Jesus called we've got the puppet or there's always water she's been waiting three years for a puppy I mean finally you got thrown up clean so we're gonna go home now nothing about this this has been planning it's in the I'm not quickly now where's your dance is right we've got to be quick we've got to be crazy Jen I can't move you from doing this you know nobody who over my hands was aa oh my gosh why you guys didn't come what's turning down where's your nah [Applause] [Applause] that'll be when look him she so you boys wanted see the game get over it it's your puppy now hold him pick him up your losses these guys know I don't know this that's why I don't think it's not pranking that I don't know about this no creature could porty or no honestly babe nine weeks old was too small seen him it was like it was three weeks old there you go told you nice it and that's why is it say yeah we've already got the piece won't go in there you go Oh bless and this blankets got his mum's sent on on this blanket so he loves that it's been staying at normal day doctor my foot na Na's the family knew you those funds that's what I'm like you fluffy just like your boy said all right sweets UTI no that's good sign was it a big shop for you still it's a big shock into it are you happy yeah he loves me he keeps that okay I'm gonna look at Gallican girl the bag Oh a toy look that you're in shock – yeah which is – so salt our reaction hit me back because I've never seen you pour them faces before when you see you see this light camera didn't you just that's what you like turn off a little bit she spots dis yeah yeah not at first after about 10 seconds I've seen a clock it I see her eyes look what this puppies the new lord of the manor but you leave our to say I'm adorable daughter doll like it's in the Lord's here yeah like it totally welcomed you well then oh look at that yeah there's gonna be a bed every day – what is there for Nate yeah oh they're jumping to one like the Cumberlands hey hey hey so Tiana Arad was the popular than the first went to visit so we've got some footage of the puppy when he was three weeks old and he was so tiny Hey what Oh Gyan he wasn't fluffy like this when he was like three weeks old is one of those don't you kids do in future get on his beam all the way across got the dog toys motion clarity honor yeah most without yellow I do not wanna be on his favorites anyway all the brush now you but you make up you've got you on a groom agreement it worked that was a mission Oh Tiana I'll shake it must be shaken it's been so difficult yes cuz the family obviously don't want to talk about this it's been like a secret hey nearly just by accident scene dog related things all the presents for the flows what was the like in the corn the way you evolved a shaky I felt just good suffer great down it was just this you know because it's a big thing and it was a slide it's happening it's happening and it's been three years what is she going to be like what's your no good you know reaction and obviously a breach or I could have chosen abouts you want to be there what do you think nice three years so y'all have been wanting a shih tzu for what you say to describe you explain to your honor so the fun's about I've been changing my minds what nobody wanted but that was the first one which normal to me and then I went back to okay I'll be chose well with the color job the color is he fluffy you know so this cage and Fisk his bed where he relaxes he really likes this camera which is the big one we're not really sure about this more than one so Tiana is going to need some help from you guys in the comments down below for what reason so suggestions in the comments below for a name for the new puppy the new family member yeah I'm thinking about Charlie yeah yeah see what your fun stuff to say about that Oh Siana yeah Oh Merry Christmas thank you you're welcome any favorites in there you can say do you like Swiss cheese oh there you go there you go happy believe Jeanette these took us for yes for years sure that's been going on about this for years who's she on has got no idea whatsoever what is gonna happen it's gonna be life-changing would you say oh yes guys just look what we've got an imperial shih tzu chakra he is adorable what a mega surprise – you're not your sister Wow Salem to the TT squad we've got a doggie squat going off now priests water

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