Toilet Training My Cat!

here she is our city kitty cat toilet-training kit for cheeto hey you guys welcome back to my channel I was literally just browsing the internet and ad popped up for a product that train your cat to literally in the bathroom on the toilet you found us because you want to go litter free and citikitty is your ticket to life without a litter box and the mess it leaves behind the other thing I'll say is it's not very clean it's all over everywhere the biggest problem in our house has been Gio's litter box because it stinks it's messy it's hard to clean and we had no idea where to put it for a while cheeto was literally taking over Shane's office where I'm sitting right now but we stopped using the room altogether because it smelled so bad so the door was just permanently closed unless cheeto was using the litter box there about a month ago Shane was set up he wanted his off his back get them out we moved to cheeto to the gym so that we could redo this office I'm sure you sell in my last blog if you have it go watch the updated awesome store anyways Cheetos been in the gym which has been a little bit better literally when you come in this room there's already poop on the ground so if this product works it's literally really going to save not just my life my life but Shane's as well that's right what I'm truly training cheeto he doesn't know this is not going to work yes it is how come you're not more excited you hate the litter box more than anyone here first of all housing a flush it know we have to flush it do you mean to put your own food but do i watch my fees I'm environmentally friendly sure do you think I can potty trained my cat will be this potty-trained cheetah yes you do totally whatever you want hi red yes they're very rare okay thank you for a song Oh with you potty trained all right you guys are very excited because our city has arrived from Amazon and I'm very excited about it so is cheeto maybe the moment of truth here she is our city kitty cat toilet-training kit for cheeto you ready fuzzy cheetah what do you think oh so I guess what happened you start with the toilet seat completely covered and then you make a little hole a bigger hole a bigger hole and then eventually the cat starts going to the bathroom on its own in the toilet are you ready well he's interested so that's a start the next day so the one thing that they don't actually tell you about this product is that you have to buy a flushable litter sold separately so I had to go down to the pet store to find one of these and I woke up this morning and my nightmare of the cat has found his way inside of the bed literally destroys everything so I swim in the office and he is in trouble I have my citikitty in place and ready to go and down here I have my explosive a litter so I'm going to fill it up see the animals that are annoying the crap out of me right out here and then I'm going to test it out and see if she will actually use it so – dope smart which I seem to think he is I feel like we will be able to trick him into using the actual toilet so I brought you in the bathroom interviews what are we doing Gino no they're the directions tell us this is going well or he's just playing inside of it because I've never seen him play as under his litter box like this so cheater normally takes a dump about 15 minutes after he eats his dinner so it's about 7:00 p.m. which is when I normally feed him I'm going to cover up his regular litter box and I'm going to direct him into the bathroom in hopes that he'll use the toilet doesn't hear two L's Ledo goofing around video your poop in here all right so I've decided to go in with a dog poop bag to find out oh he did make it tickle I'm so cute okay that's great I started say day one's a success because he peed in the toilet now we're just like eight weeks away from cheeto big body trades good morning it's day Jack yes it does need a – I'm trying to toilet trained cheat out my little barbers I'm sleeping on a ninja turtle couch what you doing good morning say hello to the vlogs oh my gosh he did actually pee in it again he did it so I'm going to say the downside to this cat toilet-training kit is that it really does take a lot of time and dedication for example I just spent 15 minutes cleaning out the dirty litter washing and drying this in order to punch out the next hole to get to the next level so I will today this is sort of like potty training a dog very high light which was the biggest nightmare of my life the other thing is that I'm going to try to fast-track this and pop out to hold instead of just the one that they recommend so the process in total took a little over two weeks initially I thought I'd be able to pop out two holes at once but as the circle got bigger exposing more of the toilet it took longer for cheeto to adapt so I am down to the final ring I haven't actually removed the toilet trainer just yet because I don't think he's there but he has successfully started pooping inside of the toilet which is exciting I'm still going to have the litter box as a backup always if you have the time I think this is well worth it but if you're like me impatient and always on the move I don't think this product is going to work for you one more thing I want to point out is that if you have another animal it might become a problem because our dog love to not only eat kitty litter but he licks cheetahs pee and eats cheetahs poop if it's accessible to him I walked in last night and uno have glitter all over his mouth all right you guys that is all I have for this week's video if you enjoyed watching me attempt to toilet-trained my cat make sure you give this video a big old thumbs up and make sure you subscribe for new videos every Tuesday I've also been thinking about maybe trying to teach judo to walk on the treadmill so if you want to see that video comment down below thank you so much for watching and supporting my videos I love you very much good is he going to do it if he does it I am going to be shaking No

40 thoughts on “Toilet Training My Cat!

  1. Wow just realised how crapy of a review or potty training this really was. Litterally went in 1 minute to testing it out for the first time right to the conclusion. Like we're missing 59 days of training here. ?

  2. I am just a few minutes into this video. I had to stop to adlib I have never heard of a litter box stinking. I've owned a Siamese on 3 occasions in my life and I've never had a smelly litter box. I just kept it clean. That is part of the agreement when you get your kitty. He certainly doesn't clean it for you. I am in the process of tracking down the best technique to train SAXTON to use the toilet. He is super intelligent, so I don't think it is going to be difficult at all. Siamese are clean cats and I know SAXTON will be eventually be thrilled that he doesn't have to clean between his toes as often now or clean his toenails as much or step on litter. I really think it will be fairly easy, in my situation.

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  4. So I sometimes put my cars poop into the toilet and flush it because she waits till I am about to eat then she poops and leaves it uncovered! If it's too late to throw it outside in the trash I just put it into a piece if tissue and into the toilet to avoid splatter when gently tossing it into the toilet! This contraption is stupid to me so until you said there were levels and you don't have to keep buying disposable litter! It seems a waste of money! You may as well just put it on a piece of tissue and flush it in the toilet! Money saved!

  5. Great videos womderful funny entertaining channel same goes to your bf shane fxxxxx amazing lol keep up the good work

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