Tips to Install a Mudroom Storage Bench

Get your clutter under control with this great
looking solution you can build and install yourself! You’ve seen similar setups in all kinds of
catalogs- the real beauty of this one? You build it to fit your taste and your space
– from stock cabinets and a few simple supplies. Here’s how the system breaks down. You buy two stock cabinet pantry towers, along with a piece of bead board paneling that Lowe’s will
cut to size. You build a bench, a shelf, and a cap piece. Because the builds are all pretty
basic let’s focus on some tips for the install. Start by setting the first cabinet in place. Make sure it’s plumb and level and then attach
it to the wall according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Find the studs that’ll fall
within the span of the overall unit — and mark them using pieces of painters tape on
the floor, it’s a quick and easy way to reference the studs when you’re attaching other elements.
For this install, It’s easiest just to remove your baseboard molding, and once you’re done,
you can cut it to fit, and re-install. Next step- add the beadboard paneling. Apply the adhesive to the back, and before you actually
apply the panel to the wall– make sure it’s flush to the top of the cabinet — the adhesive
doesn’t set immediately so you can make any little adjustments you need…. and don’t’
worry about any gapping at the floor — it’ll get covered up when you re-install the baseboard. Now – the bench and shelf. Measure and mark the heights, then starting with the shelf
— make sure it’s level — and secure it to the wall. Use your taped stud markers and
follow right up the beadboard to drive your screw into the stud. Then attach the shelf
to the cabinet itself. Drill through the shelf, and through the cabinet wall. Then back the
screws out a bit, and doublestick tape a small nailer over the holes inside the cabinet.
Now you can drive the screws into the nailer to add a little extra support. The bench is added exactly the same way…level
it, attach it to the wall and then to the cabinet by screwing through the bench, through
the cabinet –and into the nailer you add inside. Now you can bring in the second cabinet, slide it in nice and tight to the shelf and bench,
and attach it to the wall following the manufacturers recommendations. Check for level on the shelf
before you attach it to the second cabinet, screwing into the nailer you add inside. Then
move down and attach the bench the same way. It’s likely the cabinet won’t get a perfect
fit to the paneling– but you can easily seal up any gapping with a bead of caulk. The final element is this top cap, which is a piece of mdf with some crown moulding applied
to it, that ‘ties’ the unit together. Apply a little adhesive along the raised edges of
the cabinets, you really don’t need very much, then just lift the cap up and set it in place.
Quick and easy, and organized!

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