"Toast Dogs, Wedding Donut" (Ep. 7, 8, 9 & 10) – Bee and PuppyCat – Cartoon Hangover

hmmm Deckard rents due will you deliver it for me I got to finish up coding this program today catch sorry do you like doing this computer stuff I'm good at it yeah but do you like it I like money Oh go pay rent and drop us off in the mail – did you fill out my cooking school acceptance for him I told you I didn't know if I was gonna go or not oh hey Naruto man I can't believe our parents name is after Wizards really cool your sister was her mom hair was the lowest ranked wrestler in our women's wrestling coat wait you said you were like ranked 12 yes out of 12 and I was ranked 11 safely not worst oh yeah toast toast I have been bar-hopping learning wild men fighting techniques from drunk so lost in the fog of their own mistakes get out of here man this is great I haven't paid rent on time in forever cardamon is gonna be so excited oh can you get down the stairs come on you can do it come on you gonna keep trying very impressive they look like they might start proving all those years of docile nature all those wasted years and now my true bloodlust has awakened perfect they look so happy maybe they're Salman Sammo soul mates [Applause] you're so clumsy sticky come on stinky this seems to be a popular show today we're making origami first line up newspaper and fold it in half now carefully make sure the edges line up now we'll make the final fold and it's mashed potato origami she was away from home lost in the night her place was far too far away to fine he was alone and happy to see someone new he said it's nice to spend with you nobody told me maybe we're going where was he said come with me I'll take you back well surely me sad she said maybe we'll be together soon soon remember me and take all this with you you nobody told me there won't be long where are we going feels like clothes he was a scared he was terrified he was around he was he was gonna die he felt a tear and he multiplied he led kind of Kingsville we are here to pay rent and envelope and everything and it's not in coins dagger could make you a soup yeah or tea iced tea no wait that's no thank you we could get you a blanket no Sangha or some acumen ash and mash echinacea some vitamin C and maybe pop how about a scarf to mittens can I borrow your pet I don't have it puppies yeah sure uh let me just I'll be right back uh here's my rent I don't know who you all come on puppycat just hang out with him for a while it's all he wants but just look at him he's sick I'm in room 101 usually one of my brothers gives you the money and his mom's not around sure so cold puppycat so cold like a monster in winter me I've got some fried rice today using up some of the leftovers oh hey I've got an extra napkin do you want it stay here kiss each other good thing I had that napkin you've got something on your face it's your wedding day now you're getting married so I guess he's gonna borrow puppycat for a while you want to go to your place maybe we can try to make soup and my sister has a friend over up man you're strong oh whoops itay let's make soup at my place but I don't have a kitchen yeah how does that work so why my rent so cheap can I show you something like what it's around back I think you're gonna like it it's almost food come down she's been asleep for a long time I read in a book that only a prince can wake up a sleeping princess I thought if I helped you fall in love with sticky then I would be acting like a prince then maybe my mom would wake up have you ever been in love puppy cat I've planted all kinds of things I could use for cooking there's a bunch of recipes that I want to try with like homegrown herbs and vegetables so I just like found some packets laying around and and I planted them so they're edible yeah and I sort of like kind of tried cross pollinating them I think with hey this is bad wait you can tell me if they're bad what what's wrong hey hey nothing's wrong you missed the dumpster why are you trying to throw this out uh Cass filled it out for me I don't even want to go I like my job I like living here do you want me to leave so you got stuck in the window huh I did that one it happens trust me give me pause chopsticks hey we can just transport out of here with this temp job everything is going to be okay what's happening we're full oh what's that just baked TV Chinese let's puppycat look what is this – I'm sorry I thought puppycat and I would be transported not you like so binding or something i I can't process this my brain isn't letting me I even if you alright you disappeared off my shoulders I woulda lost my mind I'm sorry I didn't think that far ahead it's okay I'm feeling good today so I'm gonna burn you up okay whatever who's ready boy bacon you Simon she was gonna kill us just you well I haven't baked in a while I can always smell the food cooking in your house what cooking is different from baking Wow matching aprons just like when we work together before you got fired fired it's a weird word no it's not you're still in here you didn't have to use a bottom at all where are we no holes and hey you're right okay kind of there you are oh man I've been waiting so long for you guys I gotta go real bad I'm holding in so for a while now okay months maybe what were they is it I have to go now maybe to go in 15 minutes no maybe 30 minutes so what do you need us to you I need you to manage my business why I'm using the bathroom just make sure my work is doing his job right please I don't trust him to be alone he's a little crazy myself yes sir these two are in charge do everything they say I'm going to the next planet over to use their bathroom don't destroy the kitchen while I'm gone okay of course anything you really is a nice person once you get to know them whoa what are you can I try Wow you're a bit small okay I haven't tried baking it forever man man oh man Wow you healthy are good at this a perfect jump don't know Thank You mr. Descartes no we take the donuts through the bike hole to be delivered oh it's so cool can I give it a try of course would you like to try I'm no good at baking well well are you good at Oh eating is good I make these freezing I don't sleep I spend all day making them I thought all my hopes and dreams into them and I wait until someone on the other side black wish for once one and sometimes they give me a thank-you gift and sometimes they don't huh are you okay oh man my boss is gonna be so mad you are you stronger than me I finished my donut let's send it out haha yes sir thanks for being so nice three no one's ever bandaged my finger before you guys how could you let him do this to ya Hey I turned in my cooking Prince Academy application oh man really that's wait are you going now yeah I figure I want to get a feel for living on my own before school starts well say goodbye to everyone before you leave Hey no weird pajamas he's still depressed just depressed in pants really you give me the present pants to press your chest cavity wait what happened to you I don't know oh I almost forgot we give this to be Jim hello oh hey there's a lot of stuff we don't know about each other lavender wait no pink wait like oh my god like blue field they're so chubby you're like dog mermaids I don't know everything is that an answer and now a special look at beam puppycat lazy in space coming in 2019

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  1. Hello everyone! We hoped you enjoyed this Creator's Cut! These are episodes 7, 8, 9, and 10, which were originally planned by the creator, Natasha Allegri, as running in one continuous chunk. Also, there is a new series, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, coming in 2019! See the new teaser here: https://frdr.us/2q78UiM

  2. why is deckard okay with literally anything in these episodes

    EDIT: Also I just noticed that the hair colors of the wizard brothers (and sister) are in a color gradient from Black -> Green -> White, presumably in the order of age.

  3. 14:45

    yes he has that image right after is from when he was a space rebel and he fell in love with the princess

  4. Something I don't get. Why is it that Cardamon gave the donut to his mother rather than eating it himself and wishing for his mom to be better? Is it because he's putting his mom over himself or did he think his mom would wish for the same wish he had?

    Also, when I thought Cardamon was saying his mom was still asleep, I didn't think he'd mean she's in a coma. I thought she may have just been an irresponsible parent. Now I know why Bee was uneasy when asking about her.

  5. 26:26 Anyone notice that Pretty Patrick is in the train? I'm curious if his show is part of local broadcasting or if he's got a national television show but records in his home on the island.

  6. why didn't cardamon (is that how you spell it?) just eat it and make the wish? his mom only wished to cry tears of jellyfish.

  7. Decker: makes the cats face
    Deckers mind:this doesn’t look right oh I KNOW
    Decker: adds a angry face
    Deckers mind: much better

  8. 22:39 This scene gets me EVERY TIME it’s just SO AWESOME because it is SUCH a crazy reveal!! There were hints but you’d thing “naw…” but then that happens and your are like ??

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