This Puppy Was Found Alone And Confused. Then Rescuers Discovered The Note On Her Collar

when the kind-hearted stranger saw the puppy all alone alarm bells immediately rang where had it come from and more importantly where was its owner a quick search of the caller didn't reveal an address instead the rescuer found a note that told a tragic story despite the efforts of rescue organizations and adoption agencies people continued to abandon pets and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA reveals just how common this is its website states that roughly 6.5 million animals go through shelters annually those numbers include 3.2 million cats and 3.3 million dogs and tragically not all of those animals find homes shelters put to sleep an estimated eight hundred sixty thousand cats and six hundred seventy thousand dogs thankfully the ASPCA reports that these numbers appear to be changing for the better thanks to the efforts of animal welfare organizations and families willing to adopt rescue animals euthanasia numbers are declining indeed ASPCA is president and CEO Matt Berger spoke about the issue in March 2017 this is tremendous progress for America's dogs and cats he said burst shot Kerr described the improvements as the direct result of innovative life-saving programs and hard work from local shelters rescues and national organizations in addition he credits the families that are willing to offer rescue animals a second chance at life it also reflects the public's dedication to rescuing homeless animals Murshid Kerr added ghosts the female coon hound is an excellent example of humanity's drive to help our furry friends but prepare the tissues because her tail is sure to bring a tear to your eye in October 2017 the rescue group loved pups uploaded ghosts story to its Facebook page it recounted how an animal lover spotted the canine wandering around West Michigan all by herself no one knows how long she'd been exposed to the elements when the Good Samaritan found ghost lovin pups described the animal as hungry cold said and confused to begin with the dog's Discoverer had no idea how she came to be alone in a private yard was she a runaway or had she been abandoned in order to find out ghosts rescuer approached her and checked her collar perhaps they hope to find a name and address but they were only half successful instead the animal lover discovered a note possibly from the pups previous owner revealing a harrowing story the notes author had written some information for whoever found the pup on recipe cards it read I am lost and looking for a home my owner had a stroke and cannot care for me please don't take me to a shelter it continued I am a purebred coon hound six months old please find home it would appear that ghosts owners suffered from health issues and wanted the best for their pooch however in their desperation they wrongly concluded letting ghosts loose was the best right approach fortunately ghosts Discoverer had heard of loved pups and subsequently contacted it about their find the organization is a nonprofit group whose members according to its Facebook page practice the 3rs rescue rehabilitate rehome love and pups his goal is to find the best home for its charges roughly three weeks after ghosts discovery loved pups his president and founder Kari ship Allah told animal news website that DOTA what she made of the abandoned animals situation at first when I saw her with a note I was taken aback she said however the presentation of the missive spoke volumes once I read it and saw how lovingly it was sealed to avoid moisture I knew there has to be more to this ship Allah explained it was clear that whoever abandoned ghosts didn't do so maliciously but out of love that made the misplaced act all the more heart-rending love pumps has since placed ghosts with a foster family until she can find a forever home she's reportedly thriving in fact animal rescuers are more concerned for her owner Chipola believes this is more of a tragedy than a case of deliberate neglect or abuse love pups has appealed for anyone with information on ghosts previous human to come forward but it's not for the purpose of naming and shaming them we need to look at this as a lesson in compassion not with anger and disrespect Shipman Lud declared instead the organization wants to offer help and support Shipman Lee added if the owner felt they couldn't provide for the dog financially due to circumstances then I believe we can help to keep the dog in the home she elaborated I also want to make sure that this owner knows what happened and if the owner personally needs help after the stroke I would like to invite the community to come together to help Chipola wants to make keeping animals and their humans together a group effort we need to begin creating new ways to help people retain their pets and sometimes that means looking outside the box love and pups is founder said people say they don't want to intrude or offend someone by offering help to someone who didn't ask it's time to change that it's time we all communicate and reach out positively chipper luck included we all need help from time to time and there's no shame in accepting it from willing sources contact your local no-kill shelter or animal rescue organization if you are struggling to support your pet you may be surprised by what it can do to keep you together

9 thoughts on “This Puppy Was Found Alone And Confused. Then Rescuers Discovered The Note On Her Collar

  1. Not all owners are irresponsible, just in need of someone to take car of their pet. I do hope Ghost's previous owner is found & given the help they need, & although Ghost is now with foster carers that his previous owner would be able to see him & know that he is safe & well. I wish them both Good Luck xxx ????

  2. sooo heartbreaking how some people are so inresponsoble with their pets.
    i really hope and pray that more good people will adopt more innocent animals.
    God bless you all and thank you for rescue her so sad her owner got sick. I really hope and pray that she will get a good forever home again ??????????????????????. thank you sooo much

  3. I got too many cats and dogs now because I hate to see him in the wrong place but I'd rather bring him here then take them to a pound specialist and most cats get put down instead of finding homes.

  4. New methods have been designed in the preventions or interventions for the abandonments of the pets by the owners , they are great !

  5. i used to live in a large city where the only thing they had was an awful kill shelter, and i would NEVER have taken an animal there

  6. GET. TO. THE. STORY. ! ! !
    We are already into 2:20min. of ROBO-VOICED narrative.
    Tell the story THEN preach the "lessons of life" and social "moralizing", he said.

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