact in the cartoon world whether it's further amazing wit laid-back demeanor our all-around awesomeness and for the most part they've made us wish we could put an application in at the pound to take them home look I'm so in love with you oh ah number 10 Jake Adventure Time sweet things are gonna start going our way truth be told sometimes we forget Jake is a dog take some bacon and put it in a pancake especially when he's makin bacon pancakes gonna make bacon pancakes and setting his human bro up with princesses okay bro tinfoil's on you can hog now he lives in a treehouse with Finn and as best friends the to get into all sorts of awesome adventures oh it's true man I heard it through a reliable source endlessly loyal to his friends and family this cool pup with magical powers may not always give the best advice you know what that means means he's evil I guess well evil sure but mostly he's unattractive and unattractive people are desperate you should haggle with him but he sure makes a killer sandwich you're the most important part lobster soul number nine the Dalmatians 101 Dalmatians earth for cheap one so many she's gonna make comes out of us Roger and Anita Radcliffe's monthly dog food bill must be astronomical there's tiny nine of us all together diet eat is not even talk about how that house must smell but we can forgive those things because this squad of spotted owls is just so darn precious oh my lucky catch pepper we can hardly believe anyone would want to make a coat out of these adorable little guys but hey everyone has their flaws when can the puppies leave their mother two weeks three weeks never what we're we're we're not not selling the puppet not not not a single single one number eight Clifford the Big Red Dog I'm walking my dog in he's kind of big imagine your surprise when you adopt a small puppy and it grows to the size of a small apartment complex for added WTF factor the dog is also fire engine red what do you do with that why you take the giant dog and move to the country of course Wow that looks like fun fortunately Clifford is also a big old sweetie so the people of Bridwell Island are safe he's also totally devoted to Emily Elizabeth and despite some naivete he also has tons of wisdom to share well Thank You Clifford you're a big girl number seven Lady and the Tramp they're from opposite sides of the tracks but you know what they say about opposites attracting if I chase chickens I should say none and this English cocker spaniel and schnauzer mix isn't gonna let a little thing like animal control get in the way of a plate of spaghetti though the two have quite a few obstacles to overcome the puppy love between Lady and the Tramp ultimately triumphs and yes they end up having adorable puppies together bow-wow indeed Betty now hold it number six snowy The Adventures of Tintin where do be chasing cats again every teen reporter / Globetrotter needs a good canine sidekick you don't have much choice with snowy we've got a dedicated little fox terrier that's always at his owners side and never shied away from danger constantly saving Tintin's life and lusting after bones he'd be just as awesome if he were human look how much is your eyes sir quite good perfect in fact if he were human Tintin probably wouldn't be the series protagonist anymore Oh number five Ryan family guy Ryan look out Family Guy fans collectively wailed when they killed off one of TV's most beloved dogs holy crap what the hell happened to that guy sucked Brian may appear to be just man's best friend in the Griffin family but everyone knows he's actually their equal Wray and sardonic well I am smart and ambitious Ryan has a drinking problem and a thing for human women Brian yeah mom early what happened with your date same thing that always happens she was an idiot meanwhile the fact that he was brought back to life several weeks later serves as a testament to the talking dogs popularity and importance to the show you remise my friend what of course I'm alive what the hell's going on here Brian that car killed you and when it did a little part of me died as well I couldn't live without you so I came back from the future to save your life number four dug up my name is Doug I have just met you and I loved you while up is filled with colorful characters that take us on an unexpected emotional roller coaster ride this little guy pretty much steals the show I could Fork and here's how Lee wearing a collar that allows him to communicate with humans you wanna whoa oh yes I do I do ever so want the ball Doug is enthusiastic loving and easily distracted by squirrels he made me this collar so that I may talk squirrel although he technically belongs to the bad guy he easily defects to the side of the protagonist's and eventually becomes a memorable figure in their adventure now if only someone would develop those talking dog collars already what is you boy would you code acuerdo contigo i use that collar what cost you are punishment you talk with I would be happy if you stop Russell don't touch that number three Snoopy peanuts how should I do it just whirl around and kiss him why not walk sometimes the dog just wants to chill on top of his doghouse and sometimes he wants to roleplay as a flying ace or a cool dude just checking out the scene you know normal dog stuff maybe I can stay at Joe Cool's place hiya Joe mind if I stay here for a while Charlie Brown's pet maybe a dog a few words but he definitely has major personality honestly if it weren't for this floppy eared Barker peanuts probably wouldn't be as much fun how can you not love a dog who plays sports loves human food and can dance number two Pluto Walt Disney Productions yes it's a little odd that goofy is a dog but can somehow walk upright and talk while Pluto can only really show emotion through his facial expressions but Mickey's favorite pet is a mouse's best friend who sticks with his master through all their innocent and family-friendly adventures he's pretty much always happy though he has had the occasional moment of panic or fright but for the most part Pluto is the kind of dog that is sure to lift your spirits and knows exactly how to make you laugh before we take our top pick for a walk here are a few honorable mentions hey slinky right here please I'm ready to sign no blink oh well alright you can be ready but no not not now sling oh no you don't know no get away from me Oh Oh can we keep him dad please but he's a loser he's pathetic he's a Simpson what is it Odie okay I'm coming now do a tailspin Astro yeah ready go oh he's cute number one scooby-doo the scooby-doo franchise though this great dane is famous for his cowardly demeanor he also serves as moral support for Fred Daphne Velma and Shaggy during their mystery solving operations and this is important when you're traveling in a band with crime-fighting teens and you have a slacker for a best friend don't tell me you're scared me scared all right don't be silly then why are you biting Scooby's nails sure scooby-doo is a huge goofy dog who seems to constantly eat and get in trouble but some way somehow he always manages to save the day you gotta love him mmm good moley Scooby great going scooby-doo that's the way to do it oh boy school hey Scooby you're some company do you agree with our list what's your favorite animated dog so we keep on please quickly know what is it clapping dog for more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to mission accomplished that's a keeper

39 thoughts on “Top 10 Animated Dogs in Movies and TV

  1. As a recent revelation of science, Pluto is no longer a dog, nor is it a planet… it's more of an amoeba

  2. Where is Marmaduke?
    Where is Huckleberry Hound?
    Where is Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas?
    Where is Courage the cowardly dog?
    What about Rover from Rover Dangerfield?
    WHat about Copper form Fox and the Hound?
    Where are the ROAD ROVERS??

  3. My Top Favorite Dog Characters of All-Time
    1. Dynomutt (Dynomutt, Dog Wonder)
    2. Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)
    3. Snoopy (The Peanuts)
    4. Mr. Peabody (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)
    4. Pluto (Disney)

  4. My List:
    10.Jake The Dog
    2.Pluto & Goofy
    My Mentions Kipper Slingy Odie Lady & Tramp Bolt Ren Gromit
    1.Scooby Doo!!!

  5. why is 1947 listed here as the origin for Tintin? Tintin made his debut in 1929, then is when the first story came. i know this since im a big Tintin fan

  6. Yay, I love Pluto! I think Bolt deserves to be there too. I saw that Jake and Scooby Doo are both in a certain LEGO crossover video game. I don't know if there's any other animated dogs out there. Unless the PAW Patrol pups count.

  7. My list
    10. Zero (nightmare before Christmas)
    9. Slinky
    8. Ploto
    7. Snoopy
    6. Bolt
    5. Dug
    4. 101 Dalmatians
    3. Peter puppy! (Earth work Jim)
    2. Lady and the Tramp!!
    1. Scooby Doo!!!

  8. Is there a list of Top 10 Animated Cats in Movies and TV? I see a list for cats in movies, but that's not the same. I'd be felying if I said I didn't want a new list of cats!

  9. I have only just watched this list and I love it! It is full of funny dogs that might just- SQUIRREL! be my friends. And because of Dug, the phrase "Cone of Shame" has entered the common vernacular, and that alone is worth celebrating.

    Also, did anyone else catch that Penny from Bolt uses a Polaroid camera? Those things were already obsolete when the movie came out, which makes it some pretty cool retro tech. I miss watching the pictures develop…

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