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Welcome to ToyStation. Cam Cam also welcome all of you! Today on ToyStation,there will be another topic about Tokidoki But a completely new toy line. This is Tokidoki: Cactus Pets. The name of the toy line sounds really weird and cute Why is it “Animal” but also “Cactus”? That’s right Cam Cam
Tokidoki always brings us amazing, funny ideas. Like the previous toy lines that I’ve introduced on ToyStation such as Moofia or Unicomo And it looks like you guys really like Tokidoki So recently, I’ve deliberately hunted a new line of toys to introduce to you. hihihi you’re making me curious brother! I do not know if these toys are as cute as those ones before Ok if you want to know Cam Cam, please move aside a litte bit! ok here we have 8 boxes of Cactus Pets in total And of course today, I’ll open it all This is a very cute box
Looks like a lunch box There is a handle on the top And covered with a green tone This is the front of the box
As we see a Cat face which is scowling Around there are many other Pets There are turtle, puppy, frog and fish Wow do not know if these are the characters that we can open? On the side
Wow there is Donutella as well This is also another toy line of Tokidoki
and Khoai Tay will open in the future Well, behind is the story of this toy line Later, we will read this story together. Wow looks like these are the Pets we will open Ah I like this frog Hopefully, we will be able to open it in this episode, if not we’ll have to wait for such a long time Now I will open this box first to see how this toy line will look like Woo the design inside the box is also very cool A black tone has a lot of details and pictures inside Wow so good! Oh I just found out. This is not a lunch box. This is a box for pet when we buy from the store, something like that. when pets are inside, they will be able to see the outside world There is one outside are looking in Thourgh this window they can see the sky There is a lot of food and junk inside This is a very familiar silver bag of Tokidoki For those who have not watched the previous episode about Tokidoki toys You can click on the link below in the description And now, let’s see
Which is first character? Oh I see there is purple color Voila woo woo Woo gosh, this guy looks like a bunch of candy brother! This lollipop has thorns These thorns are the cactus cover of these Pets This is a Chick This is called Lil Chicky Its whole body is covered with a coat of cactus Look really scary
but that is so cute too Haiza do not know how the story of these guys is We will explore together now Behind the box is the story of these Cactus Pets I will read this story and leave the Vietnamese subtitle below Oh, that’s how it is you guys To sum up, These Cactus Pets are Sandy’s pets I don’t know who is Sandy
But she thinks the world is full of dangers and fears So she has made the cactus cover for herself and all other Pets. These Cactus Pets like this symbolize fragility and strong at the same time And in addition, Cactus is a water-retaining plant Water is the symbol of life Wow, I do not know that such a simple toy has a very deep story That’s right Cam Cam
This is one of the things that I like about Tokidoki’s toys They make a story and bring cactus pets to life Plus the idea and design are very cute too Haiza eventhough these toys are quite expensive But I cannot restrain myself from collecting them and sharing with you guys ok now I will open the second box.
Lets see what next we will get here Those I’ve opened up, I will leave here tada which one? let see So Nervous!
1 2 3 Woo this one looks like a ball This friend is called Peanut Ah looks like a hamster you guys A Peanut hamster Hand is holding a peanut, preparing to put in the mouth and chewing I guess Ohh too adorable these Pet friends look cute and fragile Look at that face
Gosh it is so cute! It is also very strong, because of the cactus cover outside Haha, I have mixed feeling about this toy. So cute brother!
too cute I gonna faint! Wow Tokidoki always makes me surprise Because the toys are so great and cute ok the third box Ohh you guys, I’ve just noticed At the top of the box there is a name tag
written “Name: Sandy” I’m so curious that who Sandy is City and phone And I just know one information This Goldfish is an ultra-rare character in this series Wow do not know if we can get it today If we don’t get duplication, we’re already so lucky brother! uh Cam Cam is also right First of all, let’s hope that we won’t get duplication And ultra-rare one depends on our luck Which pet is it? pls coming out now Wala ohh noo Just talked about this second ago and we got duplication One more Peanut These Peanut friends have round shape and have spike When you squeeze in, it’s quite relaxing just like having a hand massage Leave it here Let’s open the next box Now, I’ll close my eyes and open them Do not know which one? who is it? I have not opened my eyes yet
1 2 3 Oh, just my luck! One more Lil Chicky! It is a duplication congress brother!
Maybe we have to do something to get rid of bad luck Uhm that’s right Cam Cam
Recently we have a lot of duplicated toys These Tokidoki are very cute but also duplicated Haiza what should we do to get rid of bad luck? You guys pls give Khoai Tay a thumb up to support me so that this fifth box do not be a duplication All thanks to you guys Ok let’s see, let’s see Hopefully with the support of all the members of ToyStation, we will open a new character 1 2 3 Yes oh my god! Yeah thank you all you guys. Khoai Tay thank you all who just give me a thumb up to support me wow my wish and all of your support come true A new character This is a Nero cat a cat with a scowling face Wow so many cactus spines Tada here is also the cat in front of the box on the box, this one has a dark green color The actual version it has a turquoise color more
Very cute Haha, this one is seeing life with only half eyes There is a crooked tooth on the right side This face is scowling but it is very cute too Ah hold on you guys, after looking carefully
I’m not sure if this is a Cat or a dog Because the color on the face is usually a puppy And Cat will usually have a mouth like this one of Hamster And with Nero, the mouth is straight If you think Nero is a Kitten or a Puppy
Please comment below to let me know Let this one stand here The sixth box Which one? Please not duplicated again Yes do not duplicate This is Hoppy, a Cactus Rabbit Wow looks very naive and very cute Two big round black eyes, of course two rabbit ears this is also covered with thorns including both ears On the ear is a color, like the color of the pearl you guys very iridescent, very beautiful Even the tiny tail here, there is also a thorn I’m cute, but pls don’t bully me tada very nice There are two more boxes
but I really want to get a turtle Or a frog, if it’s goldfish, it is good. I’m so nervous brother!
I’m afraid of getting duplication Cam Cam pls do not talk about unfortunate thing. There couldn’t be duplication ’cause all members have given us many thumbs up voila ohh noo
Everytime Cam Cam says something, it comes true Ahh that’s a big duplication congress Huhu I’m sorry I won’t say anything bad anymore Haha it’s alright Cam Cam, I’m just kidding Because this is a surprise toy so we can not know Then this is the last box
Let’s see if we have which one 1 2 3 let’s open Wow Cam Cam, we have all the duplication haha Brother, I also do not know what to say anymore Today is an official duplication congress huhu :(( Dear friends, today we have many duplication but it is also very amusing that Here we have a total of four characters
and each one has a pair This is a pair of Lil Chicky 2 Peanut friends, 2 Nero friends and finally 2 Hoppy Welcome to the Tokidoki family Yeah yeah so happy You have to be strong like me hey I give you a piece of this cake Huh? who needs it Up to this point, these are the Tokidoki characters that I’ve collected Not all but I just take some of them here These milk boxes are from Moofia line And here are the Unicomo These are the new members of the Tokidoki family The Cactus Pets Ah, the day that I can collect a full set of all these friends is probably very far away Please joining us on on the way to collect Tokidoki toys So this is the end of one more episode about Tokidoki Cactus Pets If you like this video, please give me a thumb up Please share with your friends and do not forget to click the subscribe button to become a member of ToyStation In some next times, you have to open new characters brother! Ok Cam Cam I will try my best Now Khoai Tay and Cam Cam Bye guys

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