Thomas and Friends KITTEN TRACK! Watch Out for the Kitties!

I believe bird things to jagging so this is now ally piss reminds us of an alley cat and this is Sophie's because she's a little love bug we need to change their microchip I can't do that on the Internet later we figured why not introduce that to what we do here in the ITT household which is fake mega train tracks well they play a little wood she comes in she used time many times to fit in yeah so we're gonna build a chat are you gonna help us build balls wait oh she's like yep I'm gonna build in here you know what we're gonna stand a motorised through here babe let's use your things as obstacles okay we will use me Sophie excuse me Sophie excuse me they're so soft what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to send the Flying Scotsman motorized all the way through here although it's already looking a little precarious mama because it's not flat that might not be even be possible but you know what we're gonna try it Sophia are you really helping me at this point because I feel like you're just telling me what to make of it okay now you can check it out it's not making a noise I'm not okay with person okay she's attacking the track he's so cute they're adorable alright I'm gonna bring this monstrosity in and let's build up on it yeah all right guys here's the black bridge it's very important that you guys know what they do guys I thought y'all were helping me Ali are you in here hey you know what I spent a lot of time making sure that those tracks don't break you want to chill out a little bit lady guys 24/7 these kitties play they don't stop they sleep every once in a while then they eat then they poop but mainly they're just playing like 24/7 together they are besties man guys okay so the good news is this thing fits perfectly the bad news is I grabbed like a bunch of pieces from upstairs but I did not grab any switches switches all the above bed I need to pipe this bad boy in Sophie are you behaving over there oh yeah she's hunting Allie I can she's constantly hunting find you let's see did I sighs this properly okay they love this thing look at that he's like huh I'm going to put this like it's a destination on its own right here that's a big shed Wow look at you look at you Explorer look at this babe although there's some hunting going on Oh yep I love it let's pipe it in guys meanwhile these two cuties are just going bananas are you going in Eliot like Godzilla look at you okay so I'm going to bring this piece up stay on piece eight Alec careful I am going to pipe it into the black bridge and then I think I have enough room to go under right there whoa a bitch oh she found the stash now we know she's gonna make her life mission to get inside do you want in do you need some help cuz I know you went in so bad she's like this is the best day no I put her in because she was trying to find an entrance and she starts peeing in there so cuz I'm learning something about building train tracks with kittens they're not the best helpers in the world they get distracted a lot Ali you want to focus at the problem at hand here also maybe little legs excuse me guys guys let's be professional here got it okay Oh that'll solve that problem babe how are you doing are you chewing on the wood pieces huh are you chewing on the wood pieces huh they blow this they're like this is the best day of our very short lives they careful so you don't beep out the connections here yes yes guys guys guys carefully about to knock over the whole thing Hey meanwhile Ali's doesn't even know we're here like she's in her own world oh babe I like it the scratching post stabilizer all right where you connected to babe right here yeah oh my gosh we got up one full loop on accident babe that's energy oh that's fitting in perfect gonna love playing with this all day except I'm a little lost in here oh you know what you can move it over some more let me just get you everything actually look we don't have to put this baby long repeat you can just snake look at oh we could totally snow yeah yeah you knew train noob they're just having a ball already loud ball here okay guys I think that this will complete our loop to Turkey T oh we have this oh the shed all right come on and there's a Thomas in there oh look here's a good spot for the shed oh no Ali's like Oh Rosie got scared versus like I don't animal anymore there we go where she was doing good okay this is a good point for them to look at Sophie Sophie has gotten used to it so if he knows that there's no harm get Sophie get get Sophie it's kissing Percy Oh Percy Percy ain't making it up oh it's okay can Percy do this can't prezis a little itty-bitty boost first he got a boost Oh Beth Percy's coming down Percy's coming down look at stuff he's like I think so big deal now what do you think we made it getting Jack so he came up with in the car to get Bubba that she is now just Jessie what's happening she's gonna come up the other side what's going on over here here she comes oh she's interested now I'm gonna pan to grave again lasered green oh she's cleaning herself they're so happy they sleep together – they hold hands what do you think of that Ali Ali khat oh and he made it through oh no Jesse what's that what do you think baby do you love it is it super cute but you love them all right we're gonna keep playing with our kitties we'll see you next time bye

31 thoughts on “Thomas and Friends KITTEN TRACK! Watch Out for the Kitties!

  1. This is so puuurfect!? We just got a new cat tree for our 8 year old cat Calypso and my son thought it was for him lol. He then preceded to build a train track on it! So this video is perfect timing! Have fun with your new family members!❤️

  2. They’re so cute I can’t stand it can you put this on whatever time please because it’s not really toys except the Thomas

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