33 thoughts on “Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy bulldog

  1. Is a game but I'm scared could became very dangerous for the little chihuahua anyway the video look very sweet

  2. Little Dog-Boing boing boing ring ring ring…… Big Dog-Ugh NOT AGAIN…GO AWAY…… Little Dog-Boing boing ring ring NA-UH…. Boing boing…. Here I come…heh hehe boing boing….ring ring ring ring.
    Big Dog-You know I could eat you right……. Little Dog-Boing boing ring……ring……
    Weeeeeeeee…… Boing boing….Big Dog- Don't you ever tire out? Tiny Dog-Boing boing boing ring boing ring….NOPE…Boing. Big Dog-Aw heck fine but if you bite me you little terd that bell will be somewheres else.

  3. Good grief, that little dog is the size of the other dog's paw or foot. He could eat him, yet sees the little guy as his tiny buddy. It amazes me how big dogs can be so gentle with little tiny pups. Granted some dogs would not be as forgiving, but quite a few see the smaller dog as a little bro or a tiny pal. I had a St.Bernard that was like that with my Lhasa Apso. Even when the dumb a** was trying to mate with her.
    Oh and for a little dog he was ingenious and inventive. He would wait on the couch and as she passed he'd do a leap of faith and attempt to land a mount, but always misssed or got smacked by her big ol tail. I'll give him credit, he was tenacious, or really horny. It was like watching a comedy act and the little guy aptly named BOZO, never quite hit his mark. Came close once but slid right off. So close yet so far.
    @ 1:15 the big pooch was play biting the tiny dog's leg, but again so gentle.
    Animals have feelings and emotions and can form STRONG BONDS with other animals. It all depends on how they are raised. This dog is gentle and very sweet.

  4. It's sad to say; but dogs behave more Godly than many people. People can learn a lot from these humble creatures. Thanks for sharing

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