Thriving on Trust | Animal Welfare on U.S. Ranches

there are a lot of parallels between
teaching music and raising cattle just like each student is just a little
bit different and I need to tweak that for that particular student we
sometimes need to tweak certain things for herds of cattle and conditions just knowing our animals is just so
important to us as ranchers because that’s how we care for them we don’t get
to name them but we know that 1103Y is the bossy lady who always gets the
food first she is not going to miss a meal. Cow 24 is maybe a little more shy and
timid and we had to work hard to earn her trust but now she’s up there with
the rest of them when it’s feeding time because she trusts us one particular I can recall the
the calf was good sized and he had kind of had a rough time being born he just was so big
and it was a cold night and so my husband brought him in and he was in the bath tub there and his little heart was just thumping and you could actually hear his heart thumping through the tub and so we named him Thumper His whole life here on the ranch he was just Thumper the reason that we are so particular
about having our animals healthy is a large part of it is our business we
don’t want to raise animals that are not healthy and we can’t sell an unhealthy or sick animal
of course but mainly our reason for wanting to have a healthy animal is we
really feel we are stewards of the land and stewards of God’s creation the animals make our family what it is
and being able to work with the animals and being out there with them every day
and knowing their personalities are the reasons we do what we do and we’re
able to take care of them and in turn our animals take care of us

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