38 thoughts on “Three Dog Night – Black and White

  1. This song, Brady Bunch, Ali v. Frasier, Comic Books, Mad Magazine, School House Rock and some girl named Joni, are all I remember from 2nd grade.

  2. I just posted this on twitter ATTN:Trumpanzees & MAGA'ts. I bet ya' they're fumin' bout now. Bwahahahahaha!

  3. I was 12 years old in 1975 and I heard these guys and loved them ever since. What a great band they were. So sad drugs were there down fall.
    I still listen today and love there harmony. 3 dog night. You guys were gifted singers. Not like today’s crap.

  4. The singer looks a lot like Jimmy Page including his outfit and hairstyle. Great voice though and great melody. I like the use of horns in parts of it too. Just a great song all around.

  5. one of the first songs i remember ever hearing. If you were a good kid, the bus driver played the radio, this was on it. along with 'everybody plays the fool.' sweet tunes. sweet times.

  6. I sat on a plane from Atl. to someplace next to Danny Hutton and talked with him about a coma I was in for 3 weeks last year. He was cool. He would say, my momma told me. …… Funny.

  7. I'm 50 I was a kid in los Angeles 73 my own transistor radio listening to them , getting shipped downtown during the bus a white kid into the inner city ? I was already in the city ?

  8. This is how most humans are. The fake news will have you think all whites are evil and all blacks are helpless idiots. Most humans are good humans and not the way CNN paints it

  9. This was the best way to make friends with each other in the world! I always knew that the people who play this song will always have a great message to the world. Thank goodness for this song God bless three dog night for this great show!!!

  10. Agree with Denise. Not only were a great band with innovative 3 lead singers but they made several up and coming singer/songwriters more well known, eg Randy Newman, Laura Nyro, Paul Williams, Hoyt Axton, Harry Nilsson,….talk about being influential!!

  11. After a little checking on YouTube….I'm prepared to answered a few questions here. Chuck Negron isn't in this video for some reason..but his presence and voice wasn't really necessary. That's because this appears to be the Dutch t.v. program "TopPop"….which was lip-synched (especially shows taped in Holland). So Chuck's voice was already there!

  12. I was 11 in Escanaba, Michagan at a progressive school and this song was played in class. What the hell is happening now? Sorrowful.

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