To the Pet Rescuers

To the pet rescuers Those who volunteer their time, and their care Those who work in shelters, who advocate for pets Those who donate, who fundraise, who spread awareness Thank you. Thank you for finding forever homes for pets
in need Thank you for carefully vetting, for interviewing,
for home visits Thank you for always putting pets first Thank you for taking in abandoned and displaced pets
For giving them a good meal and a warm bed For telling them they are safe now, that no
one will hurt them again Thank you. Thank you for fixing what is damaged and what
is broken, For returning a wag to a tail, or letting
paws touch grass for the first time Thank you for driving all through the night to get a pet to a better situation, for getting a pet out of a bad one. For seeing the very worst, and doing your
very best. You incur costs, you shed tears, you sacrifice
so much Pets can’t thank you. So we will. To the Pet Rescuers Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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