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After getting a new copy of Animal Crossing New leaf, I played through the tutorial and
payback portion of the game quickly, it was very surprising. So with the free time this gave me I decided
to explore, what I found was a neighbor named reaper that was building a house next to mine. But for ages the only thing I saw was the
front entrance to his house. I had to go to bed so I saved the game and
left the game, but when I came back the next day the townsfolk were sad, saying that a
character named Deli had gone missing. One by one other neighbors started going missing
as the reapers home was being built, and when I would check the missing people’s homes,
they were all destroyed. When I saved again, a cloaked figure would
poke his head out the Reaper’s door, this happened every time I saved. Things kept getting worse, so assuming that
this reaper was the cause I decided to confront him. Upon entering the home I was shocked to see
dismembered limbs. The arms and legs of my neighbors were hanging
on the walls. The door behind me shut and then I saw the
reaper standing in front of me. 9 New Leaf Alien
I borrowed a copy of animal crossing New Lead from a friend, when I got it I ran home to
play it on my 3ds. By the time I got home it was 10pm, so I decided
to instead go to sleep. But after waking up to use the bathroom I
couldn’t get back to it, so I decided to play New Leaf to put me back to sleep. After 2 hours I finished the basics, I moved
into town, named him Rasputin Jerkface. But my character had moved on his own, I assumed
it was me just tapping the screen by accident, so I disregarded it and continued on. After collecting some fruit for nook I decided
to try out the TV. It was 3:33 am and suddenly an alien showed
up on screen. The alien started speaking gibberish and showed
text that said *one shall die soon, one child will give enough energy to power your life
for a while. Then the whole game went static and shut down. I decided that was a good time to go to sleep,
but later that week I decided to try again. The alien on the tv instead said *it must
be done, I cant go back now* and then shut the game down again. I restarted the game and nobody was in down,
I check all their houses but they all had gravestones daying *it has been done*. Later that day I returned the game to my friend,
but he wasn’t home. And on the news that night they had a story
about a man found dead in his house, showing a picture of my friend, who had a note saying
it has been done. 8 The Corrupter
It was Christmas in 2008, my sister had just gotten City Folk and she was ecstatic. She started a new town at 8am and didn’t
suspect anything. 6 years later I found that game, I hadn’t
played since like 2012 but figured since I had been playing New leaf I might as well
have a throw back. I set up my old wii and threw it in, but when
I saw my character they were angry. He ended up speaking, yelling *THAT FOOL!*
I started sweating, everyone in the town was telling me *Zach, you gotta go! You’re gonna get killed!* I saved and quit
and went to put the game away, but I saw the cover, which had Nook having red eyes and
an axe. The cover had never been like that before,
So I put the game back in to try and find the culprit. I confronted nook and he told me if I left
he would destroy the axe, when I saved and quit the cover had changed again. But not to what I was expecting. 7 You Did This
When I loaded up my game, I knew something was up. The background was inverted with black and
red, and the game chose a home for me. There were also no animals running around,
or even music. Then a random text box appeared with 3 options. Run, away and now. I picked run and suddenly my character appeared. I started walking and another text box appeared
saying they’re all gone. The screen then flashed white and transported
me to Nook’s shop. Going inside I saw nook laying on the table,
with a knife sticking out of his stomach. I screamed, and the game responded, saying
*why are you frightened? You did this*The screen then started flashing
black and red, as it showed me that everyone else in town had suffered the same fate as
tom. My character then turned to me, saying he
wished I had never seen this, and that I should burn the disk for our sake. I tried, I deleted the game but I couldn’t
eject the disk. Instead the wii started smoking and the screen
flashed over all the dead neighbors. As it did a text box appeared that told me
remember, you did this. 6 Burn With Them
I got a copy of animal crossing at my nearby gamestop, the previous owner was a girl who
had perished in a fire a year prior. Somehow the game had been preserved throught
the fire, and the family figured they would get rid of it, since it was a reminder of
how their daughter was addicted to the game. I was also addicted to playing and has lost
my old copy, so I figured I’d pick it up anyway. When I got home, I saw the game could continue,
so I clicked it but everything was a mess. And in the mailbox there was a real letter
from someone named Sadie, it said my world is a mess, can you fix it. Nobody in the game had that name, so I assumed
it was the girl who died. I got creeped out so I restarted the game
and got rid of that save. I played for a bit, then went to sleep. And when I got home from school the next day
I saw my sister talking to my ds. She turned to me and said Sadie is mad at
you, and that we will end up like her if we don’t fix her world. I looked it up and found a news article about
the fire. There was an electrical issue that caused
the house to engulf in flames. The mother bashed on the door to Sadie’s
bedroom, but she could only hear her talking about the game. The only thing that survived the fire was
the game. If you find this copy 3 dead girls now haunt
the game, and if you play it, you need to play it every day. Or else you’ll burn with them. 5 Dead Leaf
I used to be a huge fan of animal crossing, but not anymore. Let me tell you why. My cousin and I lived together, my mother
and her brother were doing this for financial reasons. Luckily we were moving into a new home, and
we were super excited. It was a very nice house. We found a box under a bed, that inside had
a 3ds case with a game and piece of paper inside. The paper said that the game had been cursed,
and that we should destroy it rather than play it. But it was animal crossing new leaf! It was one of my favorite games! So I loaded It onto my 2ds xl, but new leaf
was replaced with dead leaf on the title screen. We pressed start, and we played with the town
already there, there were 2 villagers, called jack and tom. I think they were the ones who left the message. We looked around town, but everyone was dead. One of the only people left was isabelle,
who said she was miserable and going to end her life. She died by hanging later that day. Somehow we ran into another villager, who
approached us and asked if we were happy. We said no, to which he responded you really
hate my world? We said yes and then he got hyper realistic
eyes and yelled YOU MUST DIE! YOU INSULTED ME AND MY WORLD OF DEATH! LOOK BEHIND YOU John and Harold! We didn’t know how he knew our names, but
there is no way in hell we brought that copy with us. 4 Welcome To Camp
When I get to camp, it turns out that the director has set up a special cabin for me,
but when I get inside, there is no toilet, no sink, not even a goddamn chair. Then I meet the man himself outside, where
he tells me that even though he set it up, I bought the house and need to pay him back. So I need to work at his sweatshop in order
to make up for it. I thought this was a camp? Why did I buy a house and have to work a part
time job! I tried telling Nook that im just an 8 year
old on vacation that never bought a house, but that doesn’t go over well. He starts losing it! He took his a uniform and threw it in my face,
telling me to put it on and pay him back or he would gut me like a fish. I put it on and head outside, but the game
had lost a lot of color. Tom then started following me, making sure
I did my job. And if I even moved an inch off track, he
would screech at me to get back to work. This is my life now, welcome to camp I guess. 3 Alien Invasion
I had just gotten a Tv for my house. And by the time it was working it was 3:32
am in game. I turned it on and only got static. But the moment it hit 3:33 an alien popped
up on screen. He started speaking gibberish, but a text
box said that he was coming. That he’d be there tomorrow. And if you saw that message we should prepare
for his arrival. He was right, that afternoon he showed up
and went total ape crap. He was screaming about a red carpet and how
we hadn’t prepared for his arrival. Then he took out what I can only describe
as a phaser and began blasting everyone in the town. I ran to hide inside someones house, but I
could hear the phaser blasting outside. Eventually he came in, and looked at me. He said he knows I was the one to see the
message and that I should have done more. I saw him charge the phaser, but then the
ds shut off. 2 Gyroid
What If I told you that animal crossing prepared us for death? Well when playing the game, you save at fire
hydrants outside of your home called Gyroids. And while their purpose in game is to save,
their history in our world is so incredibly dark and grim it makes me reconsider the point
of these hydrants. Gyroids are based on Haniwa, clay figures
used in Japanese funerals. They work like headstones and were believed
to contain the soul of the deceased. This is true in animal crossing. After saving my game and closing, I remembered
I forgot to do something so I relaunched immediately. The game when loaded was in back and white
and the world was not the same as when I left it. I was in there with all the character, and
when I talk to any of them, they just wail as if they’re ghosts. Which makes me realize that im in purgatory,
and that every time you save you send your soul to the devil as payment for your life
and satan sends it back up every time you load, unless you do it too quickly. 1 King Tut
In animal crossing, you’re able to customize your clothing. Its been a staple of the series for as long
as I can remember. But one of the items is cursed, the King Tut
Mask is part of the Egyptian look, but is guaranteed to bring out as much bad luck as
possible. While wearing it you will constantly trip,
drop floating items and bugs will constantly attack you. The mask is constantly trying to kill you,
and if it ends up doing so everything will be wiped from your game, causing you to restart. That’s if it doesn’t corrupt the save. There we have it friends the top 10 animal
crossing creepypastas, are therye any creepypastas you like on this list or any that I missed? Let me know below-

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