Through The Cat Flap | Episode 4 | Meet The Kittens

who doesn't love a kitten which is why this high demand from the public to rehome kittens rather than older cats let's face it kittens are unbelievably adorable you know those big eyes those all energy I think the key thing is to still not let the emotion run away with you you are taking on essentially the equivalent of a new human a new baby in the household they need feeding four times a day is they any constant supervision when the kittens first arrived here many are often too young to survive on their own foster carers hand Rhea the kittens bottle feeding and burping them I think she was found in a shed or something at someone's house and her mom wasn't there so she's found that I think her siblings unfortunately make it when she walks she's very jittery from about April onwards is what we call kitten sees and we see an influx in pregnant mums and mums and young kittens coming into us of course we manage their stress levels very carefully and we're getting checked over by clinic as quickly as we can to ensure that they're fully healthy to be able to go on to give birth to healthy kitchens kittens spend most of their time in the Katori maternity ward after being neutered at nine weeks old they're ready to be rehomed here at Battersea we do we home kittens to homes with gardens and that's really based on our experience much like little human beings kittens are full of energy they have this natural desire to run around and play and they also have a natural urge to roam and explore next time we go through the cat flap we're looking at how designer breeds and the rise of online pet sales are affecting the kateri at Battersea

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  1. hello, Battersea, Could your provide the Chinese language reading function on the official website?
    Let Chinese learn advanced nursing and rescue knowledge about cats and dogs.
    I really hope you can do this because it will be very helpful.

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