Tooth Decay / Cavities / Dental Caries

Take a look inside your mouth at the big
molar teeth in the back. Do you see those deep grooves on the tops and sides?
That’s one of the most common places for tooth decay (or dental caries) to begin.
You can help prevent cavities from developing by brushing after meals and
snacks at least twice daily for two full minutes. Try to cut back on sugary snacks,
soda pop, and sports and energy drinks. Otherwise, what’s going on in these teeth
could happen to yours. If food deposits are allowed to stay in the pits and
fissures of the teeth, bacterial acids and enzymes can dissolve away the enamel.
Acids from food and drink can also directly dissolve enamel. Here’s another
place where bacterial plaque accumulates: on the sides of the teeth, along the gums,
and between the teeth. That’s why it’s so important to brush the sides of our
teeth as well as the tops, angling the bristle tips beneath the gums – and then
flossing between the teeth every day to get rid of the fuzzy plaque. If it’s
allowed to remain between the teeth, you may develop cavities on the
interproximal surfaces, which require the removal of more healthy tooth structure
to fix. It’s also where most gum disease begins.

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