Top 10 Amazing Pet Toys & Gadgets You | Must See in 2019

introducing Pucci a dog parents dream place Pucci on your dog's tail before you go out on your walk and Winnie is ready to poop the droppings will fall directly into the collection Bank when your dog is finished pooping just unclip the bag and throw it away with no mess and no leakage guaranteed we love our dogs but don't love cleaning up after them [Applause] when you can't be with the one you love Peck you bytes can just fill up with your best friend's favorite treats so when you leave playtime begins with built-in to a speaker and microphone you can talk to anterior pet or practice that fancy new trick you've been working on and if I may a sit fling a treat now that's a good boy they're there for us waiting be there for them too with scheduled treat times they'll know that the one they love is just around the corner and you'll know they're taken care of until you can be with your pet again we'll be here helping make homecomings even sweeter and sharing love from far heck you designed for happy reunion designs for pet parents introducing easy play the world's first interactive pet toy that ensures you're never too far away from your pet no matter where you are you love your pet they're your buddy they're your friend you'd spend all your time with them if you could but you can't there's work obligations there are times when they can't tag along while you're away they get bored when they're bored they're not active if they're not active they're not fit and that's not good what if your pet could play even while you're away enter easy play the world's first interactive pet toy that ensures you're never too far away from your pet no matter where you are easy play works over Wi-Fi with your wireless network the full-featured smartphone app lets you control reward see and hear your pet from anywhere the built-in live-streaming camera and two-way speaker lets you see hear and communicate with your pet and easy play features activity tracking via its motion sensor keeping track of how active your pet is when you're not home at the end of your day you return to a friend who's been active and occupied in your absence making them happier and healthier thanks to easy play the world's first pet toy that allows you to control reward and stream from anywhere take your trust to the next level with findstr duo you can finally give your pet the freedom he needs while keeping your peace of mind a tiny and smart wearable device helps you care for that best friend of using high-precision GPS technology to track their location in real-time practical and easy-to-use findstr lets you stay connected even when you're away share access to your pets with your family and friends and monitor their safety from anywhere the virtual leash has an extra layer of protection during your walks insuring your pet keeps up with you at all times love is a full-time job but sometimes life gets in the way findstr helps you stay one step ahead even when mr. tail wag are decides to go on his little solo expeditions findstr is the extra set of eyes you've always wanted to have but instead of helping you look it guides you right to your pet's location but going out with your little buddy is also about sharing new adventures and celebrating your unique bond challenges and leaderboards are available because fun should always be a part of the experience revisit your walks or analyze your performance findstr helps you guarantee you're both getting the most out of your activities it also provides you with key data to make sure your bestfriends needs are always attended to like any pet owner we worry about our bus when we leave for the day that's where Peggy comes in so you can keep the fun going and going use the app to drive a remote to interact with your pet even when you're not there with a frame made from durable polycarbonate heavy can go anywhere slobber no problem in a scratch using the motion sensor collar heavy is able to track your dog's activity and give you final information about her mobility and health in the palm of your hand and when you're done playing just place Pepe and it's wireless charging Bay and it plugs itself in heavy was designed to be a powerful customizable tool for pet owners on the go who still want to be actively engaged with their pets and stay on top of their pets health penny comes equipped with a wide-angle camera to capture every moment in glorious stabilized HD easily share footage on social media and keep your pet guessing with built-in lasers that pets will love helmut is a home monitor that has changed our life with so many features including smart alerts night vision a 360 degree pan and a 70 degree tilt we have an insight at what's happening at home at any time helmets full HD camera with mic and speaker allows me to keep connected with my kids while helmets air sensor allows me to track the air quality at home when a sound or motion is detected helmet sends me alerts straight to my phone public moments on the I fam care app lets me share my favorite moments with family and friends or even with the public I can also comment on and like photos and videos that are shared by others but most importantly helmet makes us feel safe when we're out it alerts us when there's any suspicious sound or movement or if the air becomes unhealthy life is definitely easier with helmet we simply love it you

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  2. Okay most things are cool but that duck beak is really dangerous! It can harm your dog, ask the vet if dog should wear one. The vet will give you the size depending on breed and will know how strong should it be. Please ask the vet don't buy from net!

  3. 7 videos with just dogs and 3 with dogs and cats more a dog gaget video

    I love dogs ok noting bad with most dogs but just saging

    De duck wan was relly bad dont do soo ro a dog ok ??????????

  4. 6:38 : This gadget is probably been invented by a mentally sick! And one has to be mentally sick as well to buy it.

  5. I don't get why they are torturing the dog with the duck mouth? Are we supposed to ridicule the hound as punishment? SHAME SHAME SHAME

  6. Aww poor dogies! They look so sad when the people put the duck mouths on. What is even the point?! ?

  7. Most of this is just sad. Do't get a dog if you have to leave it alone with a piece of plastic. What kind of life is that?

  8. Wtf?! Who the hell puts a rubber duckie PLASTIC mouth on their pet AND they even film their dogs using it doing their everyday routine ….. Look i know it looks cute (somehow for other people) but please for your does sakes…. DON'T FREAKING BUY IT!

  9. Oh my god the poor dogs can’t even pant to cool themselves down or eat or drink. Animal abuse. Whoever bought this product is a sad human. Humans would go crazyyy if someone done that to them. Do not buy this product, honestly!!

  10. Aw the dogs in all the other things looked so happy then you get to the duck piece and he looks so sad ? my heart broke ❤️?

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