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The cutest baby raccoons were stuck in the wall! This rescuer had to cut through a wall. They should not be in somebody’s wall. They should be with their mama! How’d they even get in there, anyway? Maybe they got lost or they fell through something and landed inside someone’s wall? They dug through the— through the roof, landed in there and someone saw. “Oh, there’s a hole in my roof! Repaired it!” And then, like, ding ding ding ding. “Oh, wow, I didn’t realize I had baby raccoons in here!” Don’t worry, raccoons, we’re gonna get you home! Now that the rescuer had cut a big hole, it was time to start pulling the babies out. There’s the first raccoon! They’re so little! There’s number two! Number three. I think they’re pretty cute. And the fourth one! How did they all fit in there? That’s five raccoons! The raccoons were safely out of the wall, but now what? What do you do with a pack of rescued raccoon babies? The rescuer came up with a plan! He would put the baby raccoons in a special box and leave them on the roof of the house where he’d found them. Then, he’d wait for the mama raccoon to show up and take her babies home. OK, the babies are in the box. Look! There’s the mama! The rescuer left the box alone to make sure the mama wouldn’t get scared and run away. But instead of taking the babies OUT of the box, like the rescuer hoped… “There’s our box.” …the mama raccoon moved INTO the box to be with her babies! “We have a mama and there’s a little baby tail sticking out.” What are you doing, mama? This can’t be your new house! You have to go live in the wild! This is just a box! But the rescuer trusted the mama would soon figure out what to do. And just like he hoped, she took her babies out! And went off to look for a home in the wild, where it’s safe. Bye, raccoons! I thought how the mama was carrying the raccoons didn’t really look so comfortable. They could just go… Juggle some babies! Those raccoons are probably feeling like, “Hallelujah! We’re out of that wall and now we’re living with our mom!” If you see an animal in trouble, do not try to rescue them by yourself. Ask an adult family member for help. My mom helps me with the dogs I rescue.

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