Tips For First Time Samoyed Owners

Hi guys! Welcome to Yeti’s Place. This is
Yeti the Samoyed and I’m Yeti’s Mom and on today’s episode, we are going to talk
about….What are we gonna talk about Yeti? Is a Samoyed going to be a good
fit for you as a first-time dog owner? Up next on Yeti’s Place. If you’re new to
this channel, please be sure to subscribe, click our bell notification and check
out the links down below. So Yeti and I are often asked the question, well I
don’t currently have a dog do you think a Samoyed would be a good fit for me?
As you can tell, Yeti is not the greatest listener and that’s because he is a
northern bred dog. Northern breed dogs the dogs with the pointy ears, are
extremely intelligent dogs, which means they don’t want to listen to people.
Because they feel that they know more than people do. Which sometimes, it’s true.
Samoyeds are strong-minded. They’re extremely intelligent, difficult to train,
unless you have treats. If you have treats then they do whatever you want.
If you’ve never met a Samoyed before, don’t take viewing this video as your
ideal dog experience, because Yeti is normally not this quiet. He gets crazy.
He gets hyper. He eats stuff. He does stinker filled things. He’s great dog, but
he can be a stinker. Yeti come here you’re out of the.. you’re out of camera.
Come over here. Come here. Oh come here. Yeti, come here. He has
caused our heater to die many times because of all the fur that gets into
the vents, from his non-stop shedding. So Samoyeds, they shed epically. They have
this beautiful, soft, fuzzy coat that’s very long and that’s very, very pretty,
but there’s a lot of grooming involved. And they shed! Would they be a good fit
for you? Are they a good fit for you if you live in an apartment? Are they a good
fit for you if you have a house with a lot of room for them to go outside and
roam? What types of exercises do you have to do with a Samoyed, because there’s
there’s a lot that goes into this northern breed dog. They need a lot of
exercise…. a lot, of exercise. You also want to meet
an adult Samoyed, because if you meet a puppy Samoyed, that’s it. You’re done.
Because puppy Samoyeds, are the cutest thing on the face of the planet. So it’s
important that you meet an adult Samoyed. That you see how they behave. What
they’re like with other dogs. Which they’re great with other dogs and
they’re great with with small children. But you want to see that face-to-face,
one-on-one and you also want to check out their size, because they do get to be
big. So if you do happen to get a Samoyed after you’ve met a breeder, after
you’ve gone to dog shows, after you’ve met other people who own Sammys…. Yeti
come here. No, don’t you wander away. Come here. Once you’ve determined that this is
the breed for you, you have to puppy-proof your whole house. It needs to
be puppy proofed, like how you would baby proof a house, because Sammies are very
active dogs. They get into everything. Yeti, I have fur everywhere. They don’t
know how to react to boredom other than being destructive, so you have to keep
them entertained and going throughout their whole lives. Quimby and Bigby, Yeti’s
buddies, are nine years old and they still eat their house, because you’d think
that having two Sammies would would wear each other out. But, yeah, when one dog starts doing stinker filled activity then the other dog
contributes to that same stinker filled activity. So just be sure to start off
with one Samoyed first, decide, okay can I handle it if I get two Sammies? Because
now they are very, very cute as puppies. And they’re irresistible as puppies. Now
with the potty training, what has helped Yeti, as well as my first Samoyed, Chewy,
when you play with them, the moment you stop playing with them, bring them
outside right away. The moment they finish eating their dinner, the moment
they finish drinking water, you’ve got to get them outside right away. And then
when they do their job outside, you’re gonna lavish a lot of praise on your puppy for
being a good boy, good boy, way to go potty out here and not in the house! If
they go potty in the house, only if you catch them in the act of going potty do
you tell them, no bad dog! Stop! And you get them outside right away. Because
otherwise they’re not gonna know what you’re, you’re yelling at them for.
Samoyeds are play and movement oriented dogs. They need to be working…
Yeti, no! Come back here. Yeti, come here. Yeti look. They’re movement and
play oriented dogs. They need to play, all the time.
They need to be active, all the time. The only time that they crash and that
they’re quiet is when they’re sound asleep, which with a Sammy, is like five
minutes a day. Be sure to have a lot of great toys for them to play with. And you
have to be on the other end of that toy, playing with them because, otherwise they
get bored of the toy. Yeah, Yeti doesn’t want his bone right now. Look at the
bone Yeti. Are you trying to be good for the camera? So after you’ve determined
everything and you have that new puppy, be sure to love him or her a lot. Now,
they are very talkative dogs. They talk in different tones of voice. They howl,
squeak, screech, talk back to you like they sass back to you if you tell them
no, they’ll go, aroww woow woow wooh woohr woo woo woo and they’ll do all other types of barking.
They’re not a good dog if you live in an apartment. Plus the size of them and the
amount of fur that comes off of them. Now they do, do ok in a small house, if you’re
walking them a lot. Always have them on a leash because if they see a squirrel, or
they see any other type of animal, they will dart off. That squirrel or that
other animal is much more attractive than coming home with Mom or Dad right
now. They’re very much people oriented dogs, where they have to always be with
their people. They might even sleep on your bed with you, or on the floor below
your bed, or who knows, they might even sleep by the back door, if there’s a
draft coming in. If you get a Samoyed and you’ve never had a Samoyed before, please
be patient with them. Know that that destructive behavior will eventually
calm down. It takes them about two years or so before that destructiveness kind
of fades away. If you work on exercising them a few times a day. Play hard with
them with you on the other end of the toy and playing fetch and playing
tug-of-war toys and being on the other side of a bone, like these guys. These are
ribeye bones. They’re real bones. Yeti normally really likes these, but right
now, he’s being good, because we’re filming YouTube. But if you’re on the
other end of the toy playing with them, you’ll exhaust them and they’ll be happy,
happy, wonderful dogs. Encourage them to pull you on a sled. If you have
rollerblades, bring them on their walks and have them pull you through the
neighborhood. They’ll love that. To all of you guys who are thinking
about getting a Samoyed, they’re great dogs. Thank you so much for watching all
of our videos, we really do appreciate it. To everyone who keeps coming back,
welcome back you guys. Thanks for being our Yetables. If you’re new to this
channel please be sure to subscribe. Click that bell notification, so you’ll
be notified of any new videos and check out our links down below. We’ll catch you
guys next time.

20 thoughts on “Tips For First Time Samoyed Owners

  1. If you have ideas for subjects you'd like Yeti and I to discuss, please comment down below. Do you think a Samoyed would be a good first-time dog? Be aware, Yeti is not always as calm and relaxed as he is on film. He knows he has to behave on camera.

  2. Wow mom! Your hair grew back so fast!!! Its magic!! 😉 Yeti was very good today, such a long video and he did well. Good job!

  3. Great video. You are spot on about Sammy's tendencies and personalities. My Sophia could be very stubborn but reacted well if you changed your tone of voice. They know if you are not happy with them and they will always try to please their family. LOVE Yeti!!

  4. Do you live in the Midwest? You sound exactly like everyone in my old neighbourhood in Wisconsin, haha❤️

  5. I am literally getting a male puppy in 2 weeks. Nice video timing. I am prepared to invest tons of time into him, but I am worried of one issue. I am a single working guy. I don’t live far from work though, so I can visit him during lunch. I’ve negotiated with my boss to come home twice a shift during his puppy months. I plan to crate him while I am away. Do you think this sounds like a recipe for disaster? I intend to walk him twice a day, take him to dog parks on weekends, puppy school, the works. I am super committed to him, but a guy’s gotta work! What do you think?

  6. We have recently moved form our flat to a hosue ont he edge of town. We are surrounded by countryside and Xioamra loves it.. She chases goats and rabbits and loves the horses and of course other dogs. She has also chosen to sleep outside again. I was just realluy sick for a day and didn´t see her all day. I got a great welcoem when I got up this morning,

  7. I have been watching your channel and doing research. I really want a samyoed, but am having a hard time finding some.

    I have been looking for good breeders, but am having trouble getting one!
    Do you know any breeders or how I can adopt one?

  8. I've read that if you get a double coated dog fixed, the way they shed changes. One person described an intact dog as a "blizzard" for a few weeks once or twice a year, and when they are fixed, it's a little bit of snow all year long.

  9. So this is my first time looking at getting a dog. I rent a house with almost all wood floors (the upstairs is carpeted), live with 3 other roommates who are my friends. One of my friends has owned a dog before and he is a dog trainer. I work a weird shift 12pm-9pm but I was thinking of having someone come to the house when one of my roommates isn't home until 4. And then they'd be alone for a an hour and a half and then one of my roommates will be home. I'm not getting one immediately as they are expensive so I will be reading up and studying until then. I was wondering on what your opinion on me getting a Sammy would be and what should I really study up on. I do plan to spend loads of time with them and playing with them alot. The only time I'd really be away from them is when I go to work.

  10. i have a female samoyed puppy, a month old. not gonna lie, its frustrating, pees everywhere she wants, bites and cries at night, please give tips

  11. I’m looking into getting a Samoyed and have done lots of research
    We have a family of five and my mom works for about an hour to an hour and a half at a time and then comes home
    And also my brother is always home so that too
    We have a cat currently so looking into getting a puppy
    We plan on giving two walks a day and lots of play time and exercise and we have a dog park 5 minutes away
    Also we have a huge yard so that’s cool
    We are planning to bring him/her to puppy training

    We’re getting hard wood floors to replace our carpets so it’s easy to clean
    We are about to sell our consession stand so we don’t care about the hair getting into our food ?
    Oh and we also live in Duluth MN so definitely not hot here
    And we also have like no neighbors bc our driveway is so long
    We’ve had a golden retriever in the past and she was amazing
    I am fully committed no matter what

    What do you think? Are we ready?

    -Thank you

  12. im so frustrated, please help. my almost 2 month samoyed wont stop biting me or biting on furniture although she has a lot of toys. she wont listen to me. ive tried the yelping method when she bites and it doesnt work. please help, im losing my mind.

  13. Hi! I love your pet samoyeds, I have a pet samoyed too, almost 2 months old. I need tips, it’s my first time having a dog so i’m frustrated with her. She’s very aggressive and bites me even if i yelp/ scream ouch. (she wont care if i yelp) Potty training isn’t even my problem anymore, it’s her attitude. Please help. I know puppies are chewing because their teeth is growing, but I don’t want her to chew on furniture or people, but only on her toys. I try to train her not to but she’s very stubborn. Although she likes furniture more than her toys. I’m very frustrated. Please give tips! Thanks!

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