Tiny puppy transforms from ugly duckling

he was severely emaciated he's pretty covered in infection his ribs were sticking out his eye was so badly infected and it was really painful for him he was in such rough shape being the foster coordinator here at the shelter I took him home that night just to make sure he had you know medical care we would you know make it he needed antibiotics he went in his eye he did actually his foots extremely portioned out and you can't just feed him a dog a lot of food at once the first few weeks were definitely just DLC he was always cold so he had a little local GMOs that we kept open once he had gains enough weight for a surgery we were gonna remove the eye but our vet decided that his body had fought off the infection up that we were able to keep the eye like started to bow which turned out to be a small deformity so he had his leg putting ask the help kind of frightened his legs while she built up muscle like learning to walk again it's not like some legs he just follows the other dogs around chicken wing he is missing a leg he came to me from previous shelter that I used to work at I adopted waffles through a rescue group here my biggest one wrote I found her on the side street when I first moved I took her into my house it was I mean she was mine from the start that kind of opened my eyes into dogs needing homes I just started volunteering with rescue groups and it haven't gone from there he's been with us for a while and he fits in so perfect especially with the other dogs kind of was the whines we just gonna say he's obsessed with chicken wing he follows him everywhere Elliott does waffles wants to play with him at all times but he's really really close to chicken wing maybe just as we both did a little TLC from the start they bonded but if I let me put her everywhere he is obsessed with burying his head and blankets in your armpit and your belly if you're laying down he's just a silly happy puppy

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