Tips on how to keep your pets safe on New Year’s Eve

Preparations for New Years celebrations already underway but as we get closer to the big countdown there are some tips pet owners may need to know. KITV 4′ Ashley Moser explains. Love it or hate it — NAT Firecrackers Wednesday night will be filled with plenty of noise! While many of us are ready to celebrate the New Year — our four legged friends may not be as excited. Christina 11:17 “FIREWORKS ARE REALLY REALLY STRESSFUL ON ANIMALS THE LOUD SOUNDS EVEN THE BRIGHT LIGHTS ARE REALLY SCARY.” 11:24 The Hawaiian Human Society is expecting to receive around 50 lost animals this New Year’s holiday. While that number may seem high — it’s actually half of what it used to be before Oahu’s ban on fireworks. To keep those numbers down — experts say there a few things pet owners can do. First — make sure your furry friend has an i.d. christina 10:41 “YEAH ANYKIND OF IDENTIFICATION. IT JUST HELPS THEM GET HOME TO YOU IF THEY GET LOST. IF THEY COME HERE WITH A MICROCHIP OR I.D. TAG WE CAN CALL YOU RIGHT AWAY.” 10:49 Last year the Human Society was able to reunite Yuki and his owner using a microchip. NAT microchip beep File tape 4707 11:32:34 And make sure YOUR contact information — connected to the chip is up to date. Next — try to make your pet comfortable. Christina 13:38 “SOME PEOPLE BUT THEIR TV ON REALLY LOUD TO MASK THE NOISE. THEY PUT THEM IN A QUIET ROOM, TURN THE LIGHTS OFF KEEP THEM REALLY CALM.” 13:45 To calm them down — you can also contact your vet about a tranquilizer pill. But experts say if you’re that worried — stay home with them. 11:29 “IT’S QUIETER, THEY CAN’T ESCAPE — GET OUT INTO THE NEIGHBORHOOD. AND DON’T BRING THEM TO THE FIREWORKS WITH YOU.” 11:34 Ashley Moser — KITV 4 News. For those pet owners looking to microchip their furry friends before New Years — the Hawaiian Human Society accepts walk-ins daily

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