Dinner turned into.. Breakfast lol No appetite I’m fine.. I’m really okay… *cries* Pree’s lovesick.. Why don’t you love me back.. I warned you. Go away Move aside.. I. Don’t. Like. You Dang I’m so hurt… Vet/ Terry doesn’t like Pree, and finds her annoying But it’s also interest towards Pree Separating them will increase interest Slow effect magic..! Terry’s owner/ Let’s go home~ Hello, Pree~ Pree, bye~ Can’t say goodbye.. He can’t just leave me like this! I can’t accept this.. Gotta get out of the friendzone Y’all feel my pain? Life is tough.. *Gasp* Pree’s been stressed out.. Not only does she not eat, but she also gets diarrhea.. How much stress must she be under.. I’m worried Today, I’m gonna make him mine_

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100 thoughts on “Tips For Dogs Who Want To Make Their Crush Love Them Back (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

  1. Son un equipo tan especializado, enseñan tantas cosas para apoyarlos en situaciones emocionales! Son grandiosos con ellos! Bellos ambos perritos y es hermoso ver cómo se transforma su comportamiento a uno amoroso, protector cuando era todo lo contrario! Gracias !!! Que esencias son las que usaron en el Chanel? He visto el uso de aromaterapia en otros de sus casos por ejemplo para depresión por luto o por separación ? Es muy importante tener conocimiento de ello !! Gracias en verdad desde mi corazón !! Les sigo desde un rinconcito de México!!

  2. Soooo happy for Pree and Terry waiting on part 3. Will their love last.? Stay strong Pree.😊😍🐶❤🐶🐕❤🐕

  3. Dis cute kritter klub. U guys are always finding ways to help animals, even if their in pain, depressed, drama or whatever , u guys are da best

  4. I think they have uploaded this episode for the second time.
    I am not sure 🤔 But I think I have seen both the parts before.
    Btw love this love story ♥

  5. Can someone put my crush in a dark isolated room and scare him with a wierd sound so I can go in like a hero so we fall in love lol

  6. Кто бы мог подумать, что можно создать определенные условия для развития отношений между собаками. Было очень интересно. Хорошо, что Терри обратил внимание на При, собачки чудо

  7. 2 of my German Shepherds are like this. My youngest girl is INSANE with desire for my boy, who has NO interest for her unless it's just playing. Both of them are working line Shepherds (the kind the police and military like). She fell for him as soon as she saw him because he was nice to her (unlike my other female who is Show line and only wanted to beat her up for messing with HER man). The thing is, only my boy is intact, not fixed. Both girls are fixed including the show line girl who had to be fixed because she had pyometra. He realizes that neither girl will ever be able to make puppies with him. The show line girl was supposed to be with him (hoping she would give her black color to a male puppy is why I thought she would be great for him). But she was too small and fearful of him.

  8. Wait! wait! Hold up! You're trying to force Terry to like Pree??? Pree is a crazy psycho. Terry isn't doing anything bad by being annoyed by Pree who constantly pesters him. Pree is the dog with the issues that need to be fixed. I've never seen a dog so obsessed with another dog.

  9. I’m just gonna say this was the cutest dog couple I’ve ever seen ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You can tell that they really love each other!

  10. Pree🐶🐕💔💔Que bueno que le den una ayudita a Pree con Terry.💗💖💙💚💘Amor perruno al fin🐕🐶💗💙

  11. Please sterilize the dogs. Korea is overpopulated with strays and abandoned dogs. They also steal dogs for the Dog meat festival. Thousands of them die .

  12. C'mon my single friends.. maybe ur crushes need to be alone with you..

    *This was funny especially the caption. "When dogs have better lovelife than me."

  13. So, to make others fall in love in you..

    1. Scare the sheet out of her.
    2. Be there for her when she's most scared and protect her.
    3. Use chanel perfume. Make yourself smell good.

    Thanks for the tips. Not lets try this with hooman.. 😁😁

  14. I'm just gonna wait for some puppies, thank god that my pen pal knows her. It's weird how this world is so much smaller.

  15. So, they had to trick him to love her? He is only going to dump her once he finds that one his desire heart as she desired him then you would have manage to create a heart break for her. Oh, well Injoy Pree while it lasted, girl! She is beautiful too, so it goes to show its not all about looks.

  16. So basically….
    How to get your crush to notice LOVE you:

    Step 1: Trap and scare em. act reliable and stay by their side.
    Step 2: Spray as many perfume as shown on the video.

    And that's all lmao

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