Tips to keep your pet safe in the cold weather

With below freezing tempatures possible in the next week. it’s a good reminder to keep pets safe in the cold weather. TAKE VO COULEE REGION HUMANE SOCIETY The general rule of thumb the humane society says is that if you are cold, your pet likely is too. Many people leave their pets in the car while running errands thinking that will keep their pets safe. but similar to a car in the sun. a car in the cold acts as an refridgerator and can actually be colder than the outdoors. Those at the humane society say dogs don’t react to tempature the same way humans do and there are some things we should keep in mind. A thing to keep in mind for dogs especially that they breathe through their pads a lot so that they’ll sweat in the hot summer temperatures. So when the pavement is too hot we caution people against it. Same thing when it’s too cold that can really drop their body temperature quite a bit. COMMUNITY OUTREACH COORDINATOR, COULEE REGION HUMANE SOCIETY They also said that if you do keep your pets outdoors in a shed. hay is the best thing to use for bedding. as objects such as blankets can pull moisture from the air and get wet. WIPE VO

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