Tom Cotter Chats About Simon Cowell Hitting The Buzzer – America's Got Talent: The Champions

hi everybody I'm Tom Cotter and I was the runner up on season seven of America's Got Talent after season seven my life was just whirlwind well first we did the four months in Vegas because we did the live show and then after that I just started touring like a madman and I was doing gigs that I had always dreamed of doing that had never been available to me until I was on the biggest stage in the world tonight I came with a family material because all the judges have children I was a little worried because my style of comedy has a lot of double entendre and innuendo so I was worried that Heidi might not like it but I was shocked to find out that Heidi loved it Simon didn't like it Simon gave me my first ex ever in the history for me on America's Got now the doctor said to me have you ever witnessed childbirth before and I said yeah but it was a long time ago and it was from the inside so Wow all deference in respect to the other three judges they're all great obviously what how he says to me means the most why because he was my idol before I uttered my first joke I always loved how he's act but how he says obviously resonates the most with me Tom I surely believe you you're a champion I truly believe that you are a very slick well seasoned comic but as many people as love you there are people that don't like you but the beauty here is now it's up to those 50 states and those super fans and if they're laughing they can vote you through it doesn't make it any less it just shows you how tough this competition is sure hi I'm Howie Mandel Thank You YouTube Watchers and people if you want to continue to watch more of this it's click below

37 thoughts on “Tom Cotter Chats About Simon Cowell Hitting The Buzzer – America's Got Talent: The Champions

  1. Truly you did not deserve that buzzer, I strongly disagree with Simon, you were just as funny as Preacher and way funnier than Vicky and Samuel

  2. I went to his show in Vegas some odd years ago after he got runner up, and I remember him making me cry of laughter. He’s a great comedian, he just flaked one night. I feel bad for him cause I know he can do so much better

  3. im shocked why there was a buzzing?? it's crazy!!! he is awesome.. the other comedies are simple.. I guess Simon is just offended because he didn't like the dog being involve in a bad way.. but he is really funny and great delivery.. simple but witty

  4. Simon pressed again for Regurgitator while he swallowed a razor blade… Red buzzers shouldn't be aloud in champions to let the act concentration and not stress out even more…

  5. This guy is one of the best comedians I've ever seen in a short format partly because of the amount of great jokes he gets out in a short amount of time and for how good the material is..simon is way off the mark with his opinion here

  6. What a great sport and class act man! I indeed hope America votes you through to the finals! Simon then can go suck it!

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  8. I love his style of comedy! Way better then Sam Comroe or however you spell his name (sorry ?) He was funnier on his season! He definitely didn't deserve that buzzer!

  9. Is this the final season for AGT / BGT ? Just wondering….seeing they are having a show featuring all the champions

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  11. You didn't deserve that buzzer… Howie is right,many people will love you just a smaaall percent doesn't. You are a great comedian

  12. It was VERY apparent that Simon had a favorite. Hitting the buzzer was SO SHAMEFUL and INAPPROPRIATE.

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