Tommy’s Dwarf Hotot Rabbit | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to talk
to kids about their animals. These are pretty cute, aren’t they? So, Tommy, how long have
you had this rabbit? About a year and a half. Oh, really? What’s his name? Little Bit. Little
Bit, that’s good. Now, is this your first rabbit show? Yes. Wow. What breed is this?
Dwarf Hotot. Dwarf Hotot. Look at those eyes. And so, the judge just went through and did
the judging, and you got 4th place. That’s pretty good for a first-timer. You happy with
it? Yeah. That’s good. Look at it, he’s tucking his head down in your arm. Is he trying to
hide? That’s what they kinda do–where they don’t get frustrated or anything. Yeah, yeah.
So when they get a little nervous, they try and tuck their head? Yeah, and that’s how
you’re supposed to keep them when you walk, where you can’t see anything. Do Dwarf Hotot’s
come in any other color? No, besides the ring right here, it can be chocolate. Oh, it can
be chocolate? But that’s a black ring around the eye. Wow, that’s beautiful. So their ears
a really tiny, aren’t they? Yeah, kinda. Some rabbits even have smaller ears than that,
don’t they? Yeah, one of the other competitors had a Dwarf Hotot with really tiny ears. Little
tiny ears. But I think the judge–I heard the judge say your rabbit has ear length was
just about right for the breed. Well, Tommy, thank you for showing a little bit to me.
Congratulations. You’re welcome. Keep up the good work. Hey, what’s there not to love about
a bunny rabbit? If you’re enjoying these Farm Raised segments, check-in with us regularly.
And make sure you subscribe to eHow Pets. Right? You have, haven’t you? Yeah, see? Yeah.

4 thoughts on “Tommy’s Dwarf Hotot Rabbit | Farm Raised With P. Allen Smith

  1. I use to raise and show rabbits myself when I was in school. I am 40 years old and have just an indoor pet rabbit that I just love but have learned the way of caring for them since my time showing has really changed or I just didn't have all the right info! I didn't feed my rabbits hay when I was showing only fed them pellets and an occasional veggie as a treat! Also I kept rabbits in out door hutches and didn't consider a lot of the bad things this causes to my pets then and I am sure that is why their life span was so short. I just thought they were short lived animals, not true!

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