Tony's Preview: James Corden on 'Cats' and the Royal Family

okay tell me everything about the opening number I can't tell you everything but I can tell you that it's as it stands right now a potential disaster [Laughter] I'm not flying there is no flying but it's it's it's ambitious you know look we want to make a we want to make an opening that is that tells people there's a show and it's happening and it's live and it's now you know and and you know these this is a room of I think per square meter the most talented people on planet earth and we're gonna try and celebrate them as best we can you know but it is it is ambitious there's no denying it it's there a part where you like are we really gonna do this or am I gonna fall on my ass Oh every second every minute thanks for reminding me of that I really appreciate it that is the entire feeling I couldn't sleep two nights ago I did not sleep and my wife woke up by like 4:00 a.m. and she was like babe what you doing I was like this is I did this is I'm what if I fall over what if what if I can't do it you know but that's why you do it you got to try and and if you know I don't know I'd rather regret doing something than not doing something you know do you have a favorite musical this year about ask you that for sure I really well yeah I really really enjoyed that musical the prom I loved it so much I think it's really really hard to make a show that is about something has meaning and is funny and they pulled that off with aplomb that the entire cast is incredible and I just I loved every second of it if I my favorite song from oh and Berry's going to the prom and you know that song now go there's a line where he says he says I know it's been years I might call my mom and tell her tell her that though it's over do all of my waiting is overdue and if you're not happy then I'm over you because Barry's going to the prom and night it's beautiful it's emotional it's beautiful it's a beautiful performance Barbara and it's great and I love and there's a play called the ferryman by MJ's Butterworth which I I think he's I look I think he's one of the best living writers playwrights right now and and that experience of watching that play I didn't see it hearing you I saw it in London it floored me absolutely floored me so you're going to London with the show again so who are you gonna have Megan Prince Harry William K then all of them they're all be there you put in the request come on you have wind's coming out the Queen's gonna ambush the mono it's gonna be like the opening of the Olympics no we don't even ask on a talk show it's crazy it's on Instagram that's a different thing no listen if they want to that's great but we're not gonna put anyone in a position where they might you know feel they have to do such a thing and one last question cats yes so is it gonna be your face how is this I'm very confused you're confused imagine being a cat you're confused I mean we did a day on cats where it was we had we had two days where it was myself rebel Wilson Idris Elba Taylor Swift Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen filming in the same scene and we're all pretending to be cats and there is a very definite moment where you don't know if you're high or not like I eat some gummies at lunch is that just marijuana because this is this is you know it's right up there with the strangest experiences you could ever have but my god one of the best I've never ever enjoyed something as much as I enjoyed filming that film like Tom Hooper what he's what he's done well he I think he's going to do I think he's a level of Technology and a level of cinema that III don't think it's ever been done before I don't think it's ever been used before and to be part of it to be there is is incredible it really really is loved every second playing a cat with Judi Dench that's [Laughter] you

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