Tips And Tricks For Buying A Samoyed | Where Should I Buy A Samoyed

Yeti and I have quite a few viewers, asking
us where you got your Samoyed? Well, on today’s episode, we’re going to talk
about tips and tricks for buying a Samoyed, where to locate one and how to go ahead and
get a Samoyed, if it’s the right fit for you. Up next, on Yeti’s Place. If you’re new here, welcome you guys. We really do appreciate it. Please be sure to subscribe. Click that bell notification and check out
our links down below. So Samoyeds are working dogs with a TON of
energy. They are extremely intelligent dogs, who don’t
like to listen to people. Now I know you guys are sitting there thinking,
well, what…what in the world? What do you mean by that? A Samoyed is not the type of dog to sit, stay
and not eat anything in your house all day. As a potential Samoyed owner, you need to
recognize that and you need to know what to do to avoid that from happening. Which is, you must exercise them, you must
play with them….a lot. And exercise, I mean walking a few miles a
day, multiple times a day. Once you understand that and you realize that,
ok, I can…. I can live with a Samoyed in my house, because
they are inside dogs, who love to cuddle with their family members, all the time. This is the dog for me! I can deal with all the fur getting caught
in my vents, all the time. I can deal with the constant energy. I can….I can deal with their….their superintelligence
with not wanting to listen to me. I can deal with that! Then, you want to know, how to find a Samoyed. So, the place where I got Yeti, I got him
from a reputable breeder who’s been breeding Samoyeds for around 50 years. They only have a few litters annually and
they want to get to know their potential owners. How did I meet Yeti’s breeder? I did a lot of research. A lot of combination of both online research
as well as researching through the Samoyed Club of America. I live in the United States. So, the Samoyed Club of America, is a great,
great resource. It’s available online, it’s also available
in a magazine format. This is the Samoyed Club of America magazine. Inside are articles written about Samoyeds. Yes, you like this book, don’t you? And there are color photos, as well as black
and white photos. It’s a fantastic resource. It has stories in here about Samoyeds. That’s how I found out a lot of information
regarding Samoyeds, is by reading this book. They do list information on dog shows, agility
shows. You can locate a breeder that would be a good
fit for you. You can talk to other Samoyed owners. But, I don’t know any Samoyed owners. Well, I’m on YouTube here, to help educate
potential Samoyed owners, as well as those who own Samoyeds. Now, if you don’t live in the United States,
you can certainly Google search Samoyeds and find out if there’s a Samoyed Club of your
country. But, now what do you do about the cost? Samoyeds are a bit more pricey. They’re not as common as, say for example,
a Golden Retriever. So, their cost may be a bit more. Especially if you get a Samoyed from a reputable
breeder, whose parents might be champions or grand champions. Yeti’s Dad, is an international champion. He was brought back to the United States a
few months before Yeti was born. Yeti’s Dad, was sent, by Yeti’s breeder, to
Europe, to win multiple dog shows. His list of dog show wins, was impressive. It was 2 full pages, listing all the dog shows
he had competed in and his rank and what he won. I was super, super impressed. So, where else do I find a Samoyed? You can link up with other Samoyed owners
through social media. You can talk to them, build a relationship
with them. There’s a good resource on Facebook, Samoyed
Owners resource. But, on there, they have a lot of…of other
Samoyed owners, who like to talk a lot about their Samoyeds, because this breed is SO special! So, you can always check with your local dog
shelter. You can do a Google search for Samoyed shelters,
because these dogs are lovable dogs.And they just want to go to a good family, who will
love them back. You can always adopt a Samoyed from a shelter,
because they are going to be such wonderful dogs. Chances are that there are going to be adult
dogs in the dog shelters and that’s okay, because a Samoyed as an adult is such a lovely
dog. Like, Yeti is 3 years old. And he slobbered all over me. If you located a Samoyed at a shelter, you
can always ask the shelter, well, can I have him at my house for a day, or perhaps over
the weekend, to see if he’d be a good fit for me. Maybe a dog shelter might be able to do that
for you. Otherwise, you can spend time with other Samoyed
owners, to see if they’d be a good fit for you. With Samoyeds, it’s important to do a lot
of research, to find out if this is a good fit for you and if this is the dog that you
really want, because, they are work. They can cause damage to a house, either with
their teeth, or by all the fur that is shed off of them. They can cause damage to your heating and
cooling system by getting their fur into the vents, because their fur is everywhere throughout
a house. But, once you know that they’re a great fit
for you, they’re the perfect fit for you in your life. If you’re new here, please be sure to subscribe. Welcome back to all of our Yetables. Check out our links down below. Click that bell notification so you’ll be
notified of any new releases. And thanks so much to all of you for watching
our video. You guys have a great day.

17 thoughts on “Tips And Tricks For Buying A Samoyed | Where Should I Buy A Samoyed

  1. I hope this video helped answer the questions Yeti and I get about how to get a Samoyed. Be sure to ask us more questions. Yeti and I enjoy answering and responding to your comments.

  2. Every time your new video is on, I watch subtitles first, then watch Yeti all the time for the second time again. ^_^ Love you and Yeti!

  3. Great video. Please, mention something about breed specific Samoyed rescues. There are a ton of great people and organizations out there dedicated to rehoming Samoyeds.

  4. Yesterday on her mid-day walk by the side of the dry river-bed I saw in the near distance a white horse. I told Xiomara that it was not a dog but a horse. When up close she barked at it, circled it and chased it and the horse ignored her. Having successfully got her away from the horse Xiomara then decided to have another try and off she went again chasing the horse….. This dog is a nutter!

  5. I love your videos! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now to help educate myself about Samoyeds. Can you do a video of things you wish you knew before getting a Samoyed?

  6. If they are so smart, is there any way to train them to not destroy things inside the house? (Like if you weren't able to walk them to tire them out everyday).

  7. I have dreamed of a Samoyed my whole life and now I actually have a chance to get one. I'm a teenager that easily manages in high school and I'm bored at home. I also kinda need an excuse to get out of the house more to meet my girlfriend. Do You think that It's a good choice?

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  9. I'm new to your channel and I subscribed you also ?. Yeti is just so cute, lovely and amazing. His and your bond is truly beautiful. I also want to have one Samoyed and I searched about them but I read somewhere that Samoyed can get many diseases. Is it so? And if it is so then can you give some tips to prevent him from any disease?

  10. Hello I am in the market to get a Samoyed actually and I was wondering if you know of any reliable breeders my mom and I also live in America and we been trying to get one for quite a while

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