Tomcat Rat Snap Trap How To Set It Does it Work- Easiest To Set Mouse Trap

Tomcat Rat Snap Traps how to set tomcat rat trap does tomcat rat trap work hi it’s AlaskaGranny I enjoy spending
some of the winter months down in the Sonoran Desert one of the problems is
the abundance of fruit trees citrus trees draws in rats keeping rats out of
your yard and from climbing on your roof or damaging things around your house can
be a challenge I discovered the best easiest and safest rat trap to set is a
rat trap by Tomcat the Tomcat rat trap has a solid plastic case it’s easy to
set because you put your fingers behind it and you could just squeeze it down
and it’s set snip open the package remove the zip tie then squeeze down on
the trap open it carefully and remove the cardboard wrapper but be careful not
to pinch your fingers in the part that’s holding the wrapper now you can see that
there’s a little toggle and that’s what holds the trap open when you’re ready to
set the rat trap you push down on it close it and it’s ready to go it’s now
easy to move around you can set it where you want it but you need to be very
careful that you don’t put your fingers into the opening because it could cause
you some severe injury look how strong this trap is another feature of the
Tomcat rat trap is the bait cup you can remove it from the bottom it’s a little
cup and you can put your bait in it and screw it back in from underneath you
don’t need to put your fingers into the mechanism at all then it’s like a no
failed trap you don’t have any little tiny wires or little gadgets that need
to be set just right while you move it around you just need to put your bait in
it squeeze it and it’s set then you put it out where you have seen
rats around in your yard or place them perpendicular to walls with so that the
when they’re running along they get caught into it they don’t have to go
into the front or the back of it they go right through the middle of it some of
the baits that I’ve had very good luck with have included peanut butter hot
dogs and even leftover burritos here’s a few of the success stories take care where you place your rat traps
because you don’t want to catch into anyone’s pets or children and also if
you have birds in your yard wait to put it out after dark the rats come out at
night and the birds go to bed settle when it gets dark or when you’re going
to bed and then check them first thing in the
morning and you may find that you have just as much success as I did after you
catch a rat you can just squeeze it open dispose of your rat and you can use it
over and over again this Tomcat rat trap is like the jaws of death is the
strongest rat trap best using easiest to set and I’m a real fan of it all kinds
of traps work but this one is simple to use and very effective try the Tomcat
rat trap if you have problems with rats in your area learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

10 thoughts on “Tomcat Rat Snap Trap How To Set It Does it Work- Easiest To Set Mouse Trap

  1. We have been buying this brand for a few years. We don't have problems with rats but the mouse trap is awesome!

  2. HEH burrito! Thanks for the vid, the Tomcat website is kind of light on information.
    We found rat poop in the garage, and got two of these snap traps that I shall deploy tonight.
    Beautiful ring, btw!

  3. Yeah, they don't work. I'll stick with Victor. I purchased mine years ago when they were industrial strength. Garbage now. The rats will go in from the side and not set the trap off, as a result, no kill.

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