Together, We Can Safeguard Homes for Animals

There’s no place like home. But what is a
home? For koalas, home is a towering tree climbed for food and safety. For African
elephants home is a herd — generations of mothers, aunts, and siblings. For dogs and cats, the roof overhead provided by a human companion. But these homes are
under threat. Deforestation and bushfires are destroying vital habitats,
leaving koalas vulnerable to extinction. Elephant calves are often orphaned due
to poaching and changes in landscape. Extreme natural disasters like Hurricane
Dorian are becoming more frequent, leaving thousands of animals homeless.
But there are solutions. In New South Wales, we partner with Friends of the
Koala to rehabilitate rescued koalas in a home away from home as they recover
from trauma. Together with Bangalow koalas and with dedicated community
members, we are restoring vital koala habitat by planting twenty-five thousand
eucalyptus trees. We’re rebuilding forest homes for koalas and other wildlife — one
tree at a time. In Zimbabwe with Zim Parks facilitation, we are working with
our partner, Wild is Life at ZEN to rescue and rehabilitate elephant calves
who have lost their families. As caretakers work to settle orphans, like
Amira, into their new temporary home at the nursery, they are welcomed by a new
family — the orphan herd. One day, these elephants will return to
wild herds — ensuring a species survives. In the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian left
countless dogs and cats trapped in the rubble of destroyed homes. Our team
deployed immediately to the hardest hit areas to rescue animals and reunite them
with their families. Our team provided life-saving care along with
animal and humanitarian supplies. And the work doesn’t stop at rescue — the team
continues to support the country’s long-term recovery, and make it a safer
home, prepared for the future. As we embark on 2020, we are reminded of the
importance of home for every animal on this planet. Together we can build a
better future where all animals are safe and secure. Will you join us? Visit

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