Tips to keep your pet safe this holiday season

[Music] hey we’re a premier pet supply I’m with Mike Palmer and we are talking about how to keep your pet safe during the holidays you know you have a lot of guests a lot of commotion what is some of the best advice to make sure your pet has a safe fun happy holiday it is a good idea to keep in mind the pets during the holidays you got a lot going on in the house there’s a lot of commotion the thing is is that people are always wanting to include them but you got to be careful with what to give them as far as food you don’t give them any fatty scraps turkey bones chocolate is a big no-no of course and candy Sugar’s no good for pets and well you have a lot of guests you might want to keep your pet entertained as well so they’re not getting into any mischief what do you recommend absolutely enrichment toys are fantastic things that keep them busy there’s toys that you can actually put food into or treats into they keep them occupied for a while they can see it they can smell it they can hear it they can’t get to it right away or quickly so keeps them busy for a long time are there any big concerns you have for pets over the holidays you know one thing is the door is opening closing people are coming and going you want to make sure that the ID tags are up-to-date and current and on your pet you also want to make sure the neighbors know if you’re having people over so that you know they can look out for the pet if it happens to be roaming the neighborhood the other thing is stress you know there’s more things going on so there are trees your stress yeah and absolutely and those poor guys they you know cats and dogs both they could use maybe a little relief and through treats or natural supplementation you can give them something that can put them at ease and you mentioned cats we have this gorgeous Christmas tree behind us I mean they’re curious there’s decorations all over the place what do you recommend well decorations are beautiful but can be dangerous if you want to keep your decorations up high cats like to get into the trees dogs may knock the tree over and it could be needed to make sure the tree is stable and make sure maybe if anything keep a fence around that tree – in the home thanks Mike that is great advice to keep your pet safe during the holiday season from premier pet supply we’ll send it back to you

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