I will stop because I love him oh no my dad miles and you're watching the Disney Channel no I'm just kidding it's my channel but you knew that so for today's video we're gonna do something a little bit outside the box but also something that I'm sure millions of people have done I'm gonna throw my dog half birthday party a half birthday party you may ask yes let me explain about six months ago last December I rescued my puppy from a nearby organization at the time they were estimating he was about a year old and this week marks six months since I took him home with me coincidentally the secret life of pets two hits theaters today and so because of that it's gonna be a secret life of pets two themed party because I love the first one so much my dog the love of my life his name is Simon I'm trying to surprise him but I don't know how well it's gonna go because he's very nosy and he likes to be around people and he's very nervous but we're gonna work it through together and do everything we can to make him feel comfortable and appreciate it and love today so stick around and stay tuned for this very lit birthday party see here we got the first step to make our indoor yard for my pup and that is well the actual physical yard is a real grass nub where we know the difference I don't know the answer to that so it's a little bit more difficult than I thought it was gonna be just because it's stiff like a baguette that's been sitting on the counter for like ages but I think it should be fine once it's rolled out fully I also hope it doesn't shed all over my floor because I don't really want to whip out the vacuum in like midnight war film and they're straight it's like real grass except for the smell in the feel and every other possible characteristic that defines grass but it's grass now we got this fake fence cut out that I'm going to use to give my boy the white picket fence of his dreams do dogs dream I think so but I got to ask him later to confirm that we're just gonna go ahead and unpackage it here to the best of our ability there's no instruction manual I think anybody should be able to figure it out but it still taking me far too long so we're off to a great start as you could see excuse me sir you got to get out of here come on this is supposed to be a surprise for your birthday get out of here for a couple why Finnish come on that was a little spoilers sorry about that you know I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome I've been doing this for less than five minutes but this is the only body I got so what could I say so like three and a half weeks ago Simon had the worst case of diarrhea and I don't really have a story here just that it was a terrible experience for him and a very smelly one for me this is the part where we take the fence that we made and stick it onto the wall and hope that when it becomes time to take it down doesn't rip off large chunks of the actual wall like I said before it's almost midnight but if you think it's gonna stop me well spoiler alert it's not partially because I'm not a quitter and partially because I love my dog more than I love pizza which for the record is a lot you know in fact I could probably name on one hand how many things I love more than pizza that's how much I love pizza but I I love my dog more homeboy really holds down the fort a plus protector and definite best friend best second-in-command I could have asked for all right to keep it 100 since I started talking about pizza all I've been doing is thinking about pizza so if I decide to take a break and get some pizza well now you know why this is the inflatable baby pool that we're gonna use for a little one-year-old baby I came my dog Simon that I've already discussed the one who this videos for as you can see I blew up the pool and almost passed out from exhaustion in the process but I'm still picking some jokes on you but anyway we gotta really add some water the pool to really create this outdoors experience fam it came out so nice definitely a pool that I would take a swim in I may even go for multiple swims in there who knows so in my opinion whenever there's a pool there should always be pool balls of course only used pool balls with parental supervision in which case that to me I am the parental supervision here you know looking out for my dog though online I ordered this set of sixty rainbow pool balls yet I really only need probably a third of them so if you in the market for like I don't know two dozen rainbow pool balls let me know I can hook you up because that's what I'm good for here I guess if you know dogs you know the dogs love one thing above almost anything else and that's a good old classic fire hydrant so here I am going to the ends of the earth to get my dog the only fire hydrant that was mildly affordable at the searched in the internet all night so the story of how I got Simon okay well what happened was I actually went to this adoption event with another dog in mind and so in order to adopt a dog you had to have a name tag already printed out with the dog's name and a bunch of other stuff so anyway I was pretty clear for this first dog and I get to the adoption event ready to scoop him up I thought it would be a great addition to my family of one so little did I know the dog that I was gonna get was incredibly aggressive and normally that wouldn't have been a big issue for me I think all dog serve loving at home but I'm a young first-time dog owner and I know I didn't have the experience needed in order to properly care for and be responsible for the original dog I wanted like I mean she was snapping and snarling like everything are the people dogs food whatever you name it and for me personally I was a little bit overwhelmed not trying to like lose a finger that day in particular so funny enough I ended up with Simon who's the actual love of my life anyway everything is good now the original dog found a home all's well that ends well you know I've had Simon now about six months so that makes him about a year and six months old back to the video again in honor of the secret life of pets we got these our swag bags because it's not a true party until the UH the swag bags show up you know what I mean we got this giant unnecessarily large secret life of pets door hanging just to kind of spruce up the place and stick true to the theme of the birthday party probably a good time to mention Simon has yet to make any friends cuz he's pretty scared okay we're working on it so me and the cameraman are the only two attendees of this party it's okay because we're a lot of fun I think I hope probably not so in the little secret life of pets party bag that I got there's these little hangings and I think they're meant for the ceiling but to be honest I'm not gonna hang anything from my ceiling so instead they're gonna go on this door handle I forgot the main character's name but tough Tomatoes this is a pillow pet of the main character and the secret life of pets I hope Simon's not just gonna get bored of this and rip it up with something so the top it off since is his birthday we got some birthday cake treats here which we're gonna use to help him de-stress and ease him at his pace you want a snack come here it's okay take your time when the rush it's not like it's midnight now I'm just kidding seriously take your time go slow I know honey it's very new and scary and cool do you thing work at your pace he's clearly avoiding the water cuz he's a little bit terrified of it that's okay what a genius what a smart dog he is instead of going through the pool he goes around the pool outsmarted me human miles I wish I could do that with my problems just to avoid them okay we got a runner no one else serious this I know my dog he often takes a minute to warm up he's very shy but if at any point he gets too stressed out we'll stop because I love him well no no crisis averted thank God the light fixture did not break we're back in action I was only mildly terrifying I think scared the bejesus out of my puppy we all took a second to just relax get some snacks lay on the sofa decompress okay anyway look at him exploring truly wouldn't adventurous icon is he totally settled in yet no but part of that is curiosity and the other part is never ending existential dread yeah see it's not so bad honey it really is a lot of fun at the pool I promise but obviously you don't want to drown in the one inch of soil water so I understand the hesitancy again everything is at your pace it's your world we're just living in it all hail King Simon you know we're just gonna take a second to observe him in his natural well not so natural habitat he seems rather curious about everything he's not running away and he's not spooked so that's a good thing see the thing about Simon is sometimes he just needs a little bit of a nudge to really adventure and explore things I always make sure he's never in over his head but I do think it's nice sometimes for EM you know see a little bit more of the world and just go out there he's very focused right now I think that's because he could sense the grandpa now is coming soon there's some quickly going on the other room which means his big half birthday snackies coming I gotta say true to character always hyper focused and led by his stomach and we're back to exploring really just giving him the time he needs to make sure there's no predators here or stray snacks lying around that he's somehow missed because that would be unacceptable okay now he won't even budge because you could hear that all the plastic has been removed from the special treat that he has coming his way I wonder if he understands this whole thing is for him or if he just thinks that I'm really strange I think it's possible for both to be true at the same time actually what's this you know what this is no I'm literally asking you because I have no idea what this is I've no idea animal to make something that looks like this so if you know please let me know in the comments down below it's pretty disgusting you know guys I think he might actually be in love with this it's definitely a favorite part of the day of the event rather even though there's an actual law and in fire hydrant that I brought basically to him instead he would much rather lick the grime off this bow looking animal carcass and take a splash in the pool you but I guess I can't blame him instead of wanting to play and run around in this very small space or enjoy himself a little more he would much rather just sit still and devour this bone but any scraps he could possibly get out of it which honestly as I'm sitting here thinking about it is pretty admirable because I know I clean my plate whenever I go out and get something special so more power to you sigh fight on buddy and well I guess this pretty much sums it up Simon thanks for coming into my life and making me a much happier person you deserve everything love you kiddo and there you have it this has been a secret life of pets two themed half-birthday the love of my life my rider died my puppy Simon it came out a lot better than I expected to because I thought it was gonna be a complete and total mess and although he showed very little interest in like anything I spent money on at least see like the bone if nothing else so it's a win if you hate me drop me a comment let me know how much you hate me or drop me a nice comment and the I see you on top will be if you would hit the like button I appreciate the view if you want to view me again see more of my adventures in my crazy life make sure to hit the subscribe button and turn on bail notifications so you never miss a single post I tried upload about four or five times a week Tuesday through Saturday so stay tuned for what I got coming next and finally hit me up on snapchat tik-tok Instagram and Twitter if you want to stay in touch or if you want to chat some I'm always down to meet new people make new friends hit me up thanks again for being here I think Simon appreciates it too on behalf of both of us have a great day and I'll hopefully catch you in the next one see you later bye


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