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[Applause] welcome to the nightly rant which of your hosts Mike antoria this is the show where we examine society from a sarcastic point of view you like insane conversations this is definitely the show for you let's get into today's topic things changed a little bit today did they they sure did what changed have you looked at yogi he looks kind of naked he got shaved today guys shave you guys are gonna have to go to Instagram and see photos of Yogi and his nakedness because he looks he's cute he looks like he clear-cut a forest yeah he went from being like I'm a homeless dog who smells like Yeti because I need a bath every single day – oh yeah and then talking about dogs that went from looking funky to being gorgeous that OD dog oh my God he's so dang cute now my gosh he was so weird-looking we first got him he looked like a little white pig now he's so adorable that little chihuahua face and the weenie body yeah it's so cute yeah it kind of has a little bit of a chihuahua attitude mixed with the weenie attitude oh I love that dog he's just he's handsome boy can't stand it and he loves his new owner he sure does we knew we knew when he was here if you remember that he would not sleep laying on you or on anybody right unless he had come to the point where he really trusted you and I'm talking there were a couple times where that dog was super tired and refused that's usually when a dog will let their guard down on our extra tired he refused the only time he would let his guard down was when he actually trusted you and this dog was and he would only sleep on me right yeah yeah and this dog was in pictures just like lounging on her like she's a chair he was adorable so cute and she loves him back like alyssa was saying my gosh you can tell she loves that dog I think she loves him as much as Alyssa loves yogi I think so as much as he loved the pretty girl yep she's a sweetheart but you know she's currently inspecting yogi because she can't figure out who the heck he is with his new haircut she always does that when he gets a haircut trips her out he well and if you think about it logically hey did we get another foster dog he smells weird and he looks different I can't believe oh you know they don't know it's gotta hurt now then she smells his breath and realizes if he hurts you that's my brother they're funny but this has been quite a zit it feels like it's been seven weeks and one and it's only been five days well in some ways it feels like you snap your fingers and you've been from through the five days okay in some ways and in other ways yeah there's been so many long days I mean like I'm used to like kind of going full-bore until like quarter to two from like 5:00 in the morning right okay I'm used to that and then I go do a thing then I come back at 2:30 and I kind of used my getting things done system if you can do it in two minutes or less and you have the energy to do it start knocking at stuff off right take the low-hanging fruit off that's what I use the last part of the day for because I have less energy a little more tired so rather than having something that's critical that needs my like strong attention I kind of cruise through the rest of the day this week I haven't had time to slow down it's just literally been get up get up go to your knees get up go to the gym for like a little hour of an oasis come back get the kids stuff ready if it's a kid day it's not a kid day immediately start what every day is but a kid day and but then immediately start working and then like you go from there and then it's like you sit down and you're working and the next thing I look up and it's like time to go get a less I quickly go go drop her off at her mom's house come back here real quick then okay get back to work next thing I look up it's like the dog is looking at me like well I'm hungry thinking myself he doesn't do that until at least six o'clock it's like seven o'clock by then and I still have two hours of work left to do and I still gotta feed dogs feed ourselves take dogs for walk I think Tuesday night we didn't eat until like 9:45 yeah the poor dogs didn't mean till like 9:30 yeah and we ate crap we don't and we don't do that that's just usually not our style uh-huh but it's been happening cuz it's been so busy and you can tell you've been busy because our show started building up on file oh yeah that's kind of a nice thing wagons now we kind of half watch them during the day they're working it's kind of a nice thing but you've been you've been getting up and going to the gym and having your like hour of you time in the morning I've been getting up when you go to the gym and starting working I know like it's this isn't like me usually I sleep until you take Alyssa to school and then I get up when you I wake up when you leave and get up when you come back but now I'm beginning at two hours earlier make sense it's disgusting it's just been really really busy I'm over it we're good news is that I feel like we are focusing our energies in a particular direction all at once so there's a focus there's not like this shock great there's a single-minded focus and so our energy is getting put into that if you think about it it's like I heard a thing once about if you got into like five credit cards and maxed them out and you were trying to pay them huh and you didn't have enough money what you do is you forget what the minimum that they want is at first it's okay to do this if you can make the minimum payment on all of them except for the first one no you do it but basically you make as many minimum payments as you can and then a little miniscule payment to the other two so that they can't report it as not paid right and you make those payments to bring the enough money to pile it on the first card and get rid of that debt uh-huh because what people tend to do is they keep trying to pay off bigger chunks to each card and they all kind of get paid off over like a 10-year term but you pay so much in interest when you do that if you take the money and you just throw it at the first card and then once that card is gone take the money from that and what you'd already been paying to the second card pay the second card and you keep doing that and yeah you're getting collecting late fees over here because you're paying a super miniscule little payment but you adjust that each time you pay off a level you pay this one a little less and you pay make sure that you're paying the minimum on every other account and that way they're kind of on cruise control right the best thing you can do is consolidate them all into one yes and then you're gonna get to the point where you'll be able to do that yeah that's that that is the absolute best but people don't people don't understand the power of like throwing a lot of money at one thing and focusing on the one thing until that things kind of cruising on its own then you do the same thing with the next part of your life and the next part of your life and I think that's why the business is bound to be super huge because doing it the way we were doing it which was a little shotgun over here and a little burst over there and slap some paint on that over there you know you know I'm talking about we kind of built it in little pieces and we kind of went with urban flow we weren't able to build one business line huge right we tried to do too much in the beginning and now what we're doing is we're we have a revenue line a revenue line that we're working with and we're focusing on that and trying to increase that but our main focus is on one business line and that's it and by doing that that laser focus we're becoming experts at that aspect because we're learning as we're teaching uh-huh and I mean it I mean I've include you in that because you're having to listen to every single audio in one way shape or form or at least read the article because you've been making the slides anyway I don't want to go I can't go into detail out that I have to cut that out actually remind myself to remove that aspect of it but you've been doing certain aspects of the content creation and you're learning the stuff I'm learning more about the stuff by doing more research and going more in-depth there were things that I knew like surface level now I probably know it like 1012 feet down under the ground look that's cool but it that's been an interesting thing because it's something that's different right people tend to like do the same thing but I I think my actual reality real thinking is that peak life goes and cycles and I don't mean like your life goes in cycles and my life goes in cycles I mean the times that we live in go in cycles so there's the ultra ultra conservative then there's the just sort of conservative time and there's the liberal time and there's the ultra liberal time and they're not necessarily an equal distribution okay they only have their day however much representation they have so if there's X number of people that are conservative that's the type of you know lifestyle that gets represented okay okay so plain beyond you going somewhere we aspirant I'm trying to I'm trying to I'm trying to I keep forgetting the main point your do you require some assistance on where you're going with this yes records right right but the point is that things change and things come full circle right I was saying to you the other day when we were sitting here talking with Elissa all of a sudden Alyssa's into so she wanted a record player for Christmas and she typical Elissa fashion so exactly like what she would always do puts it on there but she doesn't put what exact model of record player that she wants or the company that the of the record player or any of that right so we assumed that we got to pick it exactly and I even remember asking her was there like any ones that she really wanted on oh no you pick so we go and we talked to Ashley about it a little bit because she's a little knowledgeable about it and then we go and we do what we think is best right and we got something that's affordable for us brand that gets good reviews and meets like the criteria that that she has which isn't really that strict lo and behold so she gets the thing for Christmas and she likes it well she loves it but then like a couple days later it starts to be a little funky like certain parts of it weren't working really well the speakers weren't fabulous and then some white goo started coming out of part of it right so she came to the conclusion that there was this one that was a little bit more expensive light and by a little bit we double well she actually had been talking to us about it before that remember well yeah saying that she was thinking of saving money to get this thing and so then we made or the offer of paying like what another $60 he said Lord you said you'd pay for half yeah and I mean I thought that was fair cuz I think it teaches her you still have to save the money but so that you earned extra 60 by working hard well we ended up doing was returning hers because it was being crappy so that's when the whole gook thing came out day later okay you know what what if we just return yours as defective and buy the other one then we'll only pay $30 more than what we paid and then you can buy the speaker's so she spent half as much money we spent half as much money exactly and it worked out exactly and now she has a really nice setup with like this record player and then she has speakers with a subwoofer actually we spend in spending the same amount of money cuz we got her the stand for it to go she was having it and she was having a hard time we probably would have ended up having to do that either way ranks my thinking um but the funny thing is she didn't understand that the speakers had a subwoofer subwoofers are supposed to be on the floor she's trying to arrange the record player in the speakers in the subwoofer so that they're all on the counter and I'm like you're not supposed to have the subwoofer on the counter side well if we're supposed to be on the floor it's for the base end of things you're not supposed to have them on the floor an apartment when you live on the third floor well it's where they belong I mean what you're supposed to do with it just saying I'm just saying again what are you supposed to do with it if I were her I would put it like on the second shot like the second shelf of the cube so it's like 14 inches below the record player it's not right on the floor but you're still getting your lower base to do that that B's yeah I'll do that for her tomorrow that's good yeah I used to have a something up that's when I said where do you put it then you took that as me arguing with you and I know you did because you fought back and what really was happening was I was asking you what would you do then that's don't leave around the floor I used to have my bedroom set up and I had two of those cheap square IKEA tables and I had like drilled them together so it was like a double layer and I had a CD player with some great speakers on the top and then I had one speaker in the closet he had a really long cord and I liked to be kind of surround he and I had the subwoofer on the second level around me I love that word I like that word yeah well that's cool yeah it was great but here's the thing I remember where I was going before I went off the rail those kids today remind me of exactly what we were like when I was 17 years old it's like this cycles come full circle and starting over again like I was telling you earlier I liked records in the middle period when they weren't cool hence how I ended up with like a 1980s record player as my inheritance for my grandmother when she died but that makes sense remains there's people who just like records and I find it interesting because what we used to do is we would take the record out like you know if she's talking about how oh you're gonna play at this you got to play at that you got to play at this you got to play at that you gotta cover it with this thing and it covered with that thing well we did the same thing and the difference though we used to take those and immediately record them onto a cassette tape and then the cassette tape is what we used to listen to the music on a regular basis the only time the record would come back out as if we were gonna make a mixed tape in which case we only wanted one song off of that album we would have to bring it out and make a mixtape I used to spend hours making mixtapes because I liked a little from there and a couple songs from there I'd make these mixtapes you watch it's gonna come up at some point you think cassettes are gonna make a non hipster comeback well I'm not so sure it'll be cassettes think what it will be is way for there being an attachment for that guy to have an output to mp3 they have those my mom rented one just a different record different kind of record player but yeah an attachment would be way cooler she spent like she spent like $40 and she rented it for a week and we took all of her records and put them on on mp3 for her and then I burned them to CDs because she has a she had a huge 50 disc CD player and you can shuffle all the discs so she wanted all these all these mix CDs in there with all of her records on them makes sense and her heard her CD player would read mp3 CDs so you could fit like 200 songs on one CD that's nice but these these kids have come full circle because they're they're already into the records they're in to the concerts but only only certain bands – like when I was that age we only were like we might listen to a little bit of this and a tiny bit of that but our not probably 90% of my music listening time was like this band right here yeah and I don't think that ever changed I think when I think the people when Ashley was her age there was like at least five bands the same people as you and Alice are just saying there are multiple types of people and you analysts are the same type of people yes we are there was the people there were people you were in high school that would listen to like a bunch of different bands and not really have an obsessive favorite I never knew any no they all had an obsession and then they were like the crazy-ass beetle lovers they were crazy like lunatic crazy the Beatle lovers if you say so they were they would all walk around in the same t-shirt was weird shit it was very cultic so I don't know I just think it's interesting that like it's kind of been a week of change you know we recognize a situation with Elissa and she loves her records she loves them yeah he just spent last year's Christmas money on two records and I'm really happy about that because that means that a gift we gave her last year helped bring her more joy this year right cuz you know she's thrilled and did you see here I mean that's why I had to do this when she's like oh it's gonna be like $45 and I only have 40 well I know damn well she has more than 40 because which wasn't thinking about was her own allowance car right I know how much money's on there okay not gonna say but I know how much it is and instead of saying oh just put it on your card I was like don't worry about it you did not ask me for one penny and you were about to just walk away from one of those albums because you didn't have the money in other words you didn't come to me be like dad can I have you know can you pay for one of the albums for me she didn't write you that so she paid for all of it and I said I'll pay the rest it was like six came like six dollars because of tax that's not bad at all so I paid 6 bucks she paid the rest and was with I mean technically I paid for all of it because that was gift cards gave her what I don't understand is why y'all didn't put them in the same transaction we did no you paid for the headphones first oh I want it because I wanted a separate receipt for for both okay whatever and there wasn't crowded so why not it's just weird but whatever that's what you wanted then that's what you wanted yep and when I get out of is the things that she finds joyful about the records themselves are exactly what used to attract me to that because I can remember sitting in my room listening to music and looking at the liner notes of the album's and like it wasn't as cool with a CD they were still there what they tried to do is recreate the same experience at least in the beginning nowadays they don't even try it's like they phone it in but but when the CDs were first really cool they would have like a book in the beginning yeah because it was basically a miniaturized version a album art I mean he's really those and like taking out the book and then I would write it all over everything yeah that was cool all the song lyrics song lyrics are my favorite part now I don't buy CDs anymore I don't think I've bought a CD in but you know what teen years but I think proof that technology keeps catching up with Society oh is that like look at that feature that Spotify has now and they're slowly rolling it out delirious all the songs where the lyrics are right there I mean yeah that's exactly like back in the day looking at an album and looking at the sleeve or a CD and looking at the sleeve whatever reading the lyrics right off of there I ran out what they do it has nothing to do with Spotify says they've had the feature for two plus years but that the artists when they add their album has to add the lyrics also have to tag it with the lyrics yeah that makes sense what's cool is when you watch it on the on the Roku app and not only does it have all the lyrics for the song but it also has a little bit of the history next in with Dallaire yes yeah again they put the history part on during the chorus yeah it's really cool so hey real quick update over here Donna Kent Weiner though Weiner he actually no longer has worms he doesn't have worms he's gaining weight quite rapidly impressed they're still trying to kill off this UTI says poor little dude is gonna get more antibiotics tomorrow meeting two antibiotics and they're different from the ones he's already had before one of them would be that pink shit you have to inject into his mouth unfortunately yeah mock Sicilian and then he'll probably have another pill yeah poor wiener what he's doing better yeah he's he's more doglike too now like I told you I tried to give him that pill and he got all mad at me and like growled at me and you know at first I just thought it was wiener you know wieners just growling like he always growls who cares I just kept going and he snapped at me and I was like whoa wiener doesn't usually snap this dog is pissed see I try to give it to him and he just takes it out of my hand like it's a treat and the only time he ever catches my fingers as if I don't pull them away from him fast enough like you kind of have to wait until he opens his mouth to drop it in but he doesn't open his mouth when it's just a pill and you told me he did he does for me well he doesn't for me and I have to put it in the damn cheese he loves the cheese and then he tries to snap my fingers out there but not because he hates that you dog because he wants to cheat that wiener he's cute and adorable I love the Wiener he's a sweet boy he I Alyssa was complaining that Parker was on her bed Parker the cat and so I brought Duncan and I was like I know how to get rid of Parker and I like put him face-to-face with Parker and he's like Oh Parker on the face like all teeth realize no one could see you do that chomped him on the face there you go but like not hard but just enough that Parker was like he made that face you don't know that I'm Parker and I'm a super unimpressed little bitch face uh-huh and that he has pop again Duncan was like wham whack whack whack whack way Duncan loves the cats he wishes they would play with him I think he would like it if they would beat him up yeah he's weird but I like him I love personality I really view it's very much different from Yogi's he's a crotchety old man what do you expect I like it though why do I like being him being a crotchety old man he's your spirit animal never be like that mm-hmm I feel like I get younger the older I get interesting it's my perspective I'm entitled to it I found a gray hair in my eyebrow do you like mine I'm wearing Captain America socks they have become my favorite socks you lotion of all they're super comfortable good second of all did I tell you they're comfortable third of all they look just like Captain America like that is the perfect rendering do you like the kiss logo yes then there's the white ones are kind of like it's like a hockey team with their home jersey in their away jersey have you tried the Dodger Sox yet no those are gonna be next cuz these are just a exact fit of the other one so it's just a different light but these are super comfortable they're supposed to have the padded sole yeah they do they do it feels really good my feet always get tired mostly from my gym time but then you got yog dog with his haircut now he used to wear his jacket cause he's chilly yeah he looks cute though and his little red jacket he's just passed out on his little pink butt skin that's how that's how closely but they were so fast too I gotta give a shout out we gotta give a shout out bow-wow groomers in Cypress Plus cast those people are amazing and by the way they paid nothing at all for this shout out no we actually paid them to cut our dog's ass fur but they do such a good job and you know what the dog he's not traumatized when he comes out of there they're all happy to see us well do you remember when we took him to that other girl that I won't know I don't like to bash things my name and like he was upset when we were taking him in and he was trying to run away and then we handed him to the dude and he growled the dude and then they charge us extra because he was quote unquote bad yeah well then then I don't know why I didn't read the Yelp reviews first go and realize that like tons of people have given them like one in two stars because their dogs had like gouges and stuff yeah and yogi has hot on his leg yep like it wasn't deep and like if the groom if he had been terrified of the groomer and if we hadn't been charged extra I wouldn't even care like he's got a little tiny teeny tiny next on his bow groomers before he probably flinched cuz he's an asshole but well but then there was that other place that we went that was also nearby did Odie's haircut no yeah yeah exactly yikes my friend lives next door to them and she says she can hear their dogs crying all the time so you know it's like nevermind we won't go there ever again and so we found this place because you know what my deceased ex-father-in-law stepfather in law actually that he had a dog named nugget and nugget was like a Sheltie so she was like a miniature collie looking dog right beautiful dog like you know how beautiful Lyla is like yeah she's just so majestic same kind of thing that dog was beautiful and she was such a sweet dog but she had like the teeny tiny little face you know she wasn't a big dogs a teeny tiny little face and nugget used to go there but you know where bow-wow used to be where where the nail salon is up and ball and holder that been so much better for us yeah but that's where it was and so when I saw that they were still in business and they were over there by Brewster's I was like hey let's bring the dogs over here so anyway if you live in the area you're looking for a new groomer for your furry ass friend take the dog groomers because I was even gonna talk those people rocky listen oh we want the people that are super friendly yaagh dog likes them and he hates ninety percent of people yeah that's a good point the yog dog actually likes those people yeah the odd dog liked people you know what he likes people after he's met them like I don't know 10 to 20 times the glitter is look at how he is with the neighbor I think he has to have spent at least a certain number of cumulative time with that person yeah he has his he has his like what's it his prerequisite that time first he expends an hour with you even if it's over like six days here cool yeah then he's ready but it's there's like a certain and if it takes three months for him to spend an hour with you the knots how long it's gonna take for he's cool with you right and he's proven that with different people right you know there's some people he just doesn't like well isn't that like anybody I mean don't y'all feel that way and to be fair the people that he doesn't like I also don't really like so I get it well and then what's interesting about that though that's what's cool anybody that we associate with he likes ya if we've had lunch with that person dinner with that person invited that person to a party event or otherwise important thing well I'm sure which came first whether I dislike the person first or if he disliked the person first or if I just like them because he dislikes I don't remember I don't remember I mean it's the thing is we don't we've set up our boundaries and we don't let just anybody in right and we've got our kind of you know core group of people that we trust I mean and then let's be honest there's some there's plenty kind of yeah at a distance you know but they like can pop back in and be like tight you know what I'm saying so they're you know they've been through the thick and thin with us you know and that's for me that's what's the most important thing about friendship is you dare through the thick and thin all I know is yogi and I hate the same people and those types of people have been that's what I'm getting at is with our new boundaries those people are kind of eliminated from the picture they're not allowed around anymore right so we don't deal with that as much anymore maybe I had to stop and think about that but yeah it is thank God you know and I think when we finally decided to adopt the attitude of let them say what they want to say they're just looking for a response and I'm not gonna give them one I think that's when everything changed I still get feisty with people online just for kicks most glue there but that's not my point I think once we adopted with the really like hardcore negative people once we adopted their you know what we don't care what you think we know who we are we're just not gonna respond to you we're not gonna give you fuel for the fire it's gonna keep it to ourselves and we didn't give them any air time we didn't talk about them by name we didn't talk about them by topic we even now we're not talking about them by name or by topic we're merely saying this way would it worked dear people that yogi doesn't like I also don't like you that's what we're saying pretty girls over there getting all confused going where do I go where do I go where do I go careful she's a dingus so I think that we've bored people to tears we'll probably talk about the animals because you know we care but I don't think they really care everyone loves you maybe they should let us know if they here do it send us an Instagram DM when you go check ourselves of our super-cute duck so before we sign the hell off I wanted to point out that we specifically me has a new podcast you do and it's a podcast but for podcasters about podcasting interesting do you know what it's called now what's a cult it's called elite podcast Academy and it is currently been accepted by Apple podcasts and also Google podcasts and now I'm going to proceed to get it on all of the places but we're finally getting a chance to show people what we know and what we can do and it's awesome and you're clearly super excited it's been a lot of fun but it's been a lot of work it kind of goes back to why we've been working such long days we've been working hard towards one goal and it's interesting how much has gotten done in a short period of time because we're not trying to spend an hour on nine different things this this guy over here who's who's talking and rambling about his busy life is going to put a link to the new podcast in the show notes for all of you I might he's going to you could also just go to elite podcast that'd be a simple way to go to or just click the link in the show notes down there it's there just for you I prefer low right below my voice right below my voice it actually says links mentioned in episode and then whatever the episode number is in the notes I'm pretty sure just looking there any links that are mentioned on a regular basis are there and new links just for that show or there are you go links today enjoy the new podcast enjoy the links click the links listen to the podcast goodnight everyone hasta la bye-bye thank you for listening to the nightly rant if you enjoyed the show please give us a 5-star rating on Apple podcast or Google Play if you didn't enjoy the show please just ignore that previous request for a rating this has been a Yogi's podcast network production

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