This week’s Pets on Set

THIS SUMMER. TIME FOR PETS ON SET…. 40/29’S KELLY JOHNSON TELLS US ABOUT A SPECIAL DEAL AT THE WASHINGTON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER…. Good morning everybody. I’m here with Mike Emery of the Washington County Animal Shelter and Mike we have Edie today.” Yeah this is Edie she’s about a year old wire terrier mix. And she’s very easy going as you can see.” And she was a stray– she was brought in.” “yes, if I remember correctly she was brought in by West Fork. But she was brought in by a stray. We think she’s had puppies but we don’t have any of those so. She’s just a really sweet girl–appears to be housebroken. we haven’t had many problems at the shelter with her apartment!” Likely then– she’ll go fast because she’s such a sweetheart. So tell us about some of the other animals you have at the shelter too. The spring influx did come a little late so we do have a lot of cats and dogs and kittens in there so we’re running a special on all of them for 10- dollars through the end of the month at least. To get these guys a nice forever home.” Alright and if you decide on Edie here– thanks to IAMS your adoption fee will be waived– even the small adoption fee that it is this month. You’ll also get a little welcome home kit too. And a really sweet dog to add to your family.” That price- no matter what you’re paying will get you spay/neuter, microchip, all the shots up to date – and a bag of goodies– you can’t beat that.” Good to know! Mike thanks so much for stopping by. John- we’ll send it back to you.” YOU CAN GO AND VISIT EDIE TODAY AT THE WASHINGTON COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER! AND DON’T FORGET, THE SHELTER ALSO HAS A SPECIAL RUNNING ALL THIS MONTH ON ALL THE ANIMALS. YOU CAN PICK UP A FURRY FRIEND FOR JUST TEN DOLLARS.

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