Timothy Olyphant's Dog Accidentally Ate His Weed Edibles

-I do want to tick off
some of your projects. -By the way,
there's a bunch of them. -You got — There's three. There's three things
I want to ask you about. -Okay, three.
-"Santa Clarita Diet." Season three, right?
-Season three. Streaming on Netflix.
-Streaming on Netflix. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Moving on. -Moving on.
"Missing Link." -Oh, so charming.
-"Missing Link." -Oh, you got kids!
You're gonna go see this. -Uh, they're a little young
for it, I think. -No, but eventually, you will. By the way, the great thing
about these animated films… -Yeah.
-…and I'm speaking just for me,
I hear the residuals are great. -Wow, okay.
-You're gonna watch it late — You're gonna watch it
years from now. -Right.
-'Cause it's a good one. It's a classic. It's like Rotten Tomatoes,
like, 100%. 110% fresh.
-Is it? Already? -110% fresh. -And which of these fellows
here do you play? -That's a little embarrassing. You would think I wouldn't be,
but I am that guy. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] What's the name? -Last name's Stenk.
-Stenk. I believe
the first name is Willard. [ Laughter ]
It's some kind — -You really found the character
on this one. [ Laughter ] -You know me.
-Yeah. -I'm method.
-Yeah. -So, when I'm in it, I'm in it.
-Yeah. -But you also know me.
When I'm out, I'm out. -Yeah.
-I can't even, it's like — -You just left Willard Stenk…
-Can't even remember it. -…in the headphones.
-The fact that I could even — 'Cause I was so deep, I don't
even remember when it happened. It's like a — it's like a —
-Yeah. -I don't know
where I'm going with this. -I forgot to ask you —
[ Laughter ] Is it true —
I don't want to lose the opportunity
to ask this question. Is it true you're dog
got into the edibles? -Oh, my God.
This is the thing. When they legalize drugs,
they don't — they don't — They just —
They just legalize it, and then they say,
"People will figure it out." -I feel like that's not true,
but go ahead. [ Laughter ] -But listen, New York,
'cause it's coming. The legal drugs are coming,
and they're gonna give you these little things
that look like gummy bears. -Right.
-They look like little, uh — little kid treats.
And what they don't tell you is the dogs
don't know they're drugs. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -'Cause you think,
"Oh, it's legal now. Just leave it anywhere."
You know what I mean? -Yeah. Right.
-Cops show up, who cares? Leave it on the couch.
I'm not concerned. -Yeah.
-But the dog doesn't know. -Right. -He doesn't know
those are drugs. -Yeah.
-And then all of a sudden, if the ASPCA or anyone — We've taken care of our pets
for years, fine. -A lot — I do want to point out
that a lot of this interview has been you stressing
how responsible you are. [ Laughter ] -I do it for you, Seth,
because you have little kids. -I do.
-I'm trying to set an example! -Yes, okay.
I will take it as an example. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
-And maybe you think — -Hold that thought.
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Okay, now go.
-It's really — -Now go, now go. -Who's hosting this show,
god damn it?! I've lost control
of my own show! [ Laughter ] -So the dog —
What's the dog's name? -Little Bruno.
-Little Bruno. -Just a little guy.
-Okay. -I had one.
I felt it. -Yeah. Right.
-He had like six. -Oh, wow.
-By the way, if you wonder — if you ever ask yourself,
"I wonder if you show up to a vet clinic," you know, "with a stoned dog if they'll
be like, 'Oh, my God. What?!'" They won't.
[ Laughter ] He'll be like the third dog
that showed up high. [ Laughter ] They'll be like, "No, no, we had
a Boxer here earlier today way more stoned than that."
[ Laughter ] They say, "Come back
in 45 minutes and pick him up." And then so, you say,
"He'll be fine? 'Cause we have questions." And they say, "We'll give you
a brochure when you leave." -Gotcha.
-They've printed a brochure. [ Laughter ]
That's how common it is. They haven't —
They haven't been like — -And what is it —
Like, do they put on an album? Like, what do they tell you
to do when your dog's stoned? [ Laughter ]
-Put on an album. -Do they like vinyl?
[ Laughter ] Wait. I'm running out of time,
and I've — You just have to come out —
When does this come out? When is the "Deadwood" movie
gonna come out? -It's in May-ish.
-All right. That's soon. -May — Yeah,
'cause it's April-ish. It's April.
-Yeah, it's April. This is so exciting.
-By the way, speakin' of going deep method,
look at that 'stache. -There you go.
-I went big. -So that's — And that is —
You grew that? -I'll tell you why. One, the real guy
had a huge mustache. And I always thought,
if we're ever gonna do it again, I'm gonna really go deep method,
be the guy. -Did you grow the mustache
in the show? -That's not important.
Two — [ Laughter ] I thought, "The bigger I go,
if this thing sucks, I'll just tell people
it's not me." -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] It is true.
You can barely — 'Cause the hat's a little low,
and the mustache — -You got the hat
and the 'stache. You can be like, "What did you
think of the 'Deadwood' movie?" "I thought Duhamel
did a great job." -Yeah.
Oh, there you go. That is — You can totally
put it on Duhamel. -Yeah, look at Josh Duhamel. "They got Duhamel
to play Bullock." [ Laughter ] "I thought he did fine. I don't know what the big —
Everyone's complaining." -This is — the first time,
we met, we were talking about — 'Cause this
has been rumored for years. This wonderful show,
three seasons only on HBO. Would they do a movie?
And they did a movie. And I can't believe it.
I'm so happy. -Can I be sincere for one second
before we go? -Yeah.
-I've seen it, and I couldn't be
more proud of it. And it's just — it's lovely.
I hope people enjoy it. -And it was obviously a big show
for your career and your life. And was it
great to see everybody? -It was.
It really was. I think that — I resisted
the idea for a long time. I thought it was
a very, very, very bad idea. I've really
just enjoyed the experience. I think I underestimated
the impact those people had on my life so many years ago. And that show, it was just
a remarkable experience, and it was just — Very thankful
for the opportunity to go back
and see them all again. -I'm genuinely thrilled
to see it. -Do we want to cry
at the end of the interview? Is that where this is going?
-I guess so. -It felt like
it just got very — -All right, let's —
-Let's very — And I'm thankful
for this time here. -I am, too, and uh —
-How many times has it been? Four?
-This is four times, and it's the only person who's
ever been here four times. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]
I'm sorry. Record-setting four-time guest
Timothy Olyphant, everybody.

20 thoughts on “Timothy Olyphant's Dog Accidentally Ate His Weed Edibles

  1. The dog knows. My dogs will sniff it out, eat roaches off the ground, get so baked he can’t walk. The vet bills cost a fortune!!! (Tip – hydrogen peroxide squirted in their mouths and they puke it out – no need for charcoal stomach pumping).

  2. My favorite personal stories are weed stories. We need more of these.
    P.s. Careful with the dosage of those edibles. My uncle ate half a chocolate bar that didn’t kick in until hours later, when he was at work, and he was a mess.

  3. Tim, your dog will eat any candy. Never leave any candy where a dog can get it. Our dog finds the halloween candy. Also cough drops. Dogs are sneaky.

  4. OMG, I laughed, and laughed, and laughed…love ya Timothy Olyphant! I had no idea how much fun "drunk" Timothy would be!

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