Tips on Pet Care and Vacation Sitting : Choosing a Pet Sitter for While You Are Away

Hi! This is Beverly for Expert Village. In
this clip, we are going to be talking about how to choose a pet sitter. The most important
thing when you are choosing a pet sitter is to find someone that both you and your pet
are comfortable with. This person is going to be your best friend’s caregiver while you
are gone and they will be coming in and out of your house so make sure you have a good
feeling about this person and their ability to take care of your pet. Your pet sitter
should meet with you and your pet so they can familiarize themselves with your animals
and their routine. Make sure your pet sitter is bonded and insured. This means that if
something is damaged, for instance the pet sitter breaks something in the house that
that’s covered. Also if your pet is injured or harmed in any way, that is also covered.
It can also cover theft if you believe that your pet sitter has stolen something and you
can prove it, then you would be covered for that as well. You can ask your pet sitter
for proof of this kind of insurance and also ask them for references; people who have used
their services and have been satisfied.

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