Top 10 animal rescues – 6 years Takis Shelter

100 thoughts on “Top 10 animal rescues – 6 years Takis Shelter

  1. You had a big heart. I've never seen human like you. I don't have words for this. I'm only crying. Thank you for that!!

  2. This guy has the biggest heart I have ever seen animals have a instinct with people and the trust they are showing is amazing. I can't believe that people do this to there animals ? Takis deserves a medal and is my hero

  3. Дай Бог здоровья и долгих лет жизни человеку с большой буквы!!!

  4. Precisamos de pessoas de bom coração como esse homem . Ele tem um ser muito generoso com os cães sofridos , negligenciados pelas pessoas . Que Deus o abençoe sempre….

  5. People need to STOP telling Takis to put the animals down. Don't you understand what he is doing???? He is giving them a second chance so they can feel love, respect, warmth, kindness. Even if it's for a short time, it doesn't matter. They died knowing they meant something to somebody

  6. Tus videos me encantan a la vez que me emocionan, yo creo que eres el hombre más bueno que existe. Gracias Takis!

  7. bless you all at takis shelter. I cant believe how some people treat animals it makes me sick. you are giving them a second chance and diginty for those animals who had a tough life and are coming to the end. a chance to know what love is after their trauma. as long as they are in no pain i see no reason to put them to sleep, as long as the animal is happy

  8. Takis is a literal saint. He sees beyond what's physical to the eye and makes his decisions based of what he see in the dogs emotionally. IF they want to live he helps them. The people telling Takis to kill the dogs he was helping are complete idiots.

  9. You keep doing what you're doing. Don't worry about what those dipshits say. " You would be prosecuted in the U.K " . Maybe focus on the scumbags that would do these things to animals not the guy that's showing them some love and a reason to live. Dumb-ass pole smoking Britt

  10. Neighbours who did nothing. Just heard the dog crying hanging from a tree and did nothing for 3 days. ???????????? They should be ASHAMED of themselves – can't call themselves human.

  11. 강아지들 너무 불쌍하네요 버려진 아이들 다치거나 굶어서 뼈밖에 안보이는 아이들 너무 불쌍해요ㅠㅠ

  12. I can’t believe what people do to animals
    But thank goodness takis is one of the kindest people in the world
    People should be ashamed of themselves?

  13. Can someone please give this a man more subscribers and views. It will help a lot to hes shelter and to more animals he will rescue.

  14. Мои же Вы дорогие , люди, я восхищаюсь Вами , благодарю Вас , за такие чудеса. Кто , кто хочет узнать , что такое чудеса, смотрите . То, что Вы творите , это самое ценное…..низкий Вам поклон ….

  15. Huge respect to you sir, you really are doing God's work. How can anyone call themselves human and skin that poor little dog?

  16. I just cannot understand how anyone would do the awful things to these loving and innocent animals. What part of the world is this filmed in? Are there no laws against abuse of animals?

  17. Damn, I like this this guy alot. He is a hero in my eyes. Thank you, Takis for helping those dogs. And I hope those lesser humans gets something worse that's coming their way.

  18. Quantos animais foram tirados do sofrimento. Graças a Deus, existem pessoas que ajudam estes inocentes. Que recebam suas recompensas pelo bem que fazem.

  19. God bless you Takis, you truly are an earth angel.
    Thank you for helping all these beautiful beings.
    Much love, many blessings.

  20. Благодарю вас за то что вы есть добрые люди с добрым сердцем ?✌??))

  21. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever heard of ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thank u so much for saving them !!!! You are an incredible person and a role-model !! ???

  22. Takis , what a wonderful person you are, your love and kindness for animals is inspiring, please continue in all your efforts. It touches the hearts of many .

  23. Thank Takis for all his hard work and saving these animals, without him they would live a sad life and die because of these bad, disgusting humans who hate the animals and earth.

  24. У вас огромное сердце! Дай Бог вам прожить 1000 лет. Вы нужны этой планете!

  25. Buddy's story broke me. He was such a friendly dog and it made me cry hearing about how quickly he died afterwards. Rest in peace little angel <3

  26. Говорят же самый лучше создания это человек спосибо вам всем что вы есть за таких как вы людей душа радуется???

  27. Noone knows Black but Takis. And people eeally think they can judge about a live?
    I feel that people like Takis have that deep sense and the feeling for dogs and chances.

    And sometimes is the reason, that you want to try everything for this one dog, that its the first time in their life that someone cares about them.
    Sometimes it is so deep in your heart, that you want to make them feel the Love before they go.

    If you are not his vet or dont know this dog. Never judge.

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