Top 10 Adorable & Funny Christmas Adverts w/Puppies & Kittens (Cute Dogs & Cats Commercials)

[Applause] [Applause] many dinner times that go on a day just like any other under humble tree I arrived humans came to see me from faraway places this holiday became known as the season of good dog they would honor me with a tree for my love of sticks balls for my love of fetch and paper for my love of wrapping year after year after year the world would celebrate the season of good dog and it was good until one year everything changed as always the world was getting ready and stuff but not as always wal K went a different way that was when I first met ah that night I couldn't sleep and it wasn't cats this time what if the season of good dog became the season of all no one would sober that but they the morning of the holiday I couldn't eat bite it and that's when I saw the true meaning of the holiday this wasn't about good dog how could it be this was about good dogs what am I gonna do maybe love me siren seems to be the hardest word it's time with the south Pizza always seems to need sorry to be I'd like to know your name show you what I'm all about you can do the same I'd like to know me I would like to be from our family to yours Petsmart for the love of pets it's [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] there is nothing we enjoy more than sharing the holiday season with friends and family but one little friend is often left out so this year Caesar wanted to put that right by putting them in charge introducing Caesar twinning the sweater collection designed by dogs in our purpose-built doggie design studio three different dogs got to create a sweater for themselves and their owner the dogs designed every element starting with the color tunnel where the dogs speed selected the base color midnight blue good choice sir the icons were picked by measuring the velocity of the designers tail measured in wax per minute the path the dogs took through the bull pit to find the sweater layer good boy their barks were turned into woof waves that was stitched down the sleeves and finally the high jump selecting their accompanying color with the creative canines having finished their designs we put the matching sweater sets into production fueled by running jumping wagging and barking they created three unique sweater sets for one unique holiday experience now that's twinning enter to win your sweater set at Caesar calm / twinning

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Adorable & Funny Christmas Adverts w/Puppies & Kittens (Cute Dogs & Cats Commercials)

  1. Merry Christmas! I hope this video brings you a smile!

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  2. So where are the ……. Staffordshire, English bull terriers in this video Oh yes the PIT BULL too ……???

  3. Thank you so much for this,, last one was so moving, also John Lewis one which you couldn’t show, but saw it the day it was issued, again , thank you, and, Merry Christmas to all!

  4. I liked the sweater one. But it would have too be changed for winter design in Australia. Because our xmas are hot not cold. Dogs would over heat in that for the time of year.☃?

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