To My Client and His Service Dog… He Passed Away..

hey guys it's Savannah and welcome back to my channel if this is the first video that you're seeing of mine I apologize because it's probably not going to be as happy as it usually is I don't know if this is gonna make it to the internet or not this is still kind of fresh and I feel like I do want to talk about it right now to get it off my chest and maybe talking about something when it's so raw and new to me maybe it'll help somebody watching so today I want to talk a little bit about a client that I had where would be the human client passed away and a little bit about his service dog and what I kind of learned sorry what I learned from them about service dogs and just kind of life in general so I guess welcome to my therapy session and info session about service dogs I also have a brownie in front of me because comfort food so yeah I guess it's a mock long too so actually last night I got a message from my clients cousin that he had passed away and it was unexpected I know that he's been kind of like monitored by health care professionals and doing appointments and stuff at the hospital but what happened wasn't really expected so that's really hard my thoughts are I go out to the family he actually passed away in January it was quite a while ago but she just got access to his phone and thought that maybe I wanted to know and I'm glad that she contacted me because I have been thinking about them a lot lately and wondering why I haven't seen his dog Emma for a girl lately so I'm glad she contacted me but it was also kind of a hard hard pill to swallow I've been pretty upset ever since even though he was a client I also honestly considered him a friend and we would spend time talking I found him to be really inspirational after Emma's grooms I would usually book extra time to just chat with him a little bit the first time that I met him he was actually in the hospital here he's from out of town he was in the hospital here after a surgery and I did Emma and I brought her in and we talked for about half an hour 45 minutes I didn't have another dog to rush to and we just kind of connected and he was telling me lots of stories I was asking him things about Emma being a service dog she's a beautiful German Shepherd all inserts and photos throughout this video and he was telling me some pretty surprising things so I guess I'll kind of get into that a little bit here you know how everybody always says that you're not supposed to pet service dogs apparently people don't follow that rule at all he would he would always tell me how people would always distract her try to pet her how employees who try to kick him out of stores because they didn't believe that she actually was a service dog because he didn't any like physical looking disabilities of why he would need a service dog with him he told me some pretty awful stories about home nurses treated him in the hospital and I also experienced this firsthand so he would travel in from where he lived for medical appointments and while he was at his appointments they were always at the hospital so I would come get her before his appointment grew her and then we would meet after his appointment and I would give them aback so I would take Emma from him and have to walk her through the hospital out different doors to go towards where I was parked and even in that short either 5 to 10 minute walk depending where I was parked she would be wearing her service service dog vest and people would be trying to talk to me trying to talk to her try to pet her in elevators whistle at her to try to get her attention and these rules aren't set in place to be mean they're set in place for the safety of the handler and the person that actually does meet the service dog the service dog is trained for certain tasks so even if you distract the dog with a whistle or whatever a pet or whatever you're doing if you distract them for one second maybe that dog is trained to detect seizures in their owner and because they're distracted they couldn't warn their owner so I guess this is the biggest thing that everybody talks about but I guess it isn't followed he said that it was people of all ages that would do this I mean when I experienced in the hospital it was adults adults in the elevator and I mean I usually wear my uniform that says grooming on it or whatever but how do they know it's not my service dog or in the winter I wear a jacket so they wouldn't always see that I was just a groomer plus I was in the hospital with a service dog you think it would be a little bit better and just some of the other stories that he told me about people trying to kick him out of stores honestly just awful yeah I don't know I've had a really hard to find with this I mean like I've had some clients pass away before and I have dogs that pass away and it always takes me like a little bit of time to get over that and I guess grieve in my own way because I do form connections with these dogs and with these people but this one just feels different because I feel like I don't know I just felt like we were like friends and we had like we really connected when we were talking and I was always really interested in what he had to say it seemed like he had a difficult life and just the things that he would say to me were very inspirational I know that he didn't have a lot of money but he was always very generous when tipping me and I don't expect tips from people but it just meant a lot when he would send me that II transfer the next day and say thank you she was always so grateful he traveled in from out of town and would only let me groom Emma he said he didn't trust anyone else with Emma and I honestly was honored that touched my heart and I don't know he was just you could tell he was just such a sweet a sweet guy and he just always made sure that I knew that I did a good job and how grateful he was and I really appreciated that I mean death is such a weird thing like we're all in the process of dying like we're all gonna die one day we don't know when it's gonna happen but when something unexpected like this happens it can like really world and I mean I've dealt with lots of death and tragic incidents with death surrounding animals but I haven't dealt with a lot of things with people or anyone in my family that's been close to me or even friends so I think that's just why this is affecting me so much like it just puts everything into perspective like nothing matters nothing matters in life other than just living life to the fullest and appreciating what you have and being the best person you can be and it's like really hard for me to think that like he was still young and he feel like he had so much more life to live but he was such a good guy and it seemed like things were finally turning around for him and but you know everything happens for a reason and when people go it's their time to go and he must have fulfilled what he was supposed to fulfill here on earth and he really advocated for himself and stood up for what was right when people mistreated him because he had a service dog when people mistreated him in the hospital nurses he made sure he went to the highest person sorry my camera cut off he made sure to go to the highest person he could to get things fixed and made right when stores wouldn't let him in he would talk to a manager these are the kind of things that I thought he was pretty badass for and it really teaches me that I should stand up for what I believe in and what's right and stick to it no matter how uncomfortable it may be and I mean I guess I don't really know where this video is going I guess I just need to express myself and just let myself know it's okay to feel like this and he was such a beautiful human being and I won't forget him and I can't wait until I get to talk to him again I'm sure wherever he is he's surrounded with a bunch of other dogs and him and Emmas bond was just the most precious beautiful thing which makes me which makes me feel bad for her that she's without him but I know now she's being completely spoiled his cousin sent me some pictures of her and her new home and unfortunately they live way too far away now for me to grow her and I'm going to absolutely miss grooming her because she is the sweetest most joyful dog but his cousin sent me some pictures and she's living the good life she's got three new golden retriever siblings and there's pictures of her on the beach and she's gonna be spoiled and loved but it's just hard to think that they had such an inseparable bond that they're not together anymore but I guess they're together in a different way I don't know it's hard I feel bad too because today I went to work but driving in between clients I was just crying and crying and then trying to like get myself together to walk up to my next clients door and be happy and presentable because when I go to work I just want to do the best work that I can and make the dogs and my clients they're humans happy and chat with them and have a good time and I really hope that today nobody got any of my vibes that I was upset I still wanted to be at work and groom dogs today but it was a hard day and I think it might it might be hard for a little while this is hard so I'm just trying to like compose myself so I'm not like blubbering I mean you can actually understand me comfort food I just I don't know I guess it's just really hard because I think I really just saw him as a friend and like sometimes he would like send me messages on Facebook between grooms and just like tell me how I was doing and he got this new vehicle and he was so excited cuz he's big enough for it and I'm gonna stand up and walk around in the back and he sent me a picture out and it was just awesome and in my life I have a small friend group and I choose to keep it small I only want the right kind of people around me and I only let certain people and I think I just realized today that like I considered him a friend and I don't know it's just it's weird yeah this is weird makes you realize awesome all sorts of things I think especially to but it's unexpected like I just wish I could just like talk with him one more time like just grew a bow once more but you know I know they served the right purpose and each other's lives and they helped each other so much and I really just hope that he knows how much I really looked up to him and how much he inspired me and how much I saw him as a friend and I thought it was so cool how he stood up for himself and advocated for himself and you could tell he was just trying to be the best person he could be and there was just his time and that's hard but that's how it goes so I guess moral of the story is tell people in your life when you love and appreciate them even if it's somebody that you might think they will think it's weird I'm actually so glad this past Christmas I gave him a card and Emma some treats and I wrote him a really nice message in it and I'm so glad that I at least did that but even if it's people that you think are just acquaintances if there's something that you love about them there's something that inspires you about them tell them if you see a service dog don't distract them and Kenton and Emma thank you for all the love and all the lessons but I hope maybe I'll get to see Emma one day person I told his cousin if they're ever around Tasca tuna – please let me know and I know one day I'll see Kenton thanks for watching this is a really depressing video you have no idea if this is gonna make it to the Internet but I don't know I just I want to be honest life isn't always happiness and sunshine rainbows sometimes it's really hard but I wouldn't give up how I feel right now to not need them because they're just he was such a true genuine person and Emma was a beautiful girl with a heart of gold oh man you know what he's probably just looking at me and they're red-hot just watch life what would life be without the ups and downs right this brownie is so good thanks so much for watching you guys please feel free to connect with me below I'm sorry if this may be sad I will be okay I think it helps me to talk about it maybe YouTube is a bit of therapy for me and honestly I only make videos like this because I hope that it will help other people so I hope you have a wonderful day or night if you're going through something things do get better I know this will get better for me and for Kenton and Emma's sake please just live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment that you have on this earth thanks guys you

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